Monday, September 11, 2006

I Have to Work Why?

Sunday was fun. I let Kory have my Lions ticket to go with Kurt, and I decided to go off alone in search of the latest pics for my collection. So, I drove to Lake Erie Metro Park in Brownstown (about 11 miles up the road from my house. On the way there, I stopped at several spots that I thought provided good photo opps, and then hiked about 3 miles in the park. I literally saw only two people during my hike--another guy with a camera, and one with binoculars scoping the birdies. It was so peaceful and relaxing and I really need stuff like that in my life. Work really stressed me out.

Anyway, at Erie Metro, I went on two nature trails. On the second trail, I found the highlight of my walk. There was a lotus area, and I have never seen these in my life. Kewlest looking flower/plant (whatever it is) that I have ever seen. And there were literally THOUSANDS of them. It was so gorgeous just being there. Also saw a ton of cranes, ducks and other birds on this hike. Although without my zoom lens (which is coming in the mail), I can't really get totally close up to them like I could with the old camera.

The colors are really starting to change too, which is great for photography, but kinda sad for me in that summer is ending. normally, I love the start of fall, but I missed most of summer studying....BLAH. I took the pic below while lying on a bridge in the park. Yes, when others are not around, I will do most anything for an interesting shot. The red leaves on the bridge were really pretty. Click here to see all the pics I took at the park.

Had dinner at Red Lobster on Sunday night with Kurt and Kory.

Today, work was productive. I got a lot of stuff done, which needs to be because we are going out of town on Friday. Britton is staying at the house and watching the animals, because our normal dog sitter is out of town. Plus, I kinda want someone to watch Bugsy, as he has not been without me for even a day yet since we got him.

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chumly said...

Sometimes photos are poety without words to me. Sometimes words are never enough.