Monday, August 11, 2008

Vaccines and Val

Busy day today....Oh wait, every Monday is freaking insane.......We had to go to the travel doc in the afternoon to get some more vaccines. We had to get the second dose of the Hepatitis A shot, and we started the first of a series of three of Hepatitis B. My arms are a little bit sore right now, but the shots did not hurt while receiving them, which is good. We were asking the nurse which extra shots we would need if we take an African trip, and she said at least a polio booster, and she would have to check into anything else. I have been talking with this really nice guy on Flickr who travels to a lot of great places and has similar interests in travel as me and Kurt. Him and his wife have been all over the world (now retired). He suggested this awesome safari outfitter that I have been looking into a lot. The flight there is SOOO long though, so I think that is what keeps me away, since the Galapagos are so much closer. Choices, choices.

Val came over tonight with her boyfriend, and we all went to Applebee's and hung out, then came home and watched Intervention. It was a fun night. :). Good night for hanging out, since I was not supposed to work out too hard because of the shots. So, I just took the night off.

Ordered my new lens online from a site called Beach Camera, a site I have not used yet, so hopefully, it's OK. Also, ordered Kurt's new binoculars from Amazon, as I had a gift card to use on the site. Ended up getting him a slightly better version of the ones he had before. Hope everything comes in before our trip.......................


Lisa said...

I saw my first episode of Intervention last weekened, it was surprisingly interesting! We watched it last night too.

Anonymous said...

Lori -
was it the intervention with the girl huffing Duster? I watched that the other night (yesterday?) and it was compelling. My heart just broke for her.

I love that whole series. We used to watch the videos a lot with the older teenagers in the therapy program I used to work at it. Compelling, real-life stories. Nothing beats a portrait.