Friday, September 30, 2005

Me.....Stressed? No!

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"Needs a peaceful environment. Wants release from s..."

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Monday, September 19, 2005

In Love

Oh, I so love James Spader. I am watching the Emmys right now and surprisingly, he just won best actor. I so love seeing someone I have liked for SO LONG be acknowledged for his talent. I first saw him in the movie, Secretary, which Kurt and I loved for its quirkiness, and ever since, I have loved everything I have seen him in.

Congrats James!!!!!!

Sunday at Home

Worked this morning, then got to spend the majority of the day at home (except for grocery shopping). Auntie dropped off the new mirror I bought for the upstairs bathroom. She picked it up for me from zGallerie in Somerset. I had to special order it and it finally came in. I think Kurt will probably hang it next weekend.

The Lions had an awful loss today, but I expected it. I always think it's funny when Kurt gets so annoyed at them because it has been that way for years, you would think he would just accept it and move on, LOL.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Sleepy Pugs

Nothing relaxes me more than a pug laying next to me snoring. I love the sound. It means my puppies are totally happy and comfortable.
Well, the rest of the week did not get much better, stress-wise....We were totally slammed the rest of the week, worked three hours today and are going to work three more hours tomorrow morning. But, I do feel like I am getting slightly caught up.

Friday night, went to the City Theatre with my Aunt to see Altar Boyz, which is a show that is part of our Fisher season tickets. It was funny, but not something I would want to see again. Had dinner at Da Eduardo's beforehand, and my cajun swordfish was awesome. They gave us free dessert, my favorite, tirasmisu. It was homemade and awesome.

Tonight, I went and walked around the mall. It relaxes me, even if I don't buy anything. I ended up buying a couple shirts at Old Navy (long sleeve, solid colored), and some make-up at Target. I decided to try some new items, I will post reviews once I use them. First I bought some lip gloss by Revlon. Click here. Mine is in Tickled Pink. Next, I bought a lip gloss by Maybelline. Click here. It is called Rhinestone Pink. Next, I bought a new foundation by Cover Girl. Click here. Then, I bought an Almay eye kit, that is apparently supposed to bring out my "green eyes", LOL. Click here. Also bought a Greatest Hits Guns and Roses CD, which Kurt and I will love listening to in the car.

Tried on a new scent I loved at the Lancome counter called Miracle So Magic. Did not buy it yet, because I am trying to use up the literally 40 other perfumes I own. I have a slight addiction, but that's OK, I like variety. ;).

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Can you Say Blog Slacker? I knew you Could.

I can just see this on a new version of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. Instead of having kids say lame words like train, car, blue, pink.........Mr. Rogers would have kids saying gigabite, webpage, internet......I have never really seen the TV show before. All I know about it really is the guy wore a sweater, and my Mom would not let me watch the show. She told me she thought the show was demeaning to me because when Mr. Rogers would say "Can you say X", I would look at the screen and say whatever it was, looking at him like he was odd for asking me to do so. I am glad she did not let me watch it really, now that I have seen bits of pieces of it, I do think it is a somewhat demeaning show, LOL.

Anyway. We have been so slammed at the office lately. Two days ago, we literally worked until 1130 p.m., and tonight we were there until 8:00 p.m. It's insane. And I am still not even close to caught up. I even skipped class tonight because I was so exhausted and needed a break. I do that every once in a while, so no biggie, but I still don't feel any more rested. Off to bed after this post.

This weekend, I went to the Lions game with Kurty on Sunday and had a great time, especially since we won, YAY! Also went to Elder Beerman and got some kickass deals. I got this feather bed marked down from $280, to, get this, $35. Also got 600 count sheets for $45, two cute jackets for fall, a cute vest for fall. I love deals so much I can't stand it. :).

Congrats to my friend, Jeannie! She had her twins this weekend. Two beautiful girls, Maggie and Audrey. She was early having them, but they were really big for twins full term, which is awesome. I can't wait to meet them when she is home and up to visitors. I can't imagine being a new Mom and having two there.

Gotta go to bed. I promise, I will try and post more tomorrow. Nightie.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

My Hero

Finally, someone has the "balls" to speak up re Katrina and what went wrong.

Click here to watch the interview.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Day with Friends

Spent the morning and part of the afternoon with Kerry and Marla and babies! I do not see everyone as much as I should, so it was really nice. We had lunch together and walked around the mall in Ann Arbor. Spent the rest of the day with Kurt, we went to Target looking for this comforter I wanted and of course, they did not have it in the size I wanted, BLAH. I hate that. Now, I am on a mission to find the thing.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Weekend of NonStressful Events

After my week from hell, dealing with school again and working a lot, I needed this long weekend. Yesterday, I went shopping with Auntie at the outlet mall in Howell. Got some amazing deals on stuff for Kurt, mostly. Helped Auntie get a bunch of clothes at Dress Barn. She always finds a ton of stuff when I help her shop, hehe. They opened a Banana Republic outlet and I bought Kurt's stuff mostly there. I was in heaven.......So many amazing deals. I got him 2 pairs of jeans, a pair of black dress pants, a nice shirt for work, and several casual shirts and sweaters. Also got him a couple shirts from the Old Navy Outlet, and bought myself some t-shirts on clearance (gotta love clearance racks AT the outlet mall). Got some other odds and ends.....

Today, I went to a newer shopping area in Perrysburg that I have been wanting to check out. I thought it was outlet shopping, but it was not. Nice anyway, and I finally got some fall clothes shopping done for myself. I went a little crazy at Ann Taylor Loft--bought two pairs of black pants, two pairs of jeans, and some tops. Bought Kurt two pairs of shoes at Shoe Dept. I rarely get to go shopping (no time), so when I do, I try to stock up for a while. ;).

Went to dinner with Kurty tonight. Tomorrow, I get to see Marla and Kerry and the babies for lunch and maybe some shopping. Then, the rest of the day, I most likely need to read for the school week.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Another Announcement

Kerry and Max found out they are having another girl! Congrats to them!

Week of No Time

Wow, I have not posted in a week! Crazy!

I have had a really, really busy week. I think the most stressful in a while. So much going on, and just when I would think nothing else would happen, it did.

Part of my lack of time was the starting of the law school semester. Here is a breakdown of my classes and what I think of them so far. One thing that makes class so much better this term is Julia, my bestest friend in law school, decided to quit her job to go to school full-time and therefore, she is in almost all my classes! Except Wed night, which she has off. Kurt helped her get an internship with our fav Judge, Judge Halloran, so she gets to do that during the days she does not have class. I am so jealous, allthough not really since I don't need to do stuff like that since I already have a job after school. Anyway, here are the deets:

Insurance Law: My prof has the kewlest voice, he is from the Netherlands. The material is OK so far, but nothing exciting.
Family Law:

Family Law: Took this class because my fav prof is teaching it. She is the former Dean of the law school, and it is women like her that make me want to be a lawyer and learn. She is ultra intelligent, very open minded, and speaks her opinions openly. Love her. The class material is interesting so far. This week we talked about incest, polygamy, and same sex marriages. Only in law school, I tell ya.

Sports and the Law: This class is cracking me up. Julia took is because I am, and she does not follow sports in real life whatsoever. You don't need to in order to do well in the class, but when the prof talks about this person or whomever, Julia has no CLUE who is talking about. We laugh about it. The prof is very kewl in this class as well. She was formerly the general counsel for auto racing, and she is extremely all around knowledgeable about sports and the law. She has a great personality and so far, I really like the class.

Taxation: My prof is the perfect guy to teach this class. I thought Tax would be a boring, bar prep kind of course I had to take, but i love it so far. The prof makes class hilarious and interesting and he has the most interesting personality.

Alternative Dispute Resolution: My prof has the personality I love in a lawyer. I am going to love this class. I am sitting in the back row with Cassie and LaDonna and I know we are going to have a blast.

So, my week, as you can probably tell, was spent reading, reading, and oh, reading some more. Then, sitting in class, listening....u get the point.

Then, on my way to class on Tuesday, I got a flat tire. So exciting. I did not have my phone and was freaked out at what to do. Pulled over (on I-75 near Lincoln Park), and got out of the car. Yep, a flat tire. A lady pulled up behind me and I swear she was an angel. Knew how to change a tire and did it for me! Would not take anything from me for it either. I felt somewhat stupid that I could not do it myself, but hey, nobody ever taught me and I am not the best with car stuff anyway. Still got to class on time. And of course, when I called the next day to get it changed, none of the places carried the tire I needed in stock, so we could not drive the car another day. Blah. Had Belle Tire order it and it was put on today. Yay. Then, we took the Saturn in to tryy and figure out what is wrong with it now. Hopefully, all cars will be functioning correctly soon.

anyway, i am tired. will post more later.