Friday, June 05, 2009

Dinner Out

had an awesome night out with friends, Cliff and Lisa. Lisa has been in school for the past two years and we have literally, only seen them for dinner, once. Which is crazy, since we usually see them at least once a month for whatever. Anyway, she passed her boards and has a position in the surgery department at U of M as a PA. Yay for her. Anyway, we went out tonight to PF Chang's, and followed that up with dessert at Bravo. Everything was awesome. I had an awesome time, and before we knew it, like over 4 hours had passed. Got to see their new BMW, which is very nice. It is a BMW, smaller SUV, and I had never seen one like it before. A really kewl blue color, and I am excited for them because of the new car too! Yay!

PS Pic above is from my surprise bday dinner at Crave. We enjoy taking pics in the restroom. haha.


Cheryl said...

I love bmw suvs... they're so much more stylish than regular suvs - as are porsche cayennes (beautiful!)

.................Nancy said...

Does your office only hire beautiful people ? :P

Lori H said...

Nancy--yes and no. Unfortunately, looks do kinda matter in law. Not totally, because obviously knowledge and experience mean something too, but if you have that and top it off with a decent looking person, oddly, that person gets more respect than the next. So, when we hire someone, we are looking for the total package, if that makes sense.....:).