Saturday, May 31, 2014

Friday and Saturday

Today, after doing the normal morning routine, we headed to Orotina.  Our friend, Jen, told us that it was a pretty big downtown area with some stores and stuff that might have home stuff we wanted.

Siestas are pretty common for us these days.  The pugs join in, happily.

Got there and walked around, it was a bigger downtown then Jaco, but not as nice.  Less touristy though, I think we were the only Americans there. So, stuff was a lot cheaper than Jaco.  We picked up some things we needed at a drugstore kinda place like shampoo, conditioner and razors as well as a couple kitchen things I needed  Kurt bought a tank top at another clothing store.  He also bought caramel covered peanuts from a vendor and a milkshake from another.  We walked around a lot just checking things out.  It was a lot of fun.

While driving to Orotina, we saw this horse being transported.

Headed back to Jaco and went to the gym and grocery store and have just hung out the rest of the night.  I made snapper for dinner with grilled radishes and rice, then had a frozen banana for dessert.  I am really liking this change in diet, that I don't crave sweets almost ever.  I do however crave bread every single time we walk by an amazing costa rican today, there were a ton of them in Orotina.

Yesterday, we went and bought a rake for Cocha for the yard that he needed, as well as an air pump for the bikes.  Had lunch in town at Mono Verde, then went and met a friend of our friend Dean's, named Jen.  She lives in an apartment in downtown Jaco.  Anyway, she is super nice.  She was dogsitting for two dogs who were super sweet as well.  Her place is really cute.  It was nice to meet someone my own age and female who I can possibly hang out with!  :). 

Friday was also farmer's market day, so we headed over there.  Ended up with a big haul of fruits and veggies, as well as some cheese and fresh squeezed OJ and a pie for Kurt.  This should last us until next Friday.  The radishes this week were insanely huge, biggest I have ever seen in my life.  Also, bought plantains, as I plan to try and make those for dessert.

Stopped at the pharmacy as I needed a prescription I take daily.  I was out.  I was slightly concerned about getting it filled without a dr, but Kurt told me it would be no problem.  It was not. I showed them my old bottle.  They said they did not carry that brand in Costa Rica, but had some equivalents, so I just picked one and started taking it today.  No dr appt, no nice.  I love that about Costa Rica.  I hate how with ANYTHING in the USA, even when you know what is wrong with you, you have to pay and go to the dr before getting any medication. Here, no problem.  Which is how it should be.  The pharmacists here are trained to diagnose as well.  So awesome and easy and the prices are similar to what I paid in the US with my insurance.  Ended up going out for dinner too, wanted to try a place called Wahoo's, but they were closed, so we ended up at Taco Bar, which was amazing, as usual.  That place never fails me.  We sat in swings, as usual.

Saw this spider in my house.  Kurt took him outside to set him free.  People on facebook are terrified, LOL.









Thursday, May 29, 2014


Lazy day today.  Got up and went running, swimming, then decided to take a nap by the pool in the shade.  Woke up a little red.  I guess you still get sun even in the shade?  Weird.  Sunscreen next time......Still a nice nap.

Got up and did some chores around the house and made Kurt breakfast.  Learned living here that eggs are Gretel's favorite food.  Every time I even crack an egg, she is by me waiting for them to be done cooking.  She is obsessed.  We never made eggs in MI, so I guess we never knew this until now.

The AC guy came and worked on the units today some more and cleaned the parts on the roof.  He also cleaned the pool while he was here.

We bought the bikes yesterday, but the seats had to be adjusted, pedals screwed on, etc.  Kurt did all that today. He also measured and my hammock cannot be hung where I wanted on the porch, BOOO.  We will figure out another place though.

Wanted to try a place called Wahoo's for dinner in town, got there, they were closed on Thursday.  So we went to Taco Bar instead and for ice cream at Pops and the gym.  I really wanted to skip the gym but Kurt made me go and I am glad he did.  Got in a good workout, which was needed after dinner out and ice cream, LOL.





Nice day today.

Went for a run again this morning, but a little bit later since I slept in some.  Quick swim afterwards in my new Athleta bikini.  Only noting this because I wanted to rave about the brand!  The suit is awesome for water sports I think.  The way it fits, I can tell it would be great for wave boarding and swimming in the ocean waves and it's very flattering.  Highly recommend.  Kurt did not want breakfast, so I did some chores around the house and then kinda lounged around until we decided to go out and run some errands.

Went to the bank in Los Suenos  and decided to walk around some and look at the views.  The beach is stunning there and the landscaping incredible.  They have this tunnel of trees/bushes I wanted to walk through, so we did that too.  Really beautiful. 

Kurt was hungry at that point. I thought I wasn't, but then he picked eating at Los Amigos where they have this amazing Shrimp Pad Thai, so I caved and ate some lunch.  Kurt had a mahi rice bowl and a "Big Ass Smoothie" with added protein.  That was really the name. Lunch was amazing.  After that, went to the hardware store to get the plug for our dryer and to Maxi Pali to buy bikes.  Bought all that and came home.  I was really tired for some reason, so I took a long nap.  Woke up to the guy here who is cleaning out our AC units.  The last owner I don't think ever did it, and since they are room units here, you have to clean them out every few months for bugs, dirt, etc.  They were filthy.  He also cleaned the pool while he was here (same guy who does our pool does our AC). 

Went to the gym, and then I made dinner.  Made myself grilled radishes which were yummy, and then I had a frozen banana for dessert.  Made Kurt grilled fish with black beans and red skinned potatoes/onions.

Kurt hung the last piece for the porch on the wall today!  Now, just need two hammocks and the porch is done!  I bought one hammock, but still need one more.  Trying to find the perfect one.

My throat has been hurting today, so I think I may be coming down with something.  Downed two Airbornes today and took my vitamins, but we will see if I can ward this off or not.  If not, I guess I have all the time in the world to rest and get better!  :).


Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Quiet in Jaco on Tuesday

We were both kinda tired today, so we got up and ran, I jumped in the pool, made Kurt breakfast, switched over my laundry, and then ended up napping some on the couch.  Kurt had a headache, as I do not think he is drinking enough here, which he needs to do with the weather being different.  He took a nap as well, and when we both woke up, I made us both smoothies for lunch.  Kurt's was grapes, passion fruit and pineapples and he loved the odd combination.  And, it got rid of his headache!
We decided to head into town then to check out another store we had heard about.  Bought a wood carved toucan for the porch wall, which was the last piece I needed for out there on the walls!  Yay!  Stopped in Jaco too at the pescaderia we were told about and both some snapper for dinner.  Decided after that to take a drive to Herradura Beach and walk around.  It was about sunset but it was too cloudy to see a good sunset.  But, we walked the beach and the weather was so perfect.  It was nice to be on the beach, first time since I got here.  :).  we will go back and take more pics when it is sunny soon.
Since it's *rainy* season here right now, we get rain on and off throughout the day.  It never lasts a long time, and is super relaxing to listen to.  I love sitting on the front porch and just watching it.  Yesterday, it started raining while we were in downtown Jaco, and I saw a rainbow in front of us.  Just beautiful.  Bad pic through a raindropped cover window, but you see it!
Took a pic of Kurt taking our trash out to the neighborhood bin so you could see what it looked like.



Yard is really coming along.  The pile to BURN is huge. 

Monday, May 26, 2014

Finally Have Internet, Thank you ICE

Kurt went into ICE 19 days ago to request that Internet be set up at the house.  The wiring and such was already here as the previous owner had it. So, they basically had to come turn it on, which has to be done in person.  We had about given up on it, and today, they showed up!  Did some work at the street and in the house and VOILA!  Wireless internet.  I can now use my laptop and iPad and hook up everything.  Hooray!  Before we were limited to our phones and this plug we had for one computer.  We are shocked, yet thrilled.
Headed out after that on a mission to find King Bed Sheets.  Mission accomplished.  We were using a blanket as sheets before and it was annoying.  Sheets on bed, done.  I don't think many people have king sized beds here, because they are a hard size to find.  Stopped at this little store in Tarcoles I read about online as well and found 4 new pieces of art for the house.  FAB place.  Way lower priced than the Jaco stores and better quality and craftsmanship.  They had some amazing doors as well, which Kurt may eventually go get.  We hung the pieces when we got home.
Hung out at home the bulk of the day, went running and to the gym, but just kinda relaxed.  Did two loads of laundry and hung the clothes outside, which is new for me.  Don't have the dryer hooked up yet, so hanging it outside.  Things dry quickly here!  :).
Sat outside a lot today as well.  There was a rain shower, and it was sunny through the whole thing, and really pretty to watch.  I was expecting a rainbow, but did not see one.  Sat out there until dark when the mosquitos start to come out.  Really need to buy repellant..............
Hope everyone had a good Memorial Day.  Thank you to all the military people in my life.







Day 7--First Week in CR Done!

So, my first week has been busy getting things done around the house, but awesome. I really wonder at this point why I allowed myself to suffer through so many Michigan winters.  Even Florida, California, Hawaii could have been US options that were not as hellacious as Michigan winters............Anyway, to say the least, the weather is absolutely perfect here.  I have really enjoyed wearing sundresses, sunglasses, and flip flops, as well as bathing suits sitting by my pool. 
Yesterday, I decided to saunter into town myself.  This was the first time I have driven the car since I have been to Costa Rica to live.  I made it just fine.  I had planned on getting a massage, but Sundays in Jaco are still kinda busy and the place I liked was booked (Nazareth), so I instead decided to walk through Jaco and look for some things I needed for the house.  I ended up finding just that. I needed a holder for my spatula, spoons and other larger utensils and found that at a store that sold all mango wood products.  Also found there were two holders for Q-tips and cotton balls in my bathroom.  In another store, I found the perfect covered bowl for my makeup and in another store, a trivet for the kitchen near the stove and a long decorative piece to hold my daily toiletries on.  I like things to be organized and in their place and am slowly getting there.  Stopped at the grocery store in town and got a few things and then headed home. 
Got home and made Kurt lunch (I think he is liking all the meals being made for him and fresh costa Rican food).  I almost have no interest in eating out just because there is so much awesome food here you can make yourself.  Last night, I made fish, but also made grilled radishes, fresh from the farm.  Kurt said they were good and didn't really taste like radishes.  I read they were a good sub for potatoes, so maybe I will have to try them.  Made myself fresh green beans and those were awesome too.  Everything here is so amazing.  Every morning I have been making Kurt breakfast (which we never ate in the States) which generally includes eggs, fruit salad (which I create by cutting up the fresh fruit) and beans or something else.  Today, I made red skinned potatoes grilled. 
Some things are harder to find here.  I had the hardest time finding measuring spoons.  Tons of cups, but no spoons.  Also, had a hard time finding mustard until last night trying a newer grocery store. Still looking for crushed pepper (I could only find it in a tiny baggie type thing at the store and I need a container.  We use it a lot.  Also, our washer is HE, and I could not find the right detergent at first, but finally did.
Trash is weird here too.  Most people burn the paper products in their yard.  The rest, at least in my neighborhood, is bagged, and put in these bins on the side of the road.  But, they are open air bins of the ground.  You would think animals and bugs would get in them, but for some reason, they don't.  So odd.  So, when we have a bag, we simply take it there in the car on our way into town. 
I also have to get used to the new holidays.  In the States today, it's Memorial Day, but obviously, it's not Memorial Day here.  I need to get a calendar so I know the holidays here!  :).
We found someone to service our pool (meaning, comes once a week to put the correct chemicals in and clean it).  Eventually we may do that ourselves, but since neither one of us has ever owned a pool, we want it done right until we can figure it out.  The net is here so I have been cleaning it out once a day as well to keep leaves and bugs out.  Midas likes to help me do that. And then he takes a nap, because it is hard work!  My sweetie.  Love him.
Here is me with a machete. I am supposed to look terrified.  I think I am more just excited to hold a machete.  LOL. Everyone uses them here for yard work.  The guys are pretty incredible with how well they use them to do stuff. They get stuff done more quickly then guys in the US who use power tools.
The guys for the Internet are finally here.  I have serious doubts it will be hooked up though, LOL.  But fingers crossed!  Kurt has not had the best luck with them yet.  They start, leave, don't come back, say they will be back, aren't.  But, they seem to be doing something.  I will keep ya posted.







Saturday, May 24, 2014

Day 6--Date Night

Our custom made outdoor red chairs were delivered yesterday morning.  They are gorgeous.  Love them on the front porch with the rockers.  Talked to the guys who delivered them about building a storage unit for the bathroom and a bed for the guest room.  They are going to get back to us the price and time frame. 

Went to another furniture store in Jaco that I did not like. Everything was wicker and made in Mexico, which was odd to me.  I would rather buy stuff locally made.  Got Kurt a saw at the hardware store and a staple remover he needed. 



Decided to go into town for dinner after the gym.  Wanted to go to Bohio's but we drove down there and it was not open, which was odd.  Hoping they are not closed down.  Went back into the main strip and went to Caliche's Wishbone, which is a place I really like.  Had a mahi burrito and Kurt had a veggie rice bowl.  Went for gelato after that and had tiramisu gelato that was amazing.  Awesome night out.  Bought a hammock, clock and napkin holder while out as well.  Hammock shall be put between posts on the front porch soon and pictures later!  :).





Friday, May 23, 2014

Day 5 in Paradise

Woke up this morning and headed to the Jaco Farmer's Market which was awesome.  Kurt got a blackberry pie and a gallon of orange juice (freshly squeezed in front of us), then we got a variety of fruits and veggies as well.  I bought a passionfruit and tried it tonight and OMG.  Amazing.  I need to buy more of those next time.  It's like eating candy.  I need to buy more of those.  We also used one of the nectarines to make Kurt a smoothie, and he had some apples today as well.  Everything awesome and fresh from the local farms.

Came back to the house after the market and the guy to work on our lawn came over.  He worked all day, mowing the lawn and working on trimming our massively over grown bushes.  He did an amazing job. He is coming back tomorrow to do more.  A pool guy came over today as well to quote us a price on servicing the pool, but we are thinking about if we want to hire that out or not.  He is coming next week to clean our our AC units.


After that, more furniture was delivered by Monge.  We got a new frig, since ours was way too big for the space and the ice maker was broken.  New one is kinda small, but it is all we need since we are going to keep the other one outside anyway at the pool area once that is done.  We can store drinks in the bigger one, and food in the smaller one.  I almost don't even need cupboard space since I am eating nothing processed at all here though.  Speaking of cabinets, the cabinet guy came today as well.  The previous owner only has half the cabinets built in the kitchen, so the guy that built the first ones is building the second for us.  Those should be done soon too. We also got two new couches since the ones left here were kind of disgusting and old and a dryer.  I think Kurt is going to hook up the washer and dryer tomorrow.

I made black beans on the stove today for the first time and they turned out great.  I made a LOT by accident, but will just make them with every meal until they are gone.  So much better for you not buying them canned.

The house is really coming along now.  I am really excited for me other outside chairs to be delivered tomorrow (hopefully).  It would be nice if ICE ever showed up at my house to set up my WIFI, but it is what it is.  We have internet on one computer and on our phones so we survive.

Tomorrow, I plan on going on a different run by the house.  If you go the opposite way of where I usually run, I guess there is a trail up into the rain forest and monkeys and other birds are up there.  I am hoping to see some more wildlife.  Today, I was excited to see a motmot in the backyard and what I think was some kind of parakeet in the front yard.  There are a ton of butterflies around the front porch too.  I have seen our toucan once since we have moved in.  It's hard though as they hang out in the back yard and we are always in the front.

Went to the gym tonight and ran this morning, followed by a dip in the pool.  I love following up a workout with a swim!  :).

Midas is really worn out.  Our friend RJ came over for a bit today with his two Yorkies and Midas played a LOT with them.  He is now exhausted.  It's pretty cute.  XXOO.

Pura Vida.