Saturday, May 21, 2011

World did NOT end

All this talk about the world ending just made me roll my eyes. Seriously. It's now 10:39 p.m. and we are all still here. :).

Ran in my 2nd 5K of the summer today! Kurt was supposed to go with me, but since he is sidelined with his ACL sprain and fractured tibia, I asked Becca to go with me, and she said yes! :). She met me at the house bright and early and we drove to Adrian, which is in the middle of nowhere. Literally. Plus, the GPS took us there on some weird backroad route, so it really felt like the middle of nowhere. Anyway, the drive gave us time to catch up, so it was not so bad. Got there and Adrian is SUCH a cute little town. Loved it. The run was at a little park. We got there wtih plenty of time to check in, pin on our numbers, and exchange our shirts for smaller sizes. I dont know why I can never figure out what size shirt to order. Anyway, then the race! It was beautiful out, and the run was nice. I kinda wished it would have been through the park, instead of through the streets of Adrian, but it was still a nice run since the town is so cute and nice. I got done in 28:09, which was great for me! :). I ended up getting third in my age division, which was awesome! I got a cute little medal, which is my first at a race. Bec ran it in like 32 something, and ended up with first in her age group! whoot! Runners also raised about $4500 for Special Olympics, so that was awesome as well. Overall, an awesome morning. Oh, we also got a goody bag with our t-shirt, a plastic water bottle, some pens, etc. Came back home, picked up Kurt and headed to work. Came home, ran another 5K (as I could just not stand being inside to workout). So, I basically ran a 10K, but during two different parts of the day, haha.

Had a kinda busy week this week, it just FLEW by. monday, had a board meeting which kept me out kinda late. Wednesday, had the monthly K-Fass meeting with the girls......Friday, had dinner with rebecca and Lauren at Cafe Sushi in Troy, then took a dress back to Banana Republic that was too big. Ended up walking around the mall some, I wanted to stop in The Limited to see what size I wear there, and also walked around Club Monaco and nordstrom's. Did not buy anything and remembered why I dont really like Somerset Mall. No sales really, and the people that shop there are just a little odd. I mean, seriously, who wears 5 inch heels or a suit to shop? people are Somerset, that's who. LOL.

Anyway, off to bed, exhausted after an uber-busy day.....

Sunday, May 15, 2011

5K for Kurt

**please excuse my appearance. TOTALLY drenched, with layers of clothing on and NO make-up. But, excited that Kurt did his first 5K! Yay Kurt!

A few weeks ago, Kurt realized he CAN run further than he thought! :). Over the past few months, he has been running on the treadmill, but the most he has ever gone is 2 miles. he does run pretty fast, so I had no doubt he could run further if he paced himself. I kept trying to talk him into doing a 5K with me, but he was sure he could not run that far, and he also told me "running is not done for fun, it's done to maintain my weight". Anyway, I started running outside a few weeks ago, both near the house and at the local state park. One day, about two weeks ago, I talked Kurt into going to the park with me. the area I run at is gorgeous. It's a loop around this lagoon, with herons, swans, fish, lots of different other birds, and is just pretty in general. plus, I think running outside is just more interesting, fun and relaxing.

So, he decided to go with me one weekend. And, he ran the entire time! Which is a 5K! He was pretty impressed with himself, LOL. So, the next time I went, I took him a different way, which made his run 3.6 miles! he was now convinced he could go run a 5K race and I talked him into it. I actually talked him into a 5 mile race in Pinconning in June, so he is going to start training for that as well, but we may have a bump in the road, as he had an MRI on his knee this weekend. The results may mean surgery for him, so if that's the case, his running will be put on the back burner. BOOOOOOO.

Anyway, his first 5K was today! My first in a long time as well, even though I have been running at least that daily anyway. I picked one about 30 minutes from our house, at the Van Buren Park in Belleville. The race raised money for kids prescription glasses. Woke up to pouring rain. Michigan has just had shit for weather this year. Anyway, it continued raining, but we were not staying home. It's just water, right? yesterday, I ran at the park with it sprinkling and actually enjoyed it, but this was different as it was COLD and raining hard. We drove to the park and checked in, got our super kewl t-shirts and waited for the start. We started running together, but I ran ahead after about a tenth of a mile. I kinda thought we were going to be dead last as everyone at the start RACED off, and since I know myself, I know I have to pace myself. The trail was nice--some dirt road, some paved, up a couple hills, down a couple hills. The hills were pretty brutal, but I enjoyed them. hard on Kurt's knee though. As I was running, I started passing a lot of those people who were going crazy fast at the start, they were now walking. I guess they needed to pace themselves too? Anyway, got to the end and looked at my GPS and this "5K" was really a 2.5 mile race. When they said I ran it is 22.05 I knew it was not a 5K. However, they equates out to about an 8.5 mile, which I was psyched with. When I run on my own, I usually run a 10-11 minute mile, so this was my best running by far. Kurt ran in at 24:47. We were both drenched and freezing, so we grabbed some bananas and a diet coke and left. The hot shower I took felt amazing and I stayed in longer just to warm myself up.........But, he is ready to do another one, so I need to find another soon to go do. :). So glad to have him as a running partner. I have lots of friends who run, but they either live kinda far away, or run MUCH further than I do, i.e. marathons.

Had dinner out on Friday night with law school friends at Fishbones in Detroit. It was awesome to catch up with them. I had seafood gumbo which is like my fav soup ANYWHERE and sushi. Saturday night, we had dinner with our friends, Chris and Michelle, in Plymouth, at Compari's. Dinner was great, then we had drinks at Box Bar. The bar had the largest beer selection I have ever seen in my life. I tried a beer, per Michelle's suggestion, and it was amazing. Framboise Lambic (raspberry). and I dont really even like beer. Yum.

Anyway, after working all weekend on top of everything else, grocery shopping AND doing laundry, I am exhausted! Need to be off to bed, I think! :). Hope everyone else had a nice weekend.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Where To Start......

This not blogging for long periods has got to stop! I never remember what I wanted to post about as so much time has elapsed since my last post.

Wanted to take a second to rave about New Balance customer service. I always buy Asics, or at least have for like a really long time. I posted a few months back that I bought New Balance last time, as I liked the way they fit? What do I not like? How, after less than 2 months of wear, the tongue RIPPED out of one of the shoes. So, I decided to write customer service to complain, before heading to the store to buy some more Asics and swearing off NB forever. Anyway, I wrote my letter, and within 24 hours, they had written me back, telling me to send the shoes in for them to look at and probably replace. So I did, and then got an email that they are sending me a brand new pair! How awesome! So, I did not buy new Asics, I pulled out an old pair and am wearing those until my New Balance arrive in the mail. Whoot! Go New Balance customer service!

Had late Easter dinner at Auntie's this weekend with the Dziegeleski side of the family, i.e Grama, aunt marlene, carl, Aunt Karen, Dad, Kurt and I. Auntie made lasagna (both meat and meatless), as well as salad and some other veggies and apps. Super yummy. We also played a game (I am blanking on the name)......Oh wait, it was called "Word on the Street". Anyway, it was super fun and the girls won! (we played girls vs boys).

I ordered a new purse with a gift card and coupon and sale on, and it arrived as is just as cute in person as it is on the site. Yay. Also got a new pair of shoes in the mail today I have been waiting on from, and they fit perfect and are exactly what I have been looking for. I have been wanting cobalt blue heels badly to go with several work outfits I have and these are perfect.

I decided, on Friday, to start running outside instead of on the treadmill. I have a program on my iPhone that tracks running outdoors via GPS, and I have Pandora on my phone for music. So, Friday after work, I ran 5 miles! I was super proud of myself, as when I run on the treadmill, I usually only go like 2-4 miles before I get tired or bored and switch to a new workout. Outside is kewl though because there is more to see, and the music really keeps me moving. So, Saturday through today, I have run at least 5 miles on each day! It's crazy to me! And, when I weighed in on Sunday, I had lost another 3.8 pounds, which rocks! Brings my total to 62.4 pounds lost. Yay.

Last weekend, Kurty and I went to Birch Run to replenish his wardrobe. He is up to 29 pounds lost and none of his pants are fitting. He was wearing 36 or 38 waist pants and he is now down to 33 or 34, depending on the brand. So, we got him new jeans, new suits, some new shirts, dress pants, etc. I bought a few things, but nothing major. I fell in love with a suit coat at Banana Republic, but even the outlet price with coupon would have been $96 and that's more than I usually spend on an entire suit, so I will wait until it is marked down more before purchasing. I did get a new suit at Ann Taylor, new skirt there, new shirt......Also, Birch Run now has an Ann Taylor Loft outlet, so I got a skirt there, some capri pants for summer, and a couple shirts........I got some jeans at Calvin Klein, jeans and a jean skirt at Tommy Hilfiger........Great deals at Birch Run. Birch Run also just opened a Lacoste, for those Michagander friends of mine that shop there.

Anyway, I really need to post about our awesome San Diego trip, but I want to take a bath before bed as my muscles are sore and I am zonked. So, I will save that for another post. Hope everyone is doing well!