Thursday, April 23, 2009

Question of the Day

If you were to have twins today, a boy and a girl, what would you name them? First and middle names required.**

**You can name them after you freak out about having twins with no prior notice. ;).


Rachael said...

haha my friend is currently 34 weeks pregnant with (girl, boy) twins and she and her husband are having a difficult time naming them!

Girl- I like the names Harper Tierney or Turi Mireille (Mir-ay)

Boy- Elias Maximilien or Finn Alexander

Ugh, but I hope I don't conceive twins!

Lori H said...

I change my mind all the time about names, LOL, because it seems like every time I like a name, it becomes the name of the year and I would not want my possible children to have the same name as everyone else.

If I had to decide TODAY though, my girl name would be Elle Louise, and my boy name would be Lukas Walter. Louise and Walter are both family names (Louise is my sister's middle name as well as my Aunt's as well as my great Aunt's, etc.; Walter is my grampa's name who passed away who I was really close to). I have always liked Elle because it's simple, and it's the name from Legally Blonde too, haha. Luke I have always liked, and then after watching The Gilmore Girls? I love Luke from that show. Who knows if Kurt would like these names, but hey, he does not really get a say anyway, right? I was the one that carried these twins for 9 months! haha.

RoseAnn said...

Well, my freak out would include, "WTH happened to DH's vasectomy?!" LOL

Boy: Roger Wayne; it keeps the "R" theme we have going in our family and honors both DH's bio-dad, Roger, and his step-dad, whose middle name is Wayne.

Girl: Julia Rose; I really like the name Julia and Rose would honor me and my mom.

Amber said...

You are talking pugs twins, right? lol.

Ok, that is what I am going to use for my sample. :)

Boy: Sausage

Girl: Pepperoni

Mindy said...

Like RoseAnn - my freakout would also include WTF happened to Craig's vasectomy?

And them. Um.

Samantha Lee. I've always loved Samantha. My middle name is Lee, after my mom, after her grandfather.

And . . . James Allan. Which I don't think Craig would agree to - as his brother's name is James. But I've always loved the name James (not Jim) and Allan is Craig and my brother's middle name.

RoseAnn said...

Amber - LOL at sausage and pepperoni!

Miss Thang said...

This is kinda scary. Because my family has a preponderance for twins (though yes, I realize twins do not "run" in families). I change the names I like all the time. But if I had to name them RIGHT NOW, I would introduce you to:

Olivia Grace
Kyler Scott

Miss Thang said...


Olivia because it's kinda a throw back to my maiden name (Oliveira).

And Scott because that was Matthew's dads name, and we'd like to honor him in some way.

Lori H said...

andrea--of course i meant pug babies! hehe.

Brittany said...

LOL. Um, I would freak out! But I would name them Olivia Joann (Joann after my Grandma) and Parker Alan (Alan after my brother & uncle's middle name).

Jennifer said...


Mallory Jaye (my mom grew up on Mallory St. and both my grandmothers' names start with J)

John George (my grandmother's maiden name was John and I love the nickname Jack, and George is a family name)

That's assuming I'd have full naming rights, of course!

Emily said...

Gabriella Carmen for the girl - I love the name Gabriella, and Carmen is a family name. Lucas Benjamin for the boy - my brothers names are Lucas and Benjamin.

Megan said...

This is something that I haven't really though much about, but I'm going to go with

Courtney and Kyle

I know you asked for middle names, but I'll have to do some more thinking and get back to you!

Miss Thang said...

Just an update...I ran these names by my husband. And. Um. I'd have to divorce him prior to giving birth to these twins because he thinks Kyler is a "made up name" and he's not keen on Olivia. Men...