Friday, February 19, 2010


Tried the above soup on Tuesday. We don't have measuring cups at the office (I have since brought one in), so I kinda had to guess at water amounts and the like. But, this soup was awesome! And I am VERY picky about miso soup. Thumbs up to this one. They had a lot of other choices at the store with this brand, so I may need to try more! Easy to prepare as well. Tried the quesadilla on Wednesday. Again, I am really picky about Mexican in a box, LOL, but this was surprisingly good, and VERY easy to make. I will buy this one again. Plus, there are two servings, so great price as well.

This shoe was an AWESOME find. I saw this shoe, long ago, on Piperlime and fell in love, however, it was WAY more than what I will pay for shoes, since I am kinda addicted to shoes........Anyway, I shop on this site called ideel (which is amazing, let me know if you want an invite to the site). They have daily sales which only last like 2-3 days, and this week, they had Lovely People shoes on special. WITH THIS SHOE. For like one third of the retail price. So, of course, I had to purchase it. As well as the one below for Spring. Turquoise will look great with black, blue OR grey dress pants and skirts. Whoot.

Happy Friday everyone! Gretel is at the office with us, and we may leave early today! Whoot.

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Rebecca said...

Love the blue shoes, the black, not a fan. I just don't get that style!

I like that miso soup too.

Have a good weekend