Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Busy Again

We were slammed today at the office. What's new though?
Kurt had his first appointment today to get his braces "tightened". He is feeling it tonight, LOL. He has it in his head that he can "feel" his teeth getting perfectly straight. I keep trying to tell him this is not an instantaneous thing, but he is not buying that from me. It's amazing how quickly they can do this treatment now--when I get braces in junior high, it was not as fast as it is now.
We worked until about 6:30 p.m. then came home. I so did not want to be at the office after going to lunch at feeling the 80 degree weather. At least we got to drive with the top down and sing 80s songs at the top of our lungs on the way home, made me feel a little bit better. Nothing, absolutely nothing makes a day better than driving the Porsche home with the top down. I am loving luxury cars. I never realized what I was missing before.....
Got home and spent some time outside with the puggies and my new shrubs, trees, flowers. Since it was so warm today, I really wanted to water everything. Which took a while since a lot of the stuff is nowhere near a hose, so I had to carry water several times to each item. Everything seems to be doing really well so far though. Several things we bought had NO leaves on Saturday/Sunday, and are now showing buds and leaves. The burning bush is amazing, already totally covered in green leaves. Yay.
Made dinner, and watched American Idol. Made Kurt soup because of his sore teeth and myself angel hair pasta with cabernet marinara sauce. Yummy. Only watched AI because nothing else was on. The show is really boring this season. Paula drives me insane with her totally fake attitude. The only person I have liked since the beginning was Carrie and she did good tonight. I like the rockers too, its nice to have some variety on the show. I hate that Scott guy. Please leave. You are not going to be a pop star. Then watched Amazing Race. I felt so sorry for that woman when she shaved her head. How awful. I don't think I could do it. My hair is one of my favorite features. She actually looked awesome after doing it though, almost BETTER. I felt for her hubby too, he looked miserable watching her have it done. At least they got 1st place this round.
Gretel is sleeping on Kurt right now. Its so much fun to watch her grow up. She has been playing more and more with the boys, and they totally watch out for her, which is adorable. Vito has lots of toys, and he will hold on to the end of one and let Gretel play tug of war with him, except he does not "tug" at all, just lets her think he is. Sometimes, he will let go and let her think she has won. So cute.
Anyway. I should sign off. Hope everyone had a great night.

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