Thursday, April 14, 2005

Busy Day.......

I had a really busy day today! Got to work early, as usual. Finally went and got my eyebrows done (have been putting this off forever) at this place I have never been to called Urban Creations near our office. The lady I used who had opened a salon closed hers, and now works there. Took baby Gretel with me, as I did not want to leave her at the office. Everyone loved her there. I keep worrying someone will turn me away because I have a puppy, but so far, no. I would just leave anyone, so it is a good thing they accept my baby girl. :). After that, had to take Gretel to the vet. We were kinda worried about her because she has been making these little choking noises. Turns out, it is nothing, just sinus problems related to the change in season right now, pollen in the air. She did have a slight fever though, so the doc gave her a really mild antibiotic and sent us on our way. The vet techs all fell in love with her, said she is the cutest pug puppy they have seen in there. Gretel, of course, sucked all that up. They even took a PICTURE of her. It's insane how popular the baby is. Went back to the office for a while and came home to drop Gretel off so I could go to my pedicure appointment. Got the hot stone pedi, which is my FAVORITE. I feel like I am doing a ton of maintenance things with myself lately, as my Mom asked me if I was Paris Hilton on the phone tonight. Gotta do these things when I can. I have such limited time. Pedi turned out great and I am all ready for summer. Yay. My new chair covers for the butterlfy chairs were in a Crate & Barrel box on the porch when I got home, so I put those out and they look adorable. Kurt finally got home from his arbitration and we watched the Apprentice and ate dinner. Gretel is sound asleep on me, and I am going to sign off here to cuddle with the girl. TTFN.

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