Friday, January 29, 2010

Latest on the Trial

This article is just insane. Reaching a plea deal, AM not being mirandized properly, etc. Can the government do anything right?

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Tom said...

Another must read:

Northwest bomb attempt: Response was botched in aftermath of Flight 253 landing

Tom said...

Man in Orange named "Pappy".

Two bomb-sniffing dogs named Jordi and Brenda checked out hundreds of bags and carry-ons that had been deposited in Customs. They cleared every bag except one: The dogs keyed in on a soft-sided black carry-on belonging to Pappy, the Indian-born man who said he helped calm other passengers during the flight.

Pappy, who lives in Georgia, said he was handcuffed in front of other passengers, which he said he found humiliating. A police report says his bags were searched and cleared. He was released with other passengers later that afternoon.

Tom said...

Even more goodies; Actual document excerpts!

Flight 253 botched response: Key document excerpts tell the tale of what went wrong

Tom said...

Here's another one:

Step-by-step look at Dec. 25 bomb attempt

Anonymous said...

samuel pappy appears to be the other indian man you mentioned, kurt, hey?
would be interested to know if anyone really heard pops and saw flames BEFORE schuringa jumped on mutallab because there was a pic which suggested the 'FIRE' was on the ground and not on the seat.

Tom said...


Christmas Bombing Attempt Saved Counterterrorism Center from Budget Cuts

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab is due a belated Christmas card from Michael Leiter. As the man in charge of the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC), Leiter and his team of analysts are responsible for sifting through thousands of intelligence tips and warnings each day to determine if the nation is at risk of attack. The NCTC has struggled in the past to keep up with the volume of data that pours into it, and to make matters worse, the Obama administration was planning to cut 20% from the NCTC budget. But that was before Abdulmutallab tried to blow up Northwest Flight 253 on Christmas Day.

In light of the near miss, the administration has decided to forego slashing the NCTC budget, since it might mean laying off analysts and producing even more strain on counterterrorism efforts. The NCTC reportedly receives more than 5,000 pieces of terrorist-related information and reviews 5,000 names of suspected terrorists each day.

So the people who failed and left you to die, saved themselves from a 20% budget cut because they failed and left you to die.

Well my head is about to explode.

Mike Philbin said...

you remember that Donald Rumsfeld 'lost' 2.4 TRILLION dollars the day before September 11th 2001 ... the place where the records for such loss on the day WTC 7 and Pentagon attack site GONE.


What HAVE you uncovered here Mr Haskell? I'd blog about your case if I could find out what the hell's going on, this is so convoluted and shadow-gov-serving my head is still spinning. What a load of chess players they are.

Anonymous said...

from these documents, we find out for the first time that a passenger was seated next to the alleged bomber. who was that passenger? why hasn't the media interviewed that person?

Tony Ryals said...

Dear Kurt and Lori,
I posted this on or about 9/11/09
on various indymedias and note my
first gripe was about ICTS International still operating.Also have you looked at their SEC FILINGS ? Menachem Atzmon as you may know by now was a convicted money launderer or at least that's how I'd describe his conviction for taking money from Israeli government coffers and giving it to the Likud Party)and he and Ezra Harel(who apparently died of heart attack in 2003),and yet were allowed to incorporate in Joe Biden's state of Delaware in 1999 and get right on Bernie Madoff's NASDAQ(now owned by His HineAss
Dubai's Sheikh Mohamed Al Rashid bin Maktoum whose country allowed Kalid Sheik Mohamed to send over $100,000 to Mohamed Atta in Venice,Florida pre 911)and buy Huntleigh airport contract out on Logan Boston airport.If you google 'icts international securacom' you will see how long I have been complaining.

9/11,WTC:Osama bin Laden on FBI
Unwanted List;Barack Obama A Skinny Idi Amin ?
by Tony Ryals | 09.12.2009
Tony Ryals

Barack Obama may turn out to be a skinny Idi Amin.I knew of course all the Zionists and outright mafiosi and rapers of the U.S. economy that helped fund him and that he was following the Zionist PARTY line that Afghani peasants caused 9/11 and thus don't investigate the Israelis
Menachem Atzmon,Ezra Harel,, criminals of ICTS International pro Israeli connections or Securacom of Marvin Bush and the Kuwait Al Sabah royalty at Dulles Airport Washington,D.C. and the WTC in New York or the real cause for collapse of the WTC which may well turn out to be super thermite rather than the planes themselves.But as it turns out Idi Amin was backed and brought to power by Israeli Zionist war and financial criminals just as Barack Obama appears to have been !


Ezra Harel's and Atzmon's stock frauds in America - ICTS International , InkSure,etc.,are too numerous to mention here.So why were they allowed to operate all over U.S., Europe, etc., particularly post 9/11 ? And yes the do have Israeli government backing !El Al has even employed them but somehow weren't attacked by Islamic terrorists ?

This same group of people have also been involved with another bankrupt company, Pioneer Commercial Funding Corp (see As examples of the links between the two, M. Albert Nissim was president of Pioneer and had served as president of ICTS. Boaz Harel, Ezra's brother, had served as Chairman of the Board of Pioneer and Chairman of ICTS USA, an indirect subsidiary of Leedan International Holdings B.V.....