Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Morning People

Everyone who truly knows me knows this. I am not a morning person. Several rules apply here.

1. I need caffeine in the morning. If I do not have caffeine, my entire day is shot, and I will get a headache mid afternoon. You can yell at me if you want for having an addiction, but hey, I say being addicted to caffeine is much better than being addicted to drugs, alcohol or tobacco. Right?

2. I need a shower in the morning. Every morning. If I don't take a shower in the morning, I am literally exhausted the entire day. I dont know why this is.

3. I am lucky to have a husband who is not a morning person either. He may be even less of a morning person than I am.

4. Conversations in the morning are not allowed. Or at least in depth ones that require thinking----

5. At least until I have had a shower, caffeine and a chance to check the news and my email online.

6. If I snap at you and you have violated one of the above rules, please understanding my snappiness means NOTHING. I just can't handle people before like 9:30 a.m.

I have tried to become a morning person. Over the years, I have started getting up slightly earlier, and dont sleep in on the weekends any more than around 1030 a.m., and that would be pretty late. But, I will never, ever be a true morning person.

I hate alarm clocks going off.

I truly love rolling over in bed, cuddling with my kitten and my husband in my down comforter and fleece blanket and 1000 count sheets.......

I don't know how anyone could be HAPPY to get up and start a day filled with work (which is what most of my week days are).

My one secretary is a morning person. I think maybe one has kids, they kinda turn into one by force. She gets up at a really early hour, has coffee, does crosswords...then comes into the office so happy and chipper. I don't know how she does it. :).


Kelsie said...

Your rules 1, 4, 5 & 6 describe me completely. I hate *hate* getting up in the mornings. Especially for work b/c the alarm goes off at 4:45 am. I choose to get up this early so that I can have a cup of coffee and sit in the dark in the den by myself for 10 minutes before starting my day. LOL Sometimes that 10 minutes turns into 30 'cause I often doze off again.

No one speaks to me at work until after 10. Even if I get to work early like today (6:30am). By 10, I am fully awake.

My DH is a morning person and tries to talk to me while getting ready...he has finally learned that getting dressed in silence is oh so much better for him.

Rebecca said...

I like to just get everything over with...however, I need to have a nice "lie in" for about 20 minutes before I even get out of bed and start my day. It's easier for me to function that way.

Love the flower pic by the way :)

Ezbrz said...

Even having Saige..I am not a morning person, lol. Total night owl here...but I force myself to be a morning person..i'm such a faker.

RachelSW said...

Ugh, I have my routine also. Check my email, eat breakfast, work out, take a long shower.....I HAVE to take a shower also.