Monday, August 28, 2006

Just Another Manic Monday.....

I really don't like Mondays. The weekend is over. I have to be at work. I have to get up early. Seriously, what could make Mondays good?

Anyway, had a long day at work today. We were there until almost 7 p.m. Blah.

I got an email today from MSN telling me that Karr's DNA did not match that of the Jon Benet case. Shocking, but not. I never actually thought it was him, but it was crazy to get that email.

My friend Hollie's doggie is having surgery in the morning, and I am hopeful, but still stressed for her and their family. :(. People annoy me. She is going through a horrible time, and some of her friends and family are actually telling her she is "crazy" for spending the money on surgery for "just a dog". This is one thing that drives me insane about society today. I am truly in the minority with how I view my animals as part of my family. If one's human child was sick, they would spend anything to save it....but an animal gets sick, and most people will just put the animal down. It's ridiculous. Animals are not possessions and it makes me sick how people just think they are so disposable. Anyway, enough of my rant. Please think about Hollie and Buster tomorrow. He has bladder stones, and it is really serious surgery. I really, really hope everything turns out perfect for them all.

It is raining really hard here, storming. Which is fabulous, because my trees really need it. Yay for rain. :).

I am thinking of taking a day trip to Grand Rapids this weekend. I want to go to the botanical gardens there.....they are supposedly the best in the state. Kurt and Kory are doing some yardwork and finishing up the beach house this weekend, so I need to find something fun to do......

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