Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Day Before

Work was actually really nice today! Our trial this morning was settled, so we had NO court today, which is totally rare. Anyway, I got the chance to get a LOT of paperwork done. It's still not all done, but I plowed through more than half of it, and I was thrilled. Sometimes the small stuff just starts to add up and annoys me. Am glad to get it all off my desk. We took Amanda and Misty to lunch for Amanda's birthday, which was yesterday. It was nice. We went to Mexican Gardens. Next week is Misty's 30th, so we will prob go out again!

It totally felt like Friday today, so we went out for sushi tonight. It was super yummy, as usual. They were pretty busy, so we could not get seating in the bar area where we like to sit and were put in the dining room. RIGHT next to a couple with a screaming child. And the kid was not screaming in a crying kinda way. It was a high pitched noise or "MOOOOOOOOOOMY" kinda thing, like "pay attention to me" cry. AAARRRRGH. I am sorry, but why do people bring their 2 year olds to upscale restaurants? I know this kid must act this way on a regular basis. You could tell from her behavior that she was used to being spoiled and the center of attention. There were other kids there, quiet as a mouse. I just think when your kids start acting like that, you should get up and either leave entirely, or go outside. I would be soooo embarassed if that were me, and my child was ruining a lot of people's meals. On the other hand, if I had a kid that age, I would be going to more appropriate places for my child to enjoy and for me to not worry as much about their behavior. Anyway, we finally asked to be moved because I could not even concentrate on what kurt was saying. Every time either one of us would speak, we were interrupted with "AHHHH, MOOOOOOOMMMYYY" and we could not hear anything. It was SOOOOO much nicer in the bar. The waitress told us, after we moved, that the couple had been sitting there for two hours and the kid had not stopped doing that the ENTIRE night. Wow.

Stopped at Target after dinner because I wanted to look for Travel Scrabble. I saw a version of it in my Restoration Hardware catalog, and was thinking it might be cheaper elsewhere, and I was right! Found it! Also bought this glass pan with a carrier since I am making mac and cheese for this weekend, and I have nothing to transport it in. Picked up a new dog toy for the pugs (which Vito is hounding) and a new alarm clock, since ours recently died.

Anyway, we will be gone a lot of the day tomorrow, so I wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! :). I am going to type the first 20 things that come to my head that I am thankful for this year.

1. My awesome husband and amazing marriage.
2. My "babies", i.e. Gretel, bugsy, Vito and Oscar
3. My Mom and how she can be both my Mom and one of my best friends
4. The time my Mom gets to spend with my new nephew, Nick
5. My thriving law practice, despite the bad economy
6. My camera
7. The ability to take the vacations I want
8. Obama winning for President (and in turn, keeping Sarah Palin out of the VP seat)
9. Emma Lynn, Kerry's new baby
10. My Saab
11. XM Radio
12. Rebecca
13. Apple stock
14. My iPhone
15. Sephora and Ulta
16. All my friends and online blogging friends
17. My uncoming trip to the Galapagos
18. The new superintendent working out well so far at the school
19. My new haircut
20. The rest of my family.


Rebecca said...

I think #12 is my fave :)

Lori H said...

haha, i was like "what was 12?" and then started laughing when I looked.....

goooooood girl said...

your blog is very good......

colfin2002 said...

but why do people bring their 2 year olds to upscale restaurants?

A couple of reasons:
1. They don't think there is anything wrong with their child's behavior.. it's everyone else who has the problem.
2. They are the type that refuse to leave their kid with anyone else because no one can be trusted with their precious little treasure.
or 3. They can't find anyone to babysit for them because no one would torture themselves by staying with the little monster.

My guess is #1 is the most likely story...

.................Nancy said...

Happy Thanksgiving!! And Yay! I think I made the list! (16?) hehe. I think I'm going to copy you and alex and write a thankful post today.. it wuold do me some good.

Katie said...

Yesterday felt like Friday to me too... only it's not a holiday today, so I still had two days to get through until Friday... boo for me!

Happy Thanksgiving, Lori! Hope you have a nice long weekend!

I like your list a lot, and I'm writing a thankful post today too... before I even saw that Nancy was doing one! haha ;) Great minds think alike!

Lisa said...

I made 16 too ;)

And the thought of taking Saige to a *nice* restaurant makes me so nervous and I won't do it. Kids are too unpredictable. And people go out to eat at a nice place as a treat and a screaming kid isn't on that list. Take them to a family restaurant then. I hate it too.