Thursday, April 09, 2009

Life Update

Seriously, my life has been a whirlwind this week. Missing that ONE day of work feels like i missed a week. Ugh.

Backtracking to last week. Jessica and I went to the Peking House on Thursday night for a dinner and bankruptcy seminar. The food was awesome, but the seminar was somewhat pointless. They gave us printouts of a slideshow, then the presenters literally read off the slides. Seriously people, I can READ. What's the point of reading slides to me? Explain things more in detail or I am not interested. We left early. I would rather sing 80s songs blaring on the radio and call my Mom then listen to someone read to me. So, I got home earlier than expected, which was nice.

Paul moved out of the office to his new office in Dearborn, so this weekend, Kory painted Stacey's office a color i picked out called Boston Fern. It turned out awesome, and she is all moved in there now, which is nice. I think she is happy to be in her own office finally. And now I am jealous, because I have the only office with no "real" color on the wall. Jessica and Kurt are different shades of blue, Stacey is green, Kory is burgundy! I want a color. No idea what though. I will have to think about it.

My new purse came! At first, I did not know what I thought of it. But, now I love it! It is bigger than I normally buy for a purse. Also, I did not know if the straps were long enough, but I figured out a way to change them. So, it is staying with me now. I am going to keep my Lill purse though because it is still in good shape and I am kinda attached to it, since I designed it and all.

I am off to Manistee tomorrow to visit my Mom. I am going to be there a really short time, which sucks. But, I will get there late Friday and stay until prob early afternoon Sunday. I am going to try and spend as much time possible playing with Nick and taking pics of him. My Mom picked him up today from my sister's. Yay! He is walking all over the place now, and I can't wait to see that and kiss him! :). My Mom said when they take him outside and put shoes on him, he acts like he has weights in his feet and walks really funny. hehe.

Off to try and get some more laundry done. If I don't post again before Easter, hope everyone has a nice holiday! :). If you don't celebrate easter, hope you have a nice weekend!


Rachael said...

You designed your purse? Ooh! I haven't seen that before! I am all about color on walls too. I guess all the years of living in apartments that don't allow you to paint has worn on me!

.................Nancy said...

Happy Easter!