Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Moving On.

So, everyone who knows my number and calls me, I wanted to announce that I am getting rid of my home phone....we are switching to just our cell phones. Which is great, because it will save me money every month, unnecessarily spent money. Yay.

My weekend was awesome since I last posted.

Sunday, I got up early and headed to Rebecca's in Ferndale. Lesley met us there too and we headed to Grand Rapids for our visit to the Frederick Meijer Gardens. Stopped in East Lansing on the way there to see Lauren and use her bathroom.....The gardens were beautiful. There was an outside part, and the indoor conservatory. Both were awesome, but I liked the outdoor part the most, especially the part leading through the marsh. We saw a muskrat there and so much other wildlife. And, of course, took a ton of pics, which you can see by clicking here. After that, we had lunch in Grand Rapids at a Spanish place, which was yummy. Drove home and was so exhausted. Long drive and long day, but it was awesome.

Monday, I went to Cranbrook Gardens and to lunch with Auntie and Carl. This place was gorgeous as well, I highly recommend going there to anyone who likes hiking, flowers, being outside. It was very peaceful and frankly, I was really shocked to find such a serene, quiet place in the congestion of Oakland County. Pics from this trip can be seen by clicking here.

Kurt and Kory got all the trees moved from the rental house to our yard. They moved about 46 large pine trees and it is so kewl. Our yard, while walking through it, is starting to feel more like the woods and less like a field.

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PeachesAmy said...

Those pics are great! I love the bee- awesome composition. The marsh is great too- love the cloud reflections. Glad you had fun!