Sunday, June 07, 2009

Sunday at the Park

This morning, I thought it would be a really nice day to go to a Tigers game! So, i went online and bought tickets, and off we went. Had awesome seats (Section 129, which is behind home plate, but slightly toward third base) and sat by some fun people, who were actually fans of the opposing team. Anyway, the game was AWESOME. The score kept going back and forth, and ultimately, the Tigers won! Clete Thomas his a grand slam that pretty much sealed the Angels fate. Great game. One of the best during the season games I have been to. Unfortunately, because I thought it was going to be overcast and rainy, I did not bring sunscreen and my arms and chest are paying for it. Ugh. It's not too bad, but I wish I would have known it was going to be gorgeous and sunny all day. Damn weather channel lying to me. Regardless, we had an amazing time and it was nice to spend a Sunday afternoon outsde, watching baseball, with my husband.

I read this article today in the Free Press that I loved. Rick Steves was interviewed, and one quote by him really stood out to me, as follows:

Q: You travel to places the average person wouldn't go on his own, like Iran. Isn't hedonism or plain old relaxation a good enough reason to travel?

A: I have no problem with hedonism. But it's not fundamentally travel. A lot of people go to Mazatlan and lose an opportunity to go to Nicaragua. They go to Hawaii again when they could go to Morocco. My best experiences have been in places where people wouldn't want to go. I feel sorry for people who go to Orlando every year.

I'm not saying your cruise or vacation is wrong. I'm just saying it doesn't broaden your perspective. It is instructive for Americans to broaden their perspectives just now. We're only 4% of this planet. We don't want to be eclipsed by everyone else.

I loved this. I understand that some people want to take your standard American vacations, but with foreign airfare being cheaper than domestic airfare a lot of the time right now, I don't understand why Americans don't broaden their horizons. I learn soooo much through my travels and it really opens up my eyes to the fact that there is a world outside of America. I really wish I could have travelled more as a kid, as I may have appreciated my geography classes more. And the Orlando comment was funny to me because Kurt says stuff like that ALL the time. He literally HATES Florida.

Made a really yummy dinner tonight, thanks to the cookbook I borrowed from Rebecca. It was called a "Cheesy Mexicali Tuna Bake" and it was fab, and really easy to make. I would post the recipe link, but I could not find the link.

Anyway, hope everyone had as nice of a weekend as I did. :).


.................Nancy said...

I used to NOT understand at all why someone would go vacation twice in the same spot! Now I've been to NYC twice and it definitely won't be my last time. I feel so replenished when I go there, I don't understand it. BUT we go by cheap bus trip etc.. if we had the money for a 'real' vacay, we woul go on a real vacay hehe. But I still want to see some of the 'usual' tourists spots as well as unusual. (Like Italy, Greece, and I'd even return to France since Steph has never been.)

Lori H said...

Oh no, I get it too. Like Vegas. We have been there countless times, and I still love it every time I go. And I get the $$ thing too. I guess my point was for those with money and stuff. Like one will spend $7000 on a Disney vacation, when you could have introduced your kids to culture and diversity and opened their eyes up to another world........