Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Costa Rican Car

What an exhausting day.

Got up super early to drive to Cuyahoga Falls, OH, to buy our new car for Costa Rica.  Had to go to the bank there first to get a cashiers check and deposit money to get this check.  A simply transaction ended up taking an hour as they could not figure out the transaction since I was getting a check made out from me and not the business to the dealership.  Super frustrating.  We then got to the dealership (finally) and that transaction seemed to take much longer than necessary as well, but finally, drove off with our new Nissan Xterra.  Stopped for lunch at a local Mexican place in Akron that was super yummy, and then drove all the way back home and to the office to briefly check in.  Check out the Meixcan place here:  I had the fish burrito lunch special and it was amazing.  Service was also spectacular and friendly.

Was insanely exhausted after all that.  Ugh.  Glad it's done now.  The problem is, Kurt is now ready to load up the car and leave NOW.  LOL.

Came home, fed my birds and outside animals and as we came in, three gorgeous deer sauntered into the yard.  That kind of stuff makes me SOOOO relaxed and happy to see.  They were just stunning, and it was so nice to stand and watch them saunter around and eat the veggies Kurt leaves out for them that my Aunt is always giving  us when her stuff goes bad.

Even though I was dead tired, I went to the gym and biked 12 miles.  Had no energy to do any more than that, but was glad I made myself do that!  Doing laundry now and trying to catch it up before I leave on Friday night for Florida.

Kurt spoke on two radio shows this week, here is the link to one of them with Jack Blood:  I love how he always says whatever he wants and is never politically correct.

Kurt bought a new supplement at GNC and he did not like it, but told me he thought I would.  I tried it and so far, love it.  I take it about 20 minutes before I work out.  It is ACG3, click here to see:  Anyway, it gives me energy after a long day of work when I dont feel like working out.  Highly recommend.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Wow!  My last post was about not drinking caffeine, and I have not drank it since.  It was not a hard process at all.  I still crave it sometimes when I am tired, but I have avoided it.  Yay!

So, we have so much going on.  Tomorrow morning, we are heading out early to Ohio to buy our vehicle for Costa Rica.  We are buying a Nissan Xterra.  It is the best choice for us for Costa Rica.  Cannot wait to have that.  We are then going to renew our passports in Detroit at this place that does expedited passport renewal.

Kurt is planning on leaving April 24.  He has two friends going with me after his brother annoyingly backed out on him at the last minute, which I am still annoyed about.    Don't promise to do something and then back out because "your girlfriend won't let you go".  Either ask her first, or tell her no since you promised your brother months ago.  Whatever on that.  I plan on leaving in May, sometime after Kory gets his (hopefully passing) bar results and the office is running smoothly.  I will fly down with Lucie, and Kurt is driving the rest of the animals as they cannot fly since Pugs and Persians have a high death rate with being on planes.  He thinks the drive will take around 10 days, and he has to pass over many country borders, which will cause some delays.

So, the past few months have been busy to say the least.  Trying to sell everything in the house is going well.  The Saab sold and it going to be gone next week.  Only car left is the Porsche now.  We have had some people come look at the land next door and I think they will sell come Spring, since nobody builds in winter, especially this winter.

My Mom and I are going to Florida this weekend to visit my Grama and we have tickets to a Tigers game at the Blue Jays Florida Stadium.  Can't wait for that.  We will most likely eat at sweet tomatoes and Olive Garden as well since those are my grama's favs.  :).  Plan on running every morning and spending time at the pool.  It will be nice just to be outside & see the sun.

Went to a St Patrick's Party this past weekend at our friend Ron's house.  Super fun, as usual.  We all wore green, and had a blast.  Ate too much as usual, but you only live once......Had dinner at the Twisted Rooster with Auntie and my Dad on Sunday night which was nice.

I started using this awesome new machine at the gym, a stair climbing kinda thing.  Anyway, I freaking love it.  I work up a sweat far more than running and burn off calories twice as fast.  I have been doing it at least a couple times a week and I have gotten better and better with my times and climb.

Midas was fixed and had a nose procedure done last Friday.  We had to drop him off in the AM and pick him up Saturday AM.  He came home acting like NOTHING had been done to him.  I can't believe how fast he got better from surgery.  They told us he had to rest for a week.  Good luck with that with a puppy.  He is having none of that.  He wanted to play from the second we got home.  LOL.  Glad to have him home, hyper as usual!  XXOO.

So, that's my update for now.  Hope everyone is doing well.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Saturday night, I made this spur of the moment decision to stop drinking caffeine.

I drink diet pop ALL DAY LONG, so this seemed to be a daunting task.  I pretty much get up in the morning, open a pop and sip it while getting ready, drink about half.  Come to work, open another drink it until about lunch time. Drink another and sometimes another in the late afternoon.  Come home, drink 1-2 more.  I rarely mix it up with anything else.  And whenever I drink caffeine free mistakenly, I totally notice and get headaches.

But, I don't like being addicted.  I also, for various reasons, would like to stop drinking pop at all, but am starting with just no caffeine. 

Anyway, things have gone great.  I have not gotten a headache yet.  I did feel one coming on a couple times, took aspirin, and it went away almost immediately.  The only major side effect I have felt is being tired, lethargic.  Monday I felt tired all day and today, I felt tired a little bit, but feel it getting better, which is awesome.

I can't believe how non-horrible it has been. Yay! Proud of myself as I was reallllllly addicted. 

I have been doing this awesome ab workout, as well as a kewl leg one I found.  I mix these in with my other workouts for some variety.  The ab workout is a 30 day workout, and I am on day 21. 

Here is the ab workout:  Thus far, I am really excited by the progress I have made with planks.  Up to 80 seconds.  The situps, weirdly, are the hardest part for me and the leg lifts are the easiest.

Here is the leg workout:  This kicked my butt the first time I did it and I was sore for 3 days.  I think the wall holds are the hardest.

Found this great new site for buying discount stuff and ordered two necklaces SO cheap.  One was $6 and one was $10.  Shipping is really cheap too.  Check it out!

Got my hair done today by Nona and Daybreak Spa.  She was out on maternity leave, and is back and I was happy to see her!  Yay for color touchups and trims.

It has been SOOO cold this week.  Ugh.  Temps are not supposed to be above 20 for a while.  I hate it.  The power went out twice at work today, no idea why.  Luckily the second time was just as we were leaving for the day.

Hope everyone is staying warm!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Two Months

Hi from me and baby Midas, who now tops the scales at 16 pounds!  He is growing like a little weed and seems to have increasing energy every day which exhausts Kurt and I as well as Gretel. We still love the little guy though,.

I have no clue where to start and cannot believe it's been 2 months since my last post!  Life has been crazy busy.  So much to do, so little time. Literally.

Plan right now is for Kurt to start the move to Costa Rica in late April with me moving sometime in May.

Trying not to be overwhelmed with everything we have to do before we leave.....ugh.  On top of running a law practice and household.

So, Christmas 2013?  Negril, Jamaica.  We stayed at Couples Negril.  This is the same owned resort as the Ocho Rios trip we previously took.  The resort was perfect for us.  Our days basically consisted of getting up, eating breakfast at the open air patio (buffet), working out at the resort gym, going to the beach for the remainder of the day, relaxing in the room, dinner, live music, and more RELAXING.  We also drank a bottle of champagne almost every night and drank alcohol more than anything else.  I had an amazing 90 minute deep tissue massage at the spa, read two books and just enjoyed doing NOTHING with my awesome husband.  Overall a perfect week in the sun.  The weather in Jamaica is beyond perfect and the resort would be an amazing honeymoon locale--really romantic and not crowded or "party" like at all.  For anyone wondering, we found the best rate on flight/hotel for this trip through Orbitz and flew US Airways.

This winter has kinda sucked with weather.  Two weeks ago, we have the week from hell.  It started snowing on Sunday and we basically told the office staff that they could take the day off if they needed to.  Kurt and I went in late, and Angie worked, but everyone else stayed home.  Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and even kinda Thursday, were pure hell getting to Court.  The roads were atrocious, especially in Monroe County where I live, and we were forced to drive the Jeep because there were actually snow drifts a car could not get through in the roads. I was so happy when the weather stopped some on Friday.  Then we had a week of no new snow and on the way home today, SNOW AGAIN and had roads.  Ugh.  Hope the morning commute is not pure hell. I have a 900 hearing I do not want to be late too.

Kurt is in Florida right now doing some stuff related to our move.  We have been slowing selling everything in our house, and started shopping for a vehicle to take with us to Costa Rica since we will only have one.  We have narrowed the search to the Nissan Xterra and the Toyota RAV4.  Pros and cons to both, will basically be whichever one we can get the best deal on.

Got to meet Megan's puppy, Willis, today.  SOOOOO cute.  He already weighs more than Midas!  Very sweet baby.  Love.  He spent several hours working with us this afternoon and he made work much better than normal!  :)


Attended a couple fun parties since my last post, one an 80s party and one a sequins party.  Both at Ron's house.  Had a blast at both of them.  Really enjoyed dressing up like an 80sn girl! :).  Also had two legal bar parties, one downriver and one in Monroe.  Both nice and nice to see lawyers out of the courtroom.

Kurt and I were invited to an amazing charity event for Veterans, wherein we got to meet some really awesome Tigers players of the past, our favorite being Denny McLain!  We also met Alan Trammel, Lance Parrish and many others.  What an awesome party.







Saturday, November 16, 2013

Long Past Due

Wow!  No posts since September 29!  Life has been kinda insane.  Work, stuff after work, working out, starting to get things ready to move........Selling my stuff online is like a second fulltime job.  Exhausting.

So, let's see, what has happened since September?

Let's do bullet points!

  • Vito passed away on October 1.  It was horribly sad, and I almost hyperventilated I was so upset.  He was the sweetest, most giving and happy dog I have ever known.  It was pretty devastating for us.  He died in Kurt's arms, and we had him cremated so we could bury his ashes.  I am not going to rehash the events of that day, because I still really miss him.  Certain songs remind me or him, specific things in the house.  I think Gretel really misses him too, however, I think she is slowly getting better with it.
  • On October 2, we adopted Midas Ezekiel.  He is from Port Huron and a total doll.  He will be 13 weeks on Monday.  He was 3.8 lbs when we got him, and he is already up to 9.2 lbs!  he had been to the vet twice for vaccines.  He loves Gretel and harasses her quite a bit.  They are becoming friends though.  Oscar is pretty indifferent about Midas, and the cats don't really like him but tolerate him.  He is either sleeping and an angel, or crazy and running around like a maniac.  But, he is super smart (can already sit and shake and is working on stay and lay down).  He has been to work with us almost every single day since he got him.  Some of Midas' favorite things are: toys, food, chasing Gretel, space heaters, cuddling, and sweaters.  He likes to be warm, a lot.  He brought Kurt and I a lot of happiness during a really sad time, and we love him to pieces.  Pic below is of Midas and I the first day we got him.  We made a stop at Petsmart before heading home.
  • Went to Manistee to visit my Mom another weekend.  I made it a long weekend and left Friday morning, came home Monday night.  It was a really nice, relaxing weekend.  Also got to see my sister and Nick (nephew) on Friday, and my cousin Carolyn and Aunt Luann on Saturday.  Sunday, I went and visited my friend Heidi and her girls in Bear Lake.  Did some shopping and got some runs in and overall had a fabulous weekend.  The day after I got home, it snowed in Manistee, so I was happy I got out of there in time!  Snow is not good.
  • Kurt and I went to a day Tigers playoff game.  It was a blast.  They lost, but we had a really nice time skipping work.  The weather was awesome.  We were sad the Tigers eventually lost and did not get to the World Series, but were happy we got to go to a playoff game.  can you find us in the pic below?

  • One of my fav parties of the year occurred during Halloween, the Ron Bruce Halloween party.  Kurt and I were board games this year, I was Twister and Kurt was a dart board.  We had a blast at the party and I may have drank a little bit too much.  We also went to another party the next weekend that friends of mine have every year at a hall.  Had a blast there too.  There was a DJ and food and prizes and it was a blast.

  • Angie and I modeled at a charity event for breast cancer research in Southgate, MI.  We modeled CABI clothing, which is one of my fav clothing lines.  It was a fun night, we each wore like 6 outfits, and we each won contests in the raffle as well!  I won an amazing Stella and Dot necklace, and Angie won two spa treatments.  Super awesome.  Here is one of the outfits I modeled.
  • Angie and I also went to another fundraiser in LaSalle for an awesome agency called CASA.  

CASA of Monroe County is to advocate for the best interest of abused and neglected children who are under the protection of the family court. Through the use of court-appointed, community volunteers, CASA seeks to assure safe, permanent families for these children as quickly as possible.

We had a table full of friends there, and had a great time.  Angie and I both won plants, I took mine into the office and it is beautiful.   Pic below is of the girls from our table, some of my fav people.  This is a great organization and I was happy to go to this event.  Got to see some great fashions (fashion show) and see some great people.

  • I have been doing things on the weekend to avoid Kurt watching football.  I had my first facial in years at Daybreak Salon last weekend, and it was awesome.  I may start doing those every so often since I do not usually do masks and stuff like that at home.  It was very relaxing as well.
  • Kurt has had this nonstop sinus infection, I wish he would get better!  :(.  The weather has been pretty cold, and I have had to start wearing coats, scarves and boots.  Which are the ONLY three things I like about cold weather.  Ugh.  I truly cannot wait for nice weather every single day in Costa Rica.  I think the older I get, the more I hate the cold.
  • My friend Mel had a Premier Designs jewelry party last night at her house.  I had a really nice time and of course, bought some jewelry.  It should get here soon.  :).  Just what I need, more jewelry.  It was really nice to see some friends I had not seen in a while.  
  • Well, that's about it.  Not much to blog about considering I have not blogged in so long, but wanted to update.  Countdown to the move is on! :)

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Perfect Vision

  • Had a recheck appointment at the eye doctor.  My vision is 20/20 in both eyes!  Yay.  So glad I took the plunge and got the eye surgery.  I was nervous for years about it, and am so glad I did it now.
  • Had dinner on Thursday at Fish Bones in Greektown to celebrate my BFF from law school and her husband moving back to MI!  Welcome home Julia.  Also got to see Julie, Jessica and Nancy. Food was awesome, company was better.
  • Vito got sick again this week.  He was really lethargic and would not even eat a treat (which for Vito is unheard of) so Kurt took him back in to the specialist.  His blood sugar count was 7 times what it should be.  So, they had to keep him overnight to do more tests and try to regulate his sugar count.  Anyway, long story short, he was there three nights.  Ends up he now has diabetes and pneumonia.  He finally got to come home Saturday afternoon.  He had meds for the pneumonia.  He also has insulin shots for the diabetes.  We have to give him nightly shots of insulin.  We also have to for the pneumonia 4 times per day steam up the bathroom and take him in there for 10 minutes.  Most high maintenance dog ever.  Poor little guy.  We were really glad to have him home again, the house was pretty quiet without him and I think little Gretel missed her bestest friend.  
  • had dinner on Saturday night with Ron, Erika, Ashleigh and John at Dolce.  Awesome time, even though it took forEVER to get our sushi.  It was crazy, almost 2 hours to get our food.  it was homecoming in Monroe, so I am guessing that had something to do with it.
  • Went today and had a mani/pedi and went to the mall since Kurt was watching football and I like to avoid him on Sundays.  Got some amazing deals at the mall, two tanks on clearance at Express and at Macy's a dress, pair of leggings and two sweaters for winter.  I have been avoiding winter clothes since I will not need them in Costa Rica, but I needed some cardigans to wear over things, got white and black.  Those wear out so quickly since I wear them so much and I did not have any for winter.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Weekend Fun

Watching the bridal party come down the aisle.

Thursday night, my friend Jill and I hosted a party at the Monroe Country Club (she is a member and got us the hook up to use the facilities, thanks Jill!).  We had a CABI clothing and Premier Designs jewelry party.  It was a huge success.  Not sure how many people we had in and out, but I would guess around 25 or so.  Anyway, Jill and I each got $130 in free jewelry, a free scarf, as well as 6 half off CABI items and $30 in free CABI stuff.  I got some amazing jewelry already (and gifted my free scarf to Angie since I don't do scarves).  The CABI stuff I ordered today and cant wait to receive.  I got all stuff that can be worn now and in Costa Rica.  Jill and I had desserts available for everyone as well as wine and beer.  Anyway, it was a great time.

Me and Carolyn, the bday girl.

Friday, I got to attend the wedding of my "cousin", Susan.  "cousin" meaning my Mom's best friend's daughter who my sister and I grew up with.  Susan got married to her fiance, Mark, in Howell.  Kurt and I left work early on Friday, so I had a chance to work out and head to Farmington Hills so I could ride to the event with my family.  Got there and got ready, then headed to the wedding.  The facility was beautiful and the wedding was really nice.  It was really nice to see a lot of people, and I got to catch up with some people I have not seen in a really long time, as well as do some dancing and eat some great food.  Got home super late.

Me and My Momma.

Saturday, I went to Farmington Hills again for a family party.  My cousin Carolyn turned 17 so my Aunt had a late party. I got her some bath stuff from ULTA, and it was a fun afternoon of outside games and hanging out watching baseball and football.

Today, I slept in, then went running outside.  Headed into town to Carson's as I had a great coupon to use.  ended up getting some amazing deals.  I got a Nautica bathing suit coverup marked down from $71 originally to $14.  Also got three workout tanks and a pair of work out shorts super cheap.  I had a coupon for 25% off anything in the store and used it on all items.  Headed to Kroger next to pick up groceries for the week then did a bunch of stuff around the house.  Headed out with my camera to the yard to take some fall pics.  it was really peaceful walking around by myself taking random pictures. See pics here

Not happy it's the end of the weekend.

Skydiving Experience

Watching the video, pre-jump
Our office was at lunch a few weeks back and someone brought up skydiving.  Several at the table expressed an interest in going, so I called and set up a date and time for two weeks later.  I figured, if we did not set it up, it would never happen, and if it was too far off, people would chicken out and not go.  So, it was scheduled at Skydive Tecumseh for a Sunday in September.

It ended up being myself, Lauren from the office and Jennifer (Kory's girlfriend).  We were scheduled to show up at 1145 to start our journey.  Got a call that morning from the business asking us to get there as early as possible because of weather issues.  We all ended up showing at around 1130.  Signed in and signed all required paperwork, then were sent to watch a short video that was required.  After that, we were sent outside to wait for our names to be called to be fitted for harnesses, goggles, and meet our tandem jumper and cameraman.  Were called right away, and fitted, and met the guys jumping with us.  Then, the weather started to be overcast and they told us we had to wait for it to clear.  After about 30 minutes, we started walking towards the plane!  Eek!

Me and Phil, walking to the plane to board

There were three others on the plane jumping with us, but that meant there were like 17 people on the plane as well as the pilot and co-pilot.  Pretty crammed.  No seatbelts required.  We all sat on benches and we were already connected to our tandem jumper at this point.  Took about 20 minutes to climb to 14000 feet.  Once there, everyone started jumping out pretty quickly.  I think everyone was out of the plane in less than one minute total.

Free Fall Fun

The free fall was insanely weird.  I was almost breathless during it, you fall so quickly.  But, I was not dizzy and my stomach did not drop at all.  It was the strangest, most cool feeling.  Once we tumbled out of the plane, we leveled out and the video guy took a bunch of pics.  I was a little nervous during the free fall, I think just because it was so different than anything I have ever experienced.  then, the parachute was pulled, and that was the one time during the jump that my stomach jumped a little bit.  Right after that though, we were slowly floating towards the Earth.  It was amazing looking around, seeing everyone else's parachutes, seeing all the sites on the ground.  The person I jumped with asked how I was and then asked if I wanted to guide the parachute.  I said OK.  So, he handed me the handles and then told me what to do with them.  We went right, left, up, down.  It was awesome.  Just before landing, I had to put my legs straight out in front of me and he landed for us.  Anyway, the landing was what I was most nervous about, and it was simple.

After we all landed safely and happily, we waited about an hour for our pictures and videos.  We all got signed sheets that showed we skydived, which I plan on hanging on my office wall.  I bought a t-shirt to remember the experience and we watched some other jumpers land.

Lauren, me and Jennifer, post jump with certs
It was an incredible experience.  I would totally do it again, and such an adrenaline rush.  I was not an adrenaline high for the rest of the day and part of the next day.  Who needs drugs when you can skydive?  :).  Totally high on life.

My video is in the post below, and pics can be seen on facebook here.

If this is something you have ever thought about doing, DO IT.  and if if you are in MI in the metro Detroit area, do it at Skydive Tecumseh.  The staff was awesome and the experience was the best.