Sunday, April 19, 2009

Weekend in Review

So, Saturday morning, i headed out to Sears to pick up a pair of contacts they gave me to tide me over until my appointment next Saturday. Thanks, Sears! :). Then, I headed to my hair appointment in Toledo at David's. Got there and had my brows done, then highlights, then cut. With my highlights, since summer is coming, I had her continue with the lowlights of red, but had her put in slightly blonder highlights. For cut, I had her cut about an inch off the back. I have sideswept bangs now, but I wanted some depth on the other side as well, so I had some shorter layers cut into the other side. Hard to explain, but I really like how it came out. Also bought some Redken shampoo and conditioner (they had buy one, get one free) and some stuff to protect my hair from heat, since I have been blow drying my hair more often and using that new curling/dryer thing my Mom told me to buy. After that, headed home and did some stuff around the houses, then got ready for dinner. Get this....I wore capri pants, a short sleeved sweater and heeled sandals to dinner! first time of the year in capris. Loved it. Anyway, had dinner at PF Chang's with Cassie and Ken and their nephew who is staying with them. As always, had an awesome time with them. Ken is preparing for a murder trial next week, so we may drop in and watch some.

Today, I slept in some then decided to try and get some things done around the house. There were so many odds and ends up pick up (Kurt has a tendency to just leave things everywhere), did some laundry, mopped a little bit.....cleaned in the kitchen. Decided to leave most of the floors though because Kurt and Kory have been planting trees in the mud, then just tracking everything through the great room, and I am not going to keep cleaning it over and over. Rebecca came over then, and we headed to the mall to randomly walk around. I bought a sparkling water! Big spender me! hahaha. Went to Pete's Garage after that for dinner and watched the Tigs win. Woo hoo! ;). Spent the rest of the night working out, watching part of W, and doing more laundry.

It's so nice to not have to work all weekend. This having added employees is starting to pay off some! Yay!

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Mindy said...

NICE on not having to work all weekend! That is awesome!