Tuesday, August 05, 2008

McCain in Town

Yea, let me tell you, I was SOOOO excited. Not. LOL. Apparently, John McCain was in town today, right by my house. In fact, Britton texted me today and said my house was on TV! A helicopter was flying over following the McCain parade of cars, and my house and pond were very obvious on TV. Hilarious. I'm famous! hehe.

I so need to go grocery shopping. The lack of food in this house is becoming kinda obvious. I am running out of meals to make Kurt and running low for myself too. I am ALL out of Boca burgers. My life is not complete without Boca burgers.....

Went and exercised my right to vote today. I always vote. My thought is I am not allowed to complain if I don't vote. Although, I was not really voting on much today. I think there were three whole primaries that were contested on the Democrats' side. I was very against one sheriff because one of his interests in Ducks Limited. After our previous issues (twice) with hunters on our land attempting to shoot birds and the police acting like we were stupid for not wanting others to hunt on my land, I have NO interest in the sheriff being involved in hunting avidly


Emily said...

Did you happen to vote for John Kuriakuz for state senator (dem nominee?) He is one of my very close friends from law school....dated my best friend for years!

.................Nancy said...

If I were a US citizen and McCain became president, I'd move to Canada!! LOL