Saturday, April 30, 2005

Wishing for Warmer Weather...

Oh, I so want it to be summer. I was truly not meant to live in the state of Michigan. I know many people love the changes of the seasons, the cold brisk air of Michigan winter, but I, I cannot stand it. I hate winter, I hate cold weather. It would not bother me whatsoever if the temp ranged from 65-75 all year round.
Anyway, so far, I have had a fun weekend, spending time with Kurt (and my books). Our new furniture was delivered today for the sun room. I have tried to find pics online of it, and cannot. But I took pics and will try to post them sometime. Basically, it is four pieces. A sofa, two chairs (one is armless and striped, the other is a swivel chair, both really comfy) and one huge ottoman that serves as a table/footrest whatever. Anyway. The sunroom finally looks like a "put together" room. All I need to finish it off is a new light fixture. I do not like the one that was originally put there when the house was built. Something chrome, but I have not found it yet. After that, we decided to take the Spyder out for a ride and do some shopping. Kurt NEVER wants to shop, so I was all for that. Of course, we were not shopping for clothes, make-up, etc. More house kind of stuff.
Our first stop was the place we buy our TVs at called Rex, in Monroe. Kurt wanted to buy a TV for the sunroom that had a built in stand. We went there and bought a nice one, got a great deal. Click here to see the pic. It gets delivered Monday, which is actually the same night they are coming to fix our other TV.
Second stop was the place we bought all our new trees from (see previous posts for details on that). We ended up buying some more trees that the guy gave us deals on. 4 tulip poplars, 15 gingkos, 1 Kwanzan Flowering Cherry tree.....They have still not put in our other trees, so they are just adding these to our order. We are planting the Flowering tree near the house (by the dining room window, the poplars throughout the yard and the Gingkos in the backyard. I cannot wait. Hopefully, all these trees will bring even more wildlife in the yard. I love all the bunnies, fox, etc. we have already, but I want more.
Third stop, we went to Lowe's to look at doors. We want to put doors on the sunroom, just because we want to keep the pugs out of that room because of the new furniture. We found some awesome doors in a catalog, but they did not have a price, so Mary, our fav consultant there, is going to call us with info on Monday. They were really kewl arching doors. Not what we had in mind going into the store, but when we saw the doors in the catalog, we loved them.
After that, we went to at Electronics Store in Monroe we were referred to by the TV place, called DT Electronics. We are looking into having a cd player/radio/speakers installed in the Spyder. While we were there, we also inquired about an alarm system for the Spyder, and upgraded speakers for the Carerra. We have to go back this week when the main installer is there so he can look at the car, but I really liked the place AND their prices.
Went to the Tractor Supply store next to look for a tiller for the Kubota and some other yard supplies. I wanted to get some kind of tiller for our tractor (I am going to plant a veggie garden this year), so we got one of those delivered, and also got a blade for the tractor and a watering device. I was most exciting by the watering device we found, because it will be SO much easier to water all the trees when I can ride the tractor around the yard with a sprayer, instead of constantly walking back and forth with a watering can. I am doing that right now with the bushes and plants we put in and it is time consuming.
Now I am exhausted from all that shopping! We are sitting on the couch watching the Tigers game and relaxing with the pugs. What a fun day! :).


Chris said...

ugh, it was SO fucking cold this weekend, it's not even funny. I so miss the 80's we had a couple of weeks ago

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