Sunday, April 18, 2010

How Much......

can one do in a Sunday? A lot when you are me and have the energy for some reason! :).

Normally, Kurt and I, when we have the chance, which is rare, love to sit around the house and not do much on Sunday. For some reason, we were feeling motivated today.

We started off the day by heading into Monroe to go to Lowe's and to three furniture store. I want to get new great room furniture, but I am really particular about the things such furniture must have, and I never can find it. Did not find it again, but we bought two lights at Lowe's so I could replace the great room hallway lights. As I have said on here before, the previous owner of this house had cheap and horrible taste in lighting fixtures and I have been slowly replacing them all. Kurt hung both of them and they look awesome. While he was doing that, I moved all the great room furniture and swept and mopped in there, and did some laundry, picked some stuff up around the house.......We then went back out to Lowe's to buy lights for another hallway in the house, but have to return them because they are not the right type, boo. On the box, they looked flush to the ceiling, but they are not, and I need that type. I put in the new desktop computer I bought, and was going to hook up the Slingbox we bought for Kurt, but realized we need another part for it that we did not buy. Stopped at Tractor Supply to pick up bird food as well. Nonstop running all day, but I was glad to get some things done before the work week starts. Oh, and Kurt hung a new light in my bedroom as well. We bought two a while back, and had to return one that was broken in the box, so one of the new ones has been up for a while, and the other in a box on the floor. Finally up! yay!

Hope everyone had a nice weekend! :).

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Nancy V. said...

I like the fixture!