Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday in the 80s

Another beautiful day in Monroe County!

Slept in a little bit, then got up to make my mac and cheese for Easter dinner at Auntie's...late, I know, but I was in Manistee for actual Easter day. Headed over there, had dinner, saw everyone, played some cards with my Dad. It was fun. I had a salmon burger, with mac and cheese and baked beans. Yum. Made Kurt and I breakfast this morning too--cheesy red pepper scrambled eggs, with Morningstar sausage and toast. I was a cooking machine today, haha. Loved driving with the top down all the way to Canton. Came home and no idea what got into me, but I cleaned the laundry room and put away some laundry, switched laundry over (which really needed to be cleaned and organized) then cleaned my bathroom counters and make-up drawers which really needed to be organized. I have to say it's really sad how much make-up I have. I was going to count but did not. I have so many eye liners it's incredible, LOL. Have a lot of eye shadow as well, and way too many lip glosses and sticks. The only thing I am reasonable about is mascara, since it goes bad so quickly I dont like to have more than one on hand and am sold on DiorShow anyway. I guess the upside is I do use most of it. Also, spent some time outside hanging with Oscar and watching the birdies, who I fed. They are eating a LOT right now, have to fill the feeders daily, and we have LARGE feeders.

Still trying to decide on a hotel for London. Have no idea what my issue is. They are not cheap there, and while I don't want a hostel, I also do not want to pay $500 per night for a hotel, so I am trying to find a happy medium. Since I have never been there, I dont really know what area we would like and would be the best for seeing everything we want to see. I am leaning toward this place in Notting Hill called K West, that I read about in my Fodor's book. Going to make a decision this week for sure! I sadly will prob send in the deposit on Uganda before I make a decision on a stupid hotel for London. I am normally NOT indecisive and hate how I am being this way. Oh well.....


RoseAnn said...

I wrote myself a note to look up the places we stayed in London. I'll post them when I get home tonight!

RoseAnn said...

In 1996, we stayed three or four nights at the Russell Hotel, which is on the Northeast corner of Russell Square in the Bloomsbury neighborhood. It was near several of the big museums and right around the corner from a tube station. We found that the tube was so convenient to get around that pretty much any location downtown was easy to get to.

After we went to Scotland, we returned to London for a few more days and stayed at the Victoria Park Hotel. It was more modern but we weren't as impressed by it as by the Russell. Just something about the overall ambiance.

Anonymous said...

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