Friday, May 27, 2005

Holiday---It Will Be So Nice.....La La La

So, holiday weekend! Yay! We were supposed to take the day off, but that did not happen entirely. We had a couple things to do this morning, a couple appointments. Then Kurt went home to meet up with the guy delivering his post hole digger, and I headed downtown to file some stuff and have much with Julia! Picked her up at her office, so I got to walk around the floor of where I used to work. It looks totally different. Saw one person I knew, Terri Smith, but everyone was at lunch pretty much so I did not get to say hi to others I know......Had lunch with Julia, which really, I need to do more often. It was really nice to sit there and vent to her about some things that happened at the office this morning which I am on longer going to talk about because I am trying to relax. All I have to say is SOME PEOPLE ARE PSYCHO. Anyway. We had new carpet installed at the office today. I have not seen it totally done yet, but it looked awesome while I was there.
Came home and Kurt had already started putting in all the new pine trees. So far, he put in 6 of them, so he will put in the rest tomorrow morning. He put in one kinda right in view of the backdoor and I already saw a bunny sitting under it eating grass! Yay for bunnies!
My ring came in at Elder Beerman so I went and picked it up and still LOVE it. Thank you Kurty! I love my b-day gift. :).
Now we are watching the end of the Tigers game and chilling with the puggies and Toby. I love holiday weekends......

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