Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Lies, Fires and Storage

I bid on a huge storage unit on eBay today. My Aunt sent me the link. It was an item you could only pick up, in a town near the office. Really nice, new unit, with a starting bid of 99 cents. I bid that. I ended up winning, and this unit was prob worth $150 plus (this was their buy it now price).

Once I won, I emailed the guy about pickup and payment and got the following response: "I am really sorry. The person who had this unit had a fire last night and lost EVERYTHING, including this unit."

Yea, I am buying THAT. As soon as you made a horrible deal on eBay, the items was destroyed in a FIRE. Lame. Wrote him back, calling BS, and also left him negative feedback on ebay. What a crock. I don't really care about it, I was not pining over this item or anything, but I do think it's lame when people like that are on eBay and take advantage of the system. I took his rating from 100% to 90% though, so that made me feel slightly better. :).

Went grocery shopping after work today, which we desperately needed. Was happy to get some stuff in my freezer and pantry and frig. Made Kurt a Mexican layer dip, and I had some leftover pasta which I have been eating all week since I made way too much on Monday.

I am going to the Tigers game with Rebecca on Friday! We have great seats, thanks to a client of hers, Dr. John. Thanks, doc! :). We are going to hang out downtown beforehand, doing something yet to be determined. Spontaneous girls on the town, WHOOT. Can't wait to take pics at the game.

Congrats to my friend, Shannon, for putting a bid in on her first house! Yay! I can't wait to see what she does to the place.

Congrats to Julia for getting a raise and possible promotion to another department!

Congrats to me for getting my ass in bed! :).

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.................Nancy said...

OMG Lame!!! He should have had a reserve then!

Congrats to me for being THE most annoying whiny cranky person today!