Wednesday, May 04, 2005


Well, boys and girls, I am about to head off to bed to try and not have nightmares about my day tomorrow. I have one exam from hell and another one I am not stressing too much about.....But, my entire day will be spent at the school, taking exams and studying in between. Yuck.

Got a call tonight from the guy Lowe's has put in storm doors. Thankfully, he can come put them in when noone is here, so we don't have to miss any time from the office. I am glad the doors finally both came in. The first time, measurements were incorrect and we ended up having to special order custom doors, so this process has been pretty long.

The pugs are snoring next to me, I think that is my sign to close for the night.

Sweet Dreams.....try not to think about the Constitution, I am thinking about it enough for everyone reading this. :).

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