Thursday, November 09, 2006

I'm Up At WHAT Time?

Just a quick post to anyone trying to get a hold of me today....I will be gone most of the day, and possibly part of the night, so I will not be online until most likely, after dinner. I *might* get a break during the afternoon to head to the office and catch up.

I am going to be at a conference for my school board gig, learning about school boardish stuff. I actually can't wait, but also can't believe I am up at this unGodly hour. What kind of class starts at 8 a.m.? Seriously.

Will let y'all know about the conference later..........I am hoping I can drive to Detroit without falling asleep. ;).


Lisa said...

Happy conference!

Rebecca said...

I love how you are not a morning person :)

Anonymous said...

I hate mornings!!! Hope your conference is going well :)

Kelsie said...

Heh. Most people have to be at work at 8am dear. I hate mornings too, though. I know how you feel.

Congrats on becoming official.

Alright, I have to be the negative one here to say this, only b/c I care about you. Um. You remember that your blog is public, right? And that pretty much anyone can be reading, right? Not just your nearest & dearest or do you have a stat counter and know who visits? 'Cause um, you just gave the entire internet your address & phone number.

Just looking out for you. Some of us have had problems with stalkers or psychos reading our blogs and I wouldn't want them to find out your personal stuff. I would feel bad if you had a stalker that originated from one of our blogs.

Lori Anne Haskell said...

Yea, Kelsie, I knew I did that...Its actually my office number and address, but, I guess I should not be posted that either, so....I took it off! :).