Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Public Apology to Shannon

"I wish doctors would stop handing the drugs out like candy."

I said that in my last post, and it struck a nerve with a friend of mine.

Shannon, I would give up my fertility so you could have a baby. And I want doctors to do whatever they can to help you have a baby, because I know you, and Warren, will be amazing, super fun parents. Who respect their kids and always have their best interests at heart!

Love you!


Shannon said...

Thanks Lori, keep your fertility, you and Kurt may make beautiful little lawyers some day! I just wanted to get my opinion out there too...no harm done!

Lori H said...

I would prefer the become rain forest biologists, but lawyer would be ok too! :).


.................Nancy said...

Did you disable comments for the previous entry??

I don't even remember if I had commented... LOL

Lori H said...

You had commented, and yes, I disabled comments on that post.

I have no problems with people differing with my opinion, but I dont want to read anything that is in regards to people attacking me, yelling at me, or looking down on me. It's my blog, and basically, if someone does not like my opinion, that's fine, but I am not going to "defend" my opinion or change it because of what other's say.

So, anyway, I guess I learned my lesson. Contrversial topic? Close comments. If someone feels really strongly, they can just email me.

(BTW, your comment was just about moving to the US to get drugs!! hehe).