Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Holidays Cards Discussion

So, the holiday cards are ordered! :). I used Snapfish again, but the actual card is going to remain a mystery until I send it out! I was unsure I had a pic I wanted to use, but I forgot about one I loved that was taken this year. So, once they are mailed, I will post a pic of it here for everyone to see!

Cards and taking my Christmas trip are like the two things I really love about the holidays! Goal is to get the cards out BEFORE we leave for vacay this year, hence ordering them somewhat early.

So, to entice interaction here, let's talk holiday cards. Do you send them? If so, what type and with pics or no? Do you prefer getting cards with pics or without? Do you like those holiday newsletters that families do, or do you do one for your family? Do you not send cards?

I LOVE LOVE LOVE getting pic cards from everyone. I also love getting holiday newsletters so we can read how people are doing. I only get a couple of those each year. My friend Dawn in Cali does not, and I love it. My friend Jill did one last year too, and I loved reading it.

I kinda wanted to do one this year, but Kurt is trying to talk me out of it. He thinks that people take the holiday newsletters as "bragging" or something like that, and he does not want my talk of what we have been doing to be taken as bragging by other people. I really don't think our friends and family would think that of us, because they KNOW us....................My friend Dawn's is so cute. They do a "recipe" that has been their fav for the year, as well as talk about any trips they have taken and what they have been doing careerwise (they don't have kids).

Anyway, would love to hear what everyone does! I guess I know on some of you, since you send me a card, LOL. But, let's talk cards! :).


Katie said...

I've never had anyone send me a holiday newsletter. I can't decide if I'd think it was cute, or tacky... LOL. I'd have to see one to decide, I guess. But, most of the people I get cards from, I read their blogs or I'm in touch with them on a regular basis anyway, so I don't know that a newsletter would make much of a difference.

I love sending cards though, for sure. I prefer sending handmade cards, if I have the time. I've never sent photo cards, but I think if I did, they would probably be of some sort of scenery rather than of me... haha. I love getting pics from my family members with kids, because I generally don't see the kids too often through the year (aside from my nieces), so it's neat to see how they've grown.

I'm excited to see your cards!

Lori H said...

Yea, ITA with the blogging and email thing. most of my family knows what we are up to, unless they dont check email or read my blog! :). I wont be doing the newsletters for two reasons 1--dont really have time, and 2--Kurt thinks they are lame, LOL. I do heart reading them though! Anything that makes a Xmas card more personal, i.e. pictures, homemade, newsletters--I heart. And, ITA on the kid pics, those are hilarious to see how different that they are each year!

.................Nancy said...

I think newsletters must be a US thing... I've only heard about them on ivillage, and have never seen one before. (Are they a myth? hehe kidding)

We just send regular ole christmas cards... this year I accidentally picked up a box of french cards so oops. I don't feel like going to exchange them because the christmas aisles are crazy,so yall are getting french cards LOL. (You all probably know the gist of what it says anyway hehe).

One reason that I don't normally like photo cards that much is that the darn things don't stand up on their own like a real card! You have to tape it somewhere or stick it in a card holder if you want to show them off.

I need a better card holder.. the one that I have is like that game... I forget the name.. but at any random point if you take out a certain card a bunch come tumbling down lol.

Rebecca said...

Please...like anyone wants to hear about my boring life? Here's how mine would sound...

"Greetings everyone! Happy Holidays! I bought a house this year, I haven't been on a date since I moved in, I'm drowning in credit card debt, I'll be taking m 5th cruise in January, I still have no garage door, and oh yeah, my family is still nuts!"


I don't think I'll be doing Christmas cards this year. If I do, it will be to a very select few people, like 10.

Angel said...

I've been thinking I don't want to do holiday cards this year. I've done this a few years back where instead of rushing to get cards out by the holidays I sent like a New Year's newsletter. Granted, I didn't send one to everyone mostly college friends we haven't seen in a while or won't be seeing for the holidays. I basically tell them what kind of trips we took, any sort of accomplishments this year, only things they would appreciate.

My pic holiday cards I try to make interesting by having them come from trips we've taken like a collage. That's what I do. The pic holiday cards are nice and easy as you don't have to write anything but I'm feeling kinda lazy this year. :)

Mindy said...

I love getting cards - I love pictures, I love Newsletters, I love handwritten notes. I have a ton of cousins, having 11 uncles and all, and for alot of us, due to time and distance, our Christmas cards and through our parents is our only form of communication.

I bought cards to send - and they cost me a fortune - and now I am going to have to fork out another $30 for stamps. It is getting more and more expensive, and as much as I hate to say it - next year - I might only send E-cards.

Rachael said...

I strongly dislike holiday "newsletters." Let's face it, they are for the sole purpose of bragging. I have always thought they were tacky.

I am on the fence about Holiday Cards because of how wasteful they are. They are so generic, the message is generic and I always struggle to think of a witty message to add for each household. As much money as you spend on cards (nearly $5/card!!) people just toss them in the trash. Most of them now arent even recyclable because of all the plastic coating on the paper.

Sorry for my eco-conscious psycho babble! Its funny you ask, because I was going to blog about this very thing. I was considering sending out bio-degradable cards that have wildflower seeds engrained in the paper that can be planted in the earth. But I am not sure whether I am even going to spend the money on it.

Anyway, the family picture cards are great. I do enjoy receiving those!

Amanda said...

We did a letter one year - 2006, I think - but we had a lot going on. I don't think there's anything going that I really care to write about - I don't send cards to people who aren't close enough to know, and for the couple I do (my Dad's side of the family), a handwritten note is so much better.
We were doing photo cards for awhile - but everyone knows what WE look like, LOL. So, last year was the first year I did regular cards again, and I'm contemplating it again this year. I had planned on using a picture of us from Tuscany, but it's at a bad angle, and I don't think there are any others, LOL.

RoseAnn said...

I always send out Christmas cards; this year I have about 75 people on the list. I keep a running record and if someone doesn't send us a card for 2 years, they are usually off the list unless they are a special case. ;)

I usually send a newsie letter. I try to keep it breezy and not too braggy. One year I tried to do hand-written letters and gave up after 6 letters or so. I like getting newsletters from people. For many, it's the only details I get from them all year and I like hearing what they're up to.

We compromise on pictures. I like to send them out but Robert thinks its unnecessary so we alternate. Since we sent out pics last year, I'm not sending them out this year. I like getting pictures from people, especially the families because the kids change so much. The only time that annoys me is when they send pics *only* of the kids. When I get a card from my college roommate, I want to see her in the picture, not just her kids that I've never met!

I buy all my cards the day after Christmas for 50% off. That makes it interesting when I go to send them because some years I haven't liked the ones I picked out the previous year. Usualy it's fun to open all the cards, though and see the different designs.

RoseAnn said...
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Jenn said...

I ordered our Christmas Cards from Snapfish a couple of days ago. This is the second year that we have done a photo card. We don't do newsletters and I handwrite little notes in the ones for my mom's family since I hardly ever see them and then I include Haley's school pictures.