Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Just Another Day in the Hood

Crazy busy day today. I hate when work starts to pile up on my desk. It always happens the weeks when Kurt and I both end up in court a lot of the mornings. I was in court this morning, and prob have to go the next two mornings too. Ugh. Like this morning, we had court in three buildings, 5 hearings, so we both had to go. I did two bankruptcy hearings, and the other one I was supposed to do got postponed.

Got back to the office to a package! I forgot I had ordered some stuff from this site I like, For Counsel. Bought Kurt two ties, here and here, and bought him this hilarious pair of boxers. Bought this really kewl pic for my office too, but need to buy a frame now. I did not like the one offered on the site. The stuff is all really nice.

Started driving or "winter" vehicles, which sucks. We park the Porsches in the Winter, and Kurt is making me park the Saab too (sob), so we are back to driving the Saturn and Jeep. Which is better for the cars with winter weather, but I am going to miss my baby! The Saab is not 100% parked yet though, so I may get a few more drives out of her. The weather here is horrible. I am shivering every time I go outside, and this is wearing a heavy wool coat, scarf, etc. Ugh.

Saw a great hearing in court today. The two attys were YELLING at each other, calling each other names, etc. The Judge at one point threatened to throw them both in jail. Which did not happen, but it is not common for the Judge to threaten that because attys are not controlling themselves. I have never seen an atty thrown in jail in a family law case, but I think the day is coming! I can't believe how worked up some people get.

Felt a headache coming on tonight, so I am glad I have a massage appt tomorrow night. I need it..........

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