Sunday, August 13, 2006

Past Hike

I have been kinda busy and have not had time to post about everything I have been doing.....

Two Sundays ago, I went hiking at the Toledo Botanical Gardens in Toledo, Ohio. I went there myself because my hiking buddies all had other plans (Lesley and Rebecca were going to the movies and my Aunt was on call for work). It wsa gorgeous. It far exceeded the U of M Botanical Gardens I went to, and I did not even have time to do the whole grounds. I walked the gardens for a really long, but since it was SOO hot that day, I did not do the hiking trails yet. I need to go back.

I followed this little squirrel around for a bit in one area of a hosta garden. The squirrel just sat there and posed for pics for me. He was super cute. His pic is above.
It was pretty kewl too, that Sunday was "art" day, and the grounds had easels set up throughout that parents and their kids could sit at and draw, while looking over the grounds. Very kewl.

Took a ton of pics, which are located on my photo album site. Click here to see them all.

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Rebecca said...

Maybe we can hit up the Toledo gardens next Sunday! Or some other gardens :)