Saturday, September 23, 2006

Nothing Much

So, since I have been sick, nothing too exciting has been going on with us. Tuesday and Wednesday, I was running a high fever both days, blah. I still had to work though, of course. Was not very productive, but got some things done anyway.

Felt better on Thursday and Friday (fever was gone, but cold still there).

Friday was so dreary, and I really wanted to test out my new lens and filters. So, I just walked around the backyard and took a few shots of leaves changing colors, etc.

Today was dreary AGAIN. Blah. Whenever I have some free time, the weather is not cooperating with me. Damn Michigan weather. And damn the weather for changing just as I get my new camera, LOL. Mother Nature does not love me. Today, I ran to Best Buy to take my laptop in, as it stopped working last night. Then, I went to Sam's Club to buy some Propel water and blueberries for Kurt and cereal. After that, stopped at Border's, as I wanted to buy a photography book. Found one that looks really good called Digital SLR Pro Secrets. I have not looked at it yet, but will tomorrow after the Lions game. Or before if I get up early enough. Went after that to Heritage Park to try and get some shots. It rained on and off though, so I did not get too many. I did get a bunch of duck shots, as they were all swimning close to shore in the lake at the park. Since it was dreary, the duck's reflections were really obvious in the water, so I cropped the following shot to show just the duck's reflection in the corner of the photo. It cracked me up.

They are on my Flickr page if you want to check them out by clicking here. We went to dinner tonight to watch the Michigan State game at Pete's Garage, but other than that, the day has been noneventful.

Talk to you all later.....

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