Monday, November 17, 2008

Fun, Paying Site (Vindale)

Hey there,

I just found this great website that pays you to try out new products, services, and websites. You can make $5 to $75 per survey, and you even get to keep the products you review! The surveys are really easy, and the membership is FREE, so what is there to lose, right?


Check it out!


Katie said...

Neat... I gotta look into it and see if they'd accept Canadians. Most of these sites usually don't.

Have you done any surveys yet? Let us know your progress with the site!

Lori H said...

I did a couple, and have already earned $7! Rebecca has earned over $20 (she referred me there).

Rachael said...

bummer the link didnt work for me :(

Lori H said...

How odd....did you try cut and paste? I tried the link and worked. Strange........Dumb site.

Katie said...

Sweet, I might give it a shot when I get home from work!

Rachael said...

copy/paste worked, yay :)