Tuesday, May 24, 2005

First Impressions

Had class today for the first time this summer semester. I have two classes--Equitable Remedies and Pre-Trial Advocacy. I also am writing a paper on a Bankruptcy topic for a Directed Study class. I don't like to decide if I like a class or prof from day one, but so far, I do not like Equitable Remedies. I did not think I would going in, it basically fit my schedule and was one of the only things I could take, but YUCK. Hopefully, it gets more interesting. The reading is LONG, and the material blah. But, on a positive note, Pre-Trial is great. The prof is really laid back and kewl. He does medical malpratice for a living, focusing on birth trauma cases. And the class is really interactive, not a lot of prof lectures and the like (as there in my other class). Plus, we got out an hour early. Yay!

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