Wednesday, February 10, 2010


By Kurt Haskell

As I've previously mentioned, I have been in contact with several passengers from our flight. Many of them want to remain anonymous due to how Lori and I have been treated by the media and government officials.

Earlier today, an anonymous poster commented on this blog that he has been in contact with the cameraman and that I know who "The anonymous poster" is. I do know who the anonymous poster is, and after I read the comment, I called the anonymous poster. He went on to state that he has spoken to the cameraman and that he is certain that the cameraman is not involved. According to the anonymous poster, the cameraman is a single man who was flying by himself to visit someone in the U.S. Also, he indicated that the cameraman recently purchased a camera and was testing it out on the flight because he was alone and bored. I am still somewhat unconvinced as it is difficult for me to believe that someone would film a terrorist attack and not stop filming during the attack.


I now have the camerman's contact information and I will be attempting to contact him shortly to obtain this photograph. Apparently, the cameraman was taking still photographs on the plane as well as video and the government only confiscated his camera, but did not confiscate his memory card, which contains the still photgraphs.

I will give an update as soon as I have something further to report.


Anonymous said...

To be a bit more precise: the camera man was not visiting anyone, he just went for a short vacation to New York.
And as far as I know he was not recording continuously but started recording again when the panic started. Yes, you may wonder why he started doing that. But, you simply do not know what you will do. Whether you will be the hero like Jasper or panick or freeze... or start recording your last minutes.

Greg Bacon said...

Maybe he was part of that same group of people that was on hand to film the airliners crashing into the WTC so they could 'document' the event?

Tom said...


As someone who just wants to know the truth, I do thank you for your input. So far what you have said is plausible. That flight is used to connect to NY.

Can you please give us more details on how you know all this?

How did you two meet?

How many times have you been in contact with him since?

Does he know that the FBI claims he and his video do not exist?

Does he realize his video is worth a whole lot of CHA-CHING to the media?

Jasper has made over $20,000 so far. What is he waiting for?

Anonymous said...

BeachDave - Greg Bacon, that's the kind of comment that will get people to clam up out of fear. Did you not note how several witnesses will not get involved because of the media? There are not really very many couragious people around anymore who will step up and do the right thing. There are thousands who will talk tough from their keyboard, though.

Please be less opinionated. It would be nice if this all came to light.

We need to encourage the scared man to "be scared but do the right thing anyway."

Kurt's leading the way.

Anonymous said...

Has the passport issue been resolved?

Shama Chopra said...

I am the husband of Shama Chopra, who was a passenger on teh NW 253 with Lori and Kurt Haskell.I would encourage you to check out this link to understand how Shama feels about this incident.
As promised she flew Northwest 253 again on 25th January 2101 exactly one month to the date.She travelled in the wake of a Terror Alert regarding female suicide bombers and the Ethiopian Airlines crash. The Detroit News had this to say in their 26th January 2010 edition. ( they mispelled her name as ShaRma. There is no R in her name.
Canadian defies terror fears, takes flight from Netherlands to Detroit.

Just as in the case of Kurt and Lori we get a lot of pressure not to speak out. Kurt and shama are the only two people known to have noticed Abdulmutallab BEFORE boarding the flight. Shama was the only CANADIAN on board that flight.

We intend to continue to ask the questions because this is definitely a Failure of Security and the Cover - up is ON.

Will be visting Detroit soon to set the record straight.

To, Kurt and Lori I say that we draw strength from your efforts and will support you throughout this ordeal. You are brave and we are with you.

Raman & Shama Chopra, Montreal, Canada

Anonymous said...

Hi, Here is Schuringa in Dutch TVshow yesterday:[tt_news]=14752&cHash=27666842ad

But the heroes are you


Anonymous said...

Maybe Shama Chopra who plans to take her concerns for airline safety all the way to the Hague Court steps will also take a little time to visit the good folks at ICTS International as she leaves or returns for her flight out of Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam.
I'm sure that since ICTS was a principal player - in the Logan Airport-WTC tragedy of 9/11 that led to the death of 3,000 in NY and perhaps over 1,000,000 souls in Iraq and Afghanistan...Also blowing it a month after 911 by allowing Richard Reid the shoe bomber on in De Gualle Airport even though they and El Al had allowed him to travel to Israel to visit Hamas and watched his movements there pre 911 - and now the 'Christmas bomber'(hoo hoo hoo)is allowed to fly to Detroit bearing 'gifts'...I'm sure that Menachem Atzmon and the other Israeli good ol boys of ICTS International would want to greet Mrs.Chopra personally and hug her just as W Bush hugged all those war widows he created.
I'd say Mrs. and Mr.Gupta would do well to pay heed to what is happening to their native country India in light of the murder of India's foremost Anti Terrorism investigator Hermant Karkare in Mumbai when he was getting close to uncovering a Hindu and possible international connection to bombs previously blamed on Moslem terrorists.But I am amazed that Mrs.Chopra is instead like a walking advertisement for those x ray scanners ex Homeland Security
Zionist Michael Chertoff and his pals at ICTS are selling ...
--Tony Ryals

Note below from a 08.01.2008 post of mine made on Philidelphia Indymedia mainly about far right Arizona fundamentalist Christians(and possibly penny stock and CIA connected) whose Yahoo email was used to send a five minute warning to CNN news network just before bombs murdered over 50 people.
The GNN news site was liberally quoted by me because they picked up on strange right wing things about the Kenneth Heywood and Campbell White group in India and their fundamentalist Christian and more sinister right wing connections at the same time I did immediately following the bombings...Note mention of Hermant Karkare's role investigating the Yahoo! email of Kenneth Heywood as well as Hindu suspect train bombing just before his death under still unexplained circumstances.
-Tony Ryals

Yahoo!,Terror email,India Bombs, Campbell White: American Kenneth Haywood to undergo lie-detector test.....

Opening the Doors of hell in India:

... Last week 22 separate bomb blasts claimed between 42 and 45 lives in Ahmedabad, western India..
..I noticed in the Guardian yesterday, when police tracked down the wifi signal it turned out that the laptop from which it emanated belonged not to a wizened old sheik or a member of Mumbai’s mafia families, but to an “expat American” by the name of Kenneth Haywood.....As Parambir Singh of India’s anti-terrorist squad put it, “We are not saying that they are suspects, but at the same time we cannot, at the moment, give them a clean chit.” And this was sensible, as Haywood’s computer remains in the lab being tested where, as the Hindu reports today, “it [will] take three or four days for completing the analysis of the hard disk.”

Meanwhile, Singh’s boss, Hermant Karkare told the Indian daily that “Experts are still on the job” and that Haywood, “is very much on the radar of suspicion.”.........

Yahoo!,India Bombing:Kenneth Haywood,CampbellWhite Computer:Strange Fox News' Frank Luntz Connection

Mumbai Police unable to trace Karkare's jacketLatest news, breaking news - Mumbai Police unable to trace Karkare's jacket.

Human said...

Smells fishy. "thinks he has a photograph of the man in orange"???
How many men in orange were there?

It's news to me that cameraman's vid was taken by the government. Wonder if we will ever see that vid?

Thanks for info on Haywood etc. Anon. Sounds like Haywoods group is one of many who want to bring Armageddon to fruition asap. Temple Builders is what I call them.

Anonymous said...

Campbell White's Jonathan Heimberg - Pseudo Christian ?, Judeo Fascist ?, CIA ?
by Tony Ryals Sunday, Aug. 10, 2008 at 8:07 PM

by Tony Ryals Sunday, Aug. 10, 2008 at 8:07 PM

It appears that at least one member of the of India, Jonathan Heimberg,who prosyletizes in Bangalore,India for christian converts there in his spare time may well be a closet Judeo Fascist rather than just an Arizona,etc., based Door Ministries or Christian Fellowship Ministries or The Potter's House,etc., Fascist ! .....

''God is on the move in this metropolitan, beautiful city known as the 'Garden City' of India.

''In the last week, we have seen a sovereign move of God. We have tapped a stream of converts from North East India, the state of Nagalin.

''These bright, young people have come to Bangalore for Schooling and
Hi-Tech careers, and a great many have begun coming to the church, the result of the witness of one young man.

''Sunday night, barely our 5th Sunday, we had 24 in service!

''The principle of multiplication is at work, and God is building a work to His glory. Keep praying for us, and send your pastors to preach in for all of us here in Bangalore!''

-Jonathan Heimberg,right wing Campell White Christian and suspect Judeo Fascist

tenasee said...

For more weirdness, have y'all checked out the
Flight 253 Wikipedia version?
To start, at the start they've got Lori confused for Kurt...
Would really like to Know more about 'the bomb'...
Did any one actually see What it/Where it was?
Did anyone see What Shuringa got a hold of,
and Where he "threw it away" to?
Still don't really believe it was in the undies, or that
those famous bird-shaped undies were ever on that kid.
Can the mysterious video-grapher be of any help here?
And where in the world did the handcuffs come from?

Shama Chopra said...

According to Shama Chopra she did not see any handcuffs. The Flight Attendant took a bag from the overhead luggage and threw it on the floor. Shama ( Who was sitting in Row 4A in First Class ) saw the Flight Attendant take an oxygen mask and gave it to the guys. She thought they had tied Abdulmutallab with the pipes of the Oxygen mask. She did not actually see them tie Abdulmutallab but did see the Oxygen mask being given to tie Andulmutallab.

Anonymous said...

Wikipedia and Jimbo Wales purposely get these types of events incorrect and with little real investigation on their anonymous 'encyclopedia' authors'
parts.In fact it is a lie that just anyone gets to edit Wikipedia even if their facts are indisputable.
Jimbo Wales will even let Rupert Murdoch bribe him with some sleezey Fox 'News' female
'journalist's body.
Altough he gladly accepts sponsors from the corporate world to bribe and influence Wikipedia biographies. James Dale Davidson's Wikipedia bio is a case in point.I wrote the earliest bio of him on Wikipedia some years ago and anonymous editors appeared to 'edit' it back to a stub that makes no mention even of his role in 'Bill Clinton killed Vince Foster' or that Davidson gave to Clinton campaign before turning on him,etc..At least they left brief mention of his Genemax stock fraud without calling it that.
I have seen 'companies' intentionally self promoting themselves and their worthless stock shares using Wikipedia as a self promotion site.Image Entertainment that my own attorney Joshua Ridless of University of Callifornia Berkeley Boalt Law School and San Francisco Bar Association 'barrister' as he likes to call himself , helped to illegally pump and dump that fraud for his financial gain.Turns out it had SEC investigation because of the purchase of shares outside the U.S. by someone from India living in Indonesia and that might fund terrorism as far as I know.....
But Jimbo Wales allowed the Steve Forbes(and thus James Dale Davidson) connected 'business reporter' Gary Weiss to 'edit' or censor my James Dale Davidson biography and remove all mention of Davidson's NAANSS or National Association Against Naked Short Selling' while his pseudo nym or alias Wikipedia editor MantanMoreland,(an insult to the deceased black movie actor), created a vanity biography for himself and a con artist named Lila Rajiva who is connected to James Dale Davidson's Agora,Inc. penny stock promotion and dumping front that his British Lord William Rees-Mogg is also part of.
I could go on but yes Jimbo Wales is using those who write real scince or biography to promote his own constituencies' political and business agendas just like he did when he was part of Rahm Emanuel's Chicago Mercantile.In fact Rahm Emnanuel's daddy bio was completely removed from Wikipedia so as not to have to mention certain unpleasant facts such as his daddy's membership in Irgun Zionist terrorism.
Both Geico billionaire Patrick Byrne of and Gary Weiss gang have lied about 'naked short selling' and placed misinformation on Wikipedia that only a stock scam artist like an ex Chicago Mercantile and Refco type could love.And strangely while I have been in disagreement with both sides posting misinformation about so called
'naked shorting' on the Wikipedia site - both sides - Steve Forbes' boy Gary Weiss and Patrick Byrne's Overstock.con mafia have agreed to protect and censor all mention of National Taxpayers Union founder James Dale Davidson'd role in promoting the 'naked shorting' rumor just as he did the 'Clinton killed Vince Foster' rumor,for stock fraud such as Genemax(named for his newsmax?)
and Endovasac,etc..

Greg Bacon said...

There are not really very many couragious people around anymore who will step up and do the right thing. There are thousands who will talk tough from their keyboard, though.

Please be less opinionated. It would be nice if this all came to light.

I disagree. There's way too many sheeple out in America who have been scared out of their wits by goverment psyops, a lot which has taken place since 9/11.

I respect what you're doing, but telling people to clam up will get us only deeper into tyranny.

As for 'talking tough,' I put my real name behind what I say, I don't hide behind an alias.

Human said...

I saw an interview with Schuringa in which he said he and a flight attendant put handcuffs on the suspect.

Shama Chopra said...

Greg Bacon...You are the Man.I agree with you 100%. Lori, Kurt, Shama and me are not backing off at all. No way.
Make sure you are there at the hearings..Raman Chopra

KurtHaskell said...


You can bet that I will be making a victim impact statement and I won't be holding back.