Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Not Enough Hours

Haven't blogged in a while, let me see if I can recap some in the last week events in our household......

Another crazy busy week last week. I was in court almost daily, which is rare for me. Kurt is in court almost every day, but I try to stay at the office as much as possible so the phone calls and paperwork don't pile up, but this week, that was not possible. Being in court this week was interesting though, saw some hearings where I could just not believe some of my colleagues behavior--yelling, interrupting, arguing with the Judge. I was kinda appalled really. There must have been something in the air........

Tuesday, I saw a show called Spring Awakening at the Fisher Theatre. WEIRD show. The singing and music were awesome, but it was one of those shows that had a lot going on, and I really could not tell you in less than a couple paragraphs what was going on. There were a lot of different story lines and characters, but i liked it. It was really eccentric, kinda like Rent (if you have seen that). Had dinner beforehand with Auntie at The Regis' restaurant and had a really good salmon meal. Auntie had a steak that she said was the best she has had in a while, so good meal! :).

Kory got into law school! He got his first acceptance letter on Friday, and he was so psyched. He's still waiting on hearing from two other schools though, before making a final decision. Kurt is really, really hoping he gets into U of Toledo, as Cooley (which is Kurt'a alma mater) is really tough, and Kurt does not want Kory to have to go through the hell he went through there. So, fingers crossed. Kory is also moving out soon, him and his cousin Britton are renting a place together in Ferndale beginning 06/01. Britton starts his residency soon at Oakwood in Detroit, and is moving off campus. So weird, Kory has lived with us for 5 years now. I did not even realize it had been that long. It will be nice for him to be on his own for really the first time ever! Hopefully, the two of them live well together, and Britton is not a bad influence on Kory with the partying/drinking and stuff, LOL. Went to dinner Friday night to celebrate Kory's law school acceptance.

Sunday, Kurt and I went and saw Elton John at the Huntington Arena in Toledo, OH. It was an awesome show, thanks to my friend, Jeff, who got me access to our amazing seats. He has season tickets there, and gets first access to concerts, and he could not make this show so allowed me to buy his seats. which were in ROW FOUR next to the stage. Closest I have ever been at an Elton concert (this was the third time we have seen him live). Awesome show, gorgeous arena. Loved every second. Except the food. Food was lame there, so I had a pretzel, which was good, but you cant really screw up a soft pretzel. I think. LOL.

Worked some on Sunday as well, then went to NY and Co cuz I had a great coupon. Ended up getting a pair of jeans, three basic t-shirts in black, turquoise and cobalt blue (can't find pics online), a cute shirt to wear under suits at work (in grey), a black shirt that is kinda different, which I wore to the concert on Sunday under a black jacket, a blue neckace, and a really unique pearl necklace, which of course i cannot find online to show you. Had a coupon for $60 off $125, plus i got 5% more off for being a card holder AND most of the stuff I bought was already on sale. Deals make me super happy.

MY NEW PURSE CAME TODAY and it is amazingly gorgeous. LOVE LOVE LOVE. I am so glad I like it as much in person, as you never know and I am super picky about handbags. Literally, perfect size, unique style, will match everything. I switched everything over from my other baby, my Cole Haan, and am storing that to carry again someday.

Actually got to watch Glee today on TV, when it aired. First time ever! :).

Happy 28th bday, Stacey! :). Went to lunch to celebrate her bday today.

So, nothing overly exciting to report, but am glad things are calming down some at work. Insanely busy season is ending, which I am happy about as I am exhausted......

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