Sunday, April 17, 2005


Wow, I had such a busy weekend. I barely even checked my email. Friday night I saw Beauty and the Beast at the Fox with my Aunt. It was the second time I have seen it, and it was beautiful, like last time. Loved it. Saturday and Sunday, we worked a ton in our yard. We put in a ton of stuff from a nearby greenhouse as follows:

Left hand side of the porch, we put in 6 of these: Click here
Right hand side of porch, we put in this: Click here
Throughout the front yard, we put in three of these: Click here
Back yard, back of garage, two of these: Click here
Left hand side of garage, two of these: Click here and two of these: Click here
Three huge pots in front of house put two kinds of flowers: Click here
Pots on front porch: Click here

Also, I was really excited, we went to this place that sells trees and bought 15 huge red maples to plant all along the front of the house, near the street, in a row. And, best of all, I talked Kurt into letting THEM put the trees in. He hates hiring anything out because he likes doing things himself. We truly don't have the time to do this, and each tree weighs over 300 pounds. I can just see Kurt making me help him and then me wanting to commit suicide because I hate stuff like that, and like I can lift 300 pounds.

Had dinner on Saturday night with Julia, Jamie, Kurt and Jay at La Shish. That was fun. Have not seen Jay in a while, or Jamie, so that was fun. My food was great too, had a meal called Shrimp Ghallaba, zesty. It was awesome. Kurt had the salmon ghallaba and really liked it as well. The bread was awesome as usual........

Took the Spyder in for its first oil change and valve adjustment on Saturday, we will get it back this week.

Other than that, nothing else happened this weekend. Talk to everyone later.

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