Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Avon, Avenue Q, and Drugs

Last night, I saw Avenue Q at the Fisher with my Aunt (part of our season ticket package at the theatre). OMG, I had no idea what I was in for with this show. Freaking hilarious! Totally not for the conservative minded. The show was based around puppets, and was filled with hilarious racy songs, sex, swearing. Loved it. I think even Kurt would have liked it, and he is not a theatre person. We ate dinner at this little cafe at the Fisher before the show, and I had the BEST tuna salad I have ever eaten. I need the recipe. :).

Kurt and I had a dr.'s appt today to get prescriptions called in for our trip. We wanted these patches that were recommended to me by Rebecca for sea sickness, and Ambien for Kurt for the nights on the ship, in case he cannot sleep. We don't have a "family" dr, we just go to whomever at our local hospital that is near the office. Well, we got put with the dr who hates prescriptions. I thought at one point he was not going to call the prescriptions in. I mean, can I seriously become addicted to sea sickness patches? It's funny to me how friends of mine can simply place a call and get a script of 400 Vicodin, but I have to beg for sea sickness. And since the last time i went to the dr was two freaking years ago, I think he should see I am not an addict. I can't wait until Britton and Lisa are a doctor and PA, so I can not feel like a criminal when I need something simple like that. Lame. Picked up the scripts tonight, so all I need are the pills for altitude change that the travel doc is calling in for us.

Monday night we had a board workshop for the school board. It was very productive, but LONG. I was exhausted by the end of it and glad to get home.

Oh, the funniest thing ever. Misty, my secretary, decided that she is going to start selling Avon, basically to get the discount. IF she recruits others to sell, you can earn a lot of money for the referrals. Anyway, she talks KORY into being an Avon rep. Kory is convinced he is getting rich off of this. He is going to put himself through law school, date Avon models, and meet hot girls. Can we say "in denial"? Kurt is putting money on that Kory will never sell one item of Avon, but I guess we will see. It would amuse me greatly. Hopefully, I can get some stuff for cost though, haha. Kory is officially gay. LOL.


Amanda said...

Glad you had fun at Avenue Q! I'm not a musical fan, but even I think that one is pretty cheeky and fun.

My mom has been selling Avon for 35 years, and for awhile had some pretty significant territory and a good downline. She is not, nor has she been, rich off of it.
I get all of my Avon for free, so regardless, I have no complaints!

Rebecca said...

Yeah, he better sell some stuff at cost to me too, but I'll bet money he won't (but he will for you).

And you should find a regular family physician, just a suggestion so you don't have these kinds of problems again. My doctor is awesome, I am never switching! (And for the record, it was 120 Vicodin, ha)

Jennifer said...

The Avon story is hilarious!

I'm with Rebecca on finding a regular family physician so you don't feel like you have to beg for simple scripts.

colfin2002 said...

I have a reg dr but it's great having a dad that can write the scrips for you!!!! hee hee hee!

Lori H said...

ITA with you guys are getting a regular doctor. The entire problem though is a--our work schedule, and b--I rarely go to a dr. I need a place where the hours are flexible, it's near the office AND there are multiple doctors. If I need an appt, I need an appt and cannot wait a month to get in. Also, even if I HAD a regular dr, I would see them so rarely I dont think they would remember me, LOL.

Lisa said...

OMG, I'll remember to hit up if I'm ever selling anything, lol.

Katie said...

OMG - so jealous that you saw Avenue Q!! I LOVE every clip that I've seen from that show. Did they do The Internet Is For Porn?! haha. Love it!!

Mindy said...

I LOVED Avenue Q! I was so sad when it left Vegas!

My family doctor is in a clinic - so if she isn't there - I can see someone else.

Please, keep us posted on Kory's becoming a millionaire selling Avon! And - try the Magix! I love that stuff!