Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Is Anyone Out There Always Right?

I am about at the end of my rope. I am exhausted, and just can't wait until my life is back to normal......

We bought a house nearby to renovate. Which is great. It is almost done (after less than three weeks of fixing it up).

Someone, who shall remain nameless, has been staying at our house helping fix it up. Said person, according to whatever religion they follow, is ALWAYS right. Never wrong. No folks, I am not kidding. If you tell this guy the sky is blue, he will respond with "well, maybe NOW the sky is blue, but in ancient times, the sky was yellow, and therefore, you are wrong." If he is wrong at any point and it is very obvious (for example, at dinner the other night when he stated that grits were made of wheat and the lady at the next table over started laughing and corrected him with the statement "grits are made out of ground corn"), he will state "I knew that, I was just trying to get a laugh, or see if you guys knew I misspoke..." It's horrendous.

It is not too bothersome at first, but when you have to deal with this behavior for days upon days upon days, it gets old. It's like I cannot have an opinion or even say anything, without being corrected, told I am wrong, whatever.

This person also will not let anyone finish a freaking sentence. If you try and complete a sentence, he MUST interject and add something, or tell you that you are wrong or completely turn the attention onto himself. It is exhausting.

Thus, I have turned into a quiet, submissive person. I simply don't say anything, because it's too painful for me to deal with the response.

I am sorry that I ever said that "Kurt is always right." Because I have now met the true person who is always right. He is sitting right next to me right now, in fact.

Another annoying thing is that this person tells exaggerated stories, and then insists they are 100% true. EVERY story is exaggerated. I have even heard some of the stories several times, and each time, they are more exaggerated.

Said person has experienced everything, knows everything, is the hardest working, has seen everything.......... (or thinks so anyway).

I have kept my mouth shut regarding everything with this house renovation because it's easier than arguing with him. But, the one thing I wanted to do was pick out the carpet and go order it, because the guy that owns the carpet store really likes me. Plus, I was terrified said person would pick out some kind of luxury carpet and raise our expenses. So, I get a call at work today, from person, asking me where the carpet store is. He was on his way there. I told him I wanted to pick it out, I knew the guy, etc. besides that, I dont want carpet to go in until the house is DONE. he has been saying its almost done for about a week and a half. why would we work over new carpet? Common sense, but hey, I don't know anything, so who am I to say? I just said whatever and hung up the phone. I was so annoyed I was almost in tears at my office. It's like the guy will do ANYTHING to get his way. He figured, if he just went there, I would not get to do it; he was right. Kurt and I went over there anyway, and as i said, the guy lowered the price from what person had gotten, as soon as I started talking to him about it. Go figure.

I cannot wait to have my life back. I can't wait to be allowed to have a fucking opinion again. I can't wait to be able to finish a sentence. I can't wait to have the people I hang out with to be living in reality.

Ahhhh. Just had to vent. Thanks for listening. It is so hard to put what I am experiencing in writing because you really have to experience to get it.


Rebecca said...

Just think, tomorrow night you will have a few hours away from said person and hopefully he'll be gone on Friday! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you :)

Julia said...

Umm - honey, I don't want to rock the boat, but why hasn't said person been kicked out and cut off??

What an ass!! I admire you for putting up with him, but you know you don't *have* to.

Hobby Chef said...

UGH - what a nightmare!! I'm sorry you have to deal with this person. I hope he will be gone gone gone SOON!

As for the exaggerated stories - it's funny you mention it, because at DH's softball game last night I sat next to a "friend" who told me that she was in labor with her first child for 6 days with contractions 2 minutes apart. She's the queen of exaggerations, but this is one I hadn't heard before. ;-)

Lori Anne Haskell said...

Thanks Rebecca! I hope so too.

Julia: I sent you an email and you are SO RIGHT.

Hobby: I still need your blog addy so I can stalk you too....

Hobby Chef said...

Visit me!!

ExoticDragon said...


Noone is ALWAYS right...that's what we call at Landmark Education a "RACKET," whenever someone says they are "always right," WE at Landmark like to say they are "ON IT!" meaning they have some unconscious anger they are holding, and continually RESIST whatever PERSISTS in their mind, in fact, they lack INTEGRITY and are losing lots of things in ALL OF THEIR relationships i.e.
Affinity, Love, Family Relationships, Career Relationships, Acceptance of self,
Acceptance of others, Money, true communication and maybe LOTS OF FRIENDS!!

What you might want to look for is their HOLE in their armor...which is "WHAT's Missing?" That very person is "missing something." and what's funny is that you can see their "chink in the armour" and so does every person they interact with.

Whenever someone says "they are always right" it's because they are missing something and they are unconsciously ANGRY at the world because there is something wrong
in their world.

IN NLP, we have "The Map is Not The Territory."