Saturday, August 16, 2008

Leaving the House

I should leave the house more often....I went to a baby shower today and wasa gone the majority of the day. When I came home, I came home to new flooring in my great room, almost done. About an hour later, it was totally done. Yay. I love it. Click here to see the color and type (I took pics, but have not uploaded them yet). It looks amazing. I have hated the carpet in the great room for a while, mostly because I would have to vacuum several times a day to keep in perfect, and yea, that is not happening with my schedule.

Headed to Farmington Hills this morning to pick up my Mom and sister and Nick for the baby shower. We headed to Milford for the shower, which was at a restaurant there. Super nice shower. I think Michelle got more gifts than I have ever seen at a shower. Craziness. There were a lot of people there though, like about 80 I think. Largest shower I have ever attended. I had veggie lasagna. After the shower, headed back to Farmington Hills and hung out for a while with family before heading home.

Britton, Kory, Kurt and I had dinner at Pete's and watched the end of the Olympics marathon. it was pretty kewl.

I have been researching some for our December trip, but have no idea where I want to go. The Galapagos Islands are on the top of my list, but Peru is up there as well........

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