Saturday, June 06, 2009

Shopping with Rebecca

**Pic above is of Misty and I at my bday party this year.....

Headed out this morning to Rebecca's house to hang out for the day. We first had lunch at Grumpy's, which is a little diner and Rebecca's local hangout. I had a tuna was yummy. They grilled onions in it, which was good.

The day was gorgeous, so even though we wanted to shop, outdoor shopping would be ideal--so Rebecca suggested Partridge Creek, an outside shopping mall in a neighboring town. Off we went.........I ended up finding some great purchases. First, at Nordstrom's, I got a pair of heels on clearance by Circa Joan & David.

Next, we stopped at Bath & Body Works, where like everything was on sale. I ended up with 4 body sprays and a perfume for under $17. Did not buy anything else at Partridge, but I loved it there. Dogs were being walked everywhere and a lot of the stores allowed dogs inside. Really nice area. We headed next to DSW, where I found a really cute pair of pink heels. Rebecca deemed them "non-Lori like", but, i think they will look really cute with my suits. They are by Nina Shoes. The link for the shoes are similar to the ones I got, but the ones i got are not satiny, they are kinda a different texture and less 'fancy'.

Off to Kohl's next, where i bought two cute shirts, one for work and one t-shirt.

we had dinner next with Lauren at Monterrey Cantina, since I had a gift cert to use. All three of us ate for free, basically, and they left the tip since I had the gift cert. It was a nice dinner, and nice to see lauren too. She is moving to Chicago soon, so that may be the last time I see her for a really long time.

Rebecca gave me my bday gift and I love it! It is a Billy Joel cd set, and I listened to some of it on the way home. One of them is a live CD from Carnegie Hall, and it is amazing. I love Billy. Thanks again, Rebecca, I love my gift! And you totally should not have gotten me anything, but thanks so much! :).

Stopped at Astoria after dinner too and bought Kurt some chocolate mousse, and a piecec of tiramisu....Astoria is the greatest bakery ever.......

Home for the night now, and feeling sorry for kurty, whose allergies are RAGING. They are the worst I have ever seen them. Ugh.

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend!


Candice said...

Sounds fun. Love the shoes. Allergies suck. :(

Nicole said...

What a great trip out with friends!