Sunday, November 19, 2006

Sundays Suck.

Ok, not really. But, after getting to sleep in today--*bliss*--I took a shower, and headed to the office for 4 hours. Blah. Kurt was not feeling well, so I had to go in myself. I worked on a bunch of bankruptcies. They are really hard to draft during the week when I keep getting interrupted by phone calls and people stopping in, as I really need to concentrate on them and compute figures, etc. Decided to close stop a little after 5 because I saw it was snowing outside and I did not want to drive home on bad roads.

Got home and did some stuff around the house. Did two loads of laundry and a load of dishes as well, then made dinner for everyone.

So, I kinda posted about this before, but for sure my first court appearance is in the morning! I am ending a divorce for someone. It will be easy, but great to get started doing that. Kurt will love getting a break from being down there all the time.

I love how I can harass Kory about guns. Ever since he started working at Cabela's, he has become obsessed. We were watching a show about crime, and there was some thing about England, and Kurt said "Aren't guns illegal there?" And I said "That could be why there is less crime there..." And Kory chimed in with some pro-gun comment...haha. I agree with him, it's a Constitutional right, yada yada, but it does not mean I have to "like" that right. Kory wants to get his concealed weapons permit, which I love to harass him about too, because we live in freaking NEWPORT. Ummm, rural area, no danger whatsoever....I think it's cute that he tries to justify his want of this concealed weapon thing, when there is no basis for it at all except that he wants to be able to say he has it. Ha. He about had a heart attack the other day when he heard Jennifer Granholm wants to take the concealed weapon right away.

So, off to bed....need to switch over the laundry and get some sleep, early morning tomorrow.


Rebecca said...

Yeah, and he's taking me to the gun range to teach me how to shoot!

Lori said...

Oh, goody. Everyone I know is going to be a guntoting fool, LOL. I actually would not mind "learning" how to shoot a gun, but I have no interest in guns being in my home. I know, I make no sense.