Wednesday, May 25, 2005

New Beginnings

Started my new classes on Monday. I am taking 9 credits this summer, which is a lot since the semester is condensed into fewer weeks. But, I need to do it to insure I graduate next May....I am taking two classes--Equitable Remedies and Pre-Trial Advocacy. I am also writing a research paper on a Bankruptcy related topic for 2 of the credits. I like this not going to class for credits thing, but writing a 25+ page research paper is not going to be easy with my work schedule and other classes. Anyway. Loved Pre-Trial so far. Prof is really laid back and kewl, and has such an interesting career, he specalizes in medical malpractice birth trauma cases. My other class, I went into knowing I would be bored, but it fit my schedule. And yes, I was bored thus far. Maybe it will get better once we get into studying the cases, who knows. We also got out an hour early Monday night (I am supposed to be there until 9:10 p.m. each night).
Had a great day at the office yesterday. We got SO much work done that we were behind on. We love getting caught up. Kurt ordered the post hole digger for the Kubota, and this weekend, as long as the rain lets up some, he is going to plant some pine trees around the yard, and possibly put in a brick walkway to the house (and a porch). We have to go today to order the brick and pick out trees. Yay.

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