Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Weird Conversation of the Day

Received a call and an email today from a person who said that they are a police detective in Amsterdam (not part of the investigation, however).

He said he has been on US news sites reading about Flight 253 and the like, and became very interested when he read our accounting of the events. He said he has been following this story very closely, but had not heard anything about what Kurt and I have been saying in the media and had not heard of the well dressed man at all. He talked to some others as well, who had not heard the details.

This person apparently knows one of the men who is part of the investigation, and called him to see if they were aware of this and to try and get more details from him. The man told this detective that he did not even know who we were and had heard nothing of what we witnessed. He also said the FBI/US had given him a list of potential passengers who may have pertinent info to contact and that our names were not on the list at all. He told the detective he would be interested in talking to us and asked if he had our contact info. the detective said he was going to call us and the man working on the investigation told him to give his contact info to us and ask us to call him, if he does not call us, first.

We took his name and number, but because of the time difference, have not been able to call yet.

Anyway, I have no clue if this guy is telling me the truth or whatever, but it was a really interesting phone call and email. We also have the number to call, and if it is truly the investigators, maybe they will look into our claims moreso than the US seems to be.

If this is all true, I want to know why the FBI/Customs would not tell Amsterdam to look into what we saw. Why?

Will keep you all posted on what happens.


Tom said...


Here my "Wierd moment of the day".

I went back to listen to what Huisinga actually said when he was interviewed on MSNBC in this MLive article.

In the report he mentions the other guy being taken away, and it then says that "The reporter appears to confuse Huisinga's account with a man who was detained on a separate flight Sunday and deemed not to be a threat."

This is exactly what she said:

"I should mention that the other person that they handcuffed was someone that they were concerned about, whether there was someone else on the plane cooperating with the primary suspect. After they had investigated this other pasenger they deemed that he was no threat, and was released as well."

Here's the kicker. It is 100% ACCURATE to Ron Smith's latest story in his email on Friday, Jan 1, based on information he said he just received:

"I now know that a passenger from flight 253 did have a canine alert to his carry on baggage in the baggage area of the CBP facility. He was placed in handcuffs and escorted to an interview room where he was interviewed and searched. There was nothing found during that search. Following the negative search results he received an explanation of why he was searched. He thanked the officers for doing their job and departed the facility along with the other passengers from flight 253."

She didn't confuse anything. She put out the EXACT LINE. The problem? This interview was on Monday Dec 28!

How the heck did she know this four days before the chief spokesman for Custom's?!?!

If you listen, she even sets him up to mention it with her question:

"I understand that after the plane landed, they took him off the plane, detained him, but then everybody had to go through additional security proceedures. Can you describe that?"


Those cable reporters are srict script readers. They don't do improv!

Maybe Ron Smith's next story will be that he got his information from the MSNBC report! LMAO

This is getting fun, Luv u2!

Rembert said...

All the same: a statement was given by the public prosecutors office in the Netherlands saying that Kurt Haskells story has been investigated but not corroborated by the facts so far. It declares that both the FBI and the Royal Military Police of the Netherlands have investigated the story (of the sharp dressed man). Apparently he (the suspect) showed both his passport and his boarding pass according to this statement and he was interviewed alone.
Another source mentions that they are still reviewing the 200 hours of film from surveillance cameras, apparently because they want to make sure if the suspect did not receive the explosives in Amsterdam. The same source, also states that the suspect arrived at the gate around 7 o’clock.

I hope this gets cleared up, supporting you

Rembert Amons

Diane said...


My name is Diane Gee and I am an active Liberal Blogger who runs the site

I live in Pinckney, Michigan.

I would like to interview you and/or your husband on my WWL Radio show tomorrow. The show is between 6 and 7pm.

You can contact me at wolfgirl101 at gmail dot com.

Your story really needs to be heard.

Thanks, and hope to work with you soon in getting the truth out on this strange story.


Diane M Gee

Diane said...

ps - I use my real name and have no problem sharing my phone number with you privately, so you CAN be assured I am who I say I am. said...

Thank you for your courage and integrity, in the face of all most being killed...there aren't enough words of support that can return to you, all that you are giving...thank you...Bruce

Human said...

Good catch Tom!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Haskell,

Is it possible you heard the Indian man say that the young Nigerian didn't have a boarding pass, or perhaps a 'pass' ? I am a resident of Amsterdam and have flown from Schiphol Airport many times, and I'm puzzled as to how you could get to the gate without a passport. After checking in luggage, all passengers must go through passport control before being allowed in the gate area.

I am surprised how quickly your story has disappeared from the Dutch media. I expect it from CNN, but here too, no mention of it.

all the best. James