Thursday, May 29, 2008

Home Sweet Home?

I am home! But, have been slammed since getting here with work and cleaning. I will for sure do a trip report and upload all pics this weekend. But, to keep things short and sweet for now, we had an awesome time. We rank the country last on our list of Central American countries visited by us thus far, but still had an amazing time. The pic above is of me by a HUGE tree in the primary rain forest hike we did the day before we left. That hike was prob the highlight of the trip for me. Beautiful forest. I would to own it, but alas, it's a National Park. Pic below is of a baby spider monkey (actually, more like a toddler). He was so cute, and just playing on the shore in the trees of one of the islands we rode by on one of the boat trips we took.....Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day Weekend! I am already missing Central Amerca.....

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Where Do I Find the Energy?

Yay! David Cook won! I have not watched American Idol a ton this season, but I have liked David Cook from the start. Congrats to you, David! Since I know you read this blog and all in your spare time. Ha.

OMG. Day from hell. So busy. Had court at 8 a.m., which is crazy. And, they did not call the case until, drumroll please........130 pm. Freaking ridiculous. At least I kicked the other's side ass. My client got sole legal custody, sole physical custody and the Dad has NO parenting time. Gotta love Defendants who are not represented, it is so much fun to toy with them and make them angry.......My fav part of the day was when the bailiff said "Do not interrupt counsel when she is speaking or you will be removed from the courtroom." Ha. Love the bailiffs downtown, they always have our backs. Got back to the office to insanity. Phone calls galore, appointments coming in one after the other, meeting out of the office at 3, documents that HAD to be filed online.

Left the office, came home, and I don't know what got into me. Before I even sat down to relax, I walked the dogs, filled the bird feeders, vacuumed the great room, put two loads of laundry away, put another load in the dryer and one in the washer, carried laundry from our bedroom down the hall, switched the dishes over, made dinner for me and Kurt, cleaned some in the kitchen, changed garbages over.......And since I have switched the laundry over again. Now, I am zonked.

Booked a rental car for Nicaragua. That's about all I am doing in the way of planning. Will pack tomorrow. I think we are going to try and backpack it again, no suitcases. It is so much easier, and all I really need there with the hot weather is shorts, tanks, bug spray and sunscreen. AND MY CAMERA. Can't wait to take pics, seriously. It will be awesome.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Memorial Day Trip Booked--Kinda

The flight is booked! On a side note, that's ALL that's booked. But for those of you who know me and Kurt, this is how we least on vacay. We don't like a lot of plans, schedules. We truly like to go with the flow, which is the opposite of how we live our work lives. I think getting away from work as much as possible includes not looking at a calendar or a clock.

Flying into Managua, Nicaragua, this Friday via Continental Airlines, and coming home Wednesday night via Continental as well. Cheapest flight, and my fav airline. Yay.

We bought two books on Nicaragua, but I think all I really concluded from the book is that not too many people go there. Usually, travel guides are all organized and easy to follow, but these are confusing and don't explain much. I am sure we will figure it out once we get there. Not sure on renting a car or what. LOL. I do know that I want to go to Ometepe Island, San Juan del Sur, and any all rain forest type places.

We soooo need to go away, can't even explain it. Thank God we got all hearings moved around and can do this! Whoot!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Sunglasses and The Need for Vacation


I think on my upcoming vacation, just sleeping and relaxing will be a joy and part of the fun!

Long day today. Had to run downtown at the last minute to cover a hearing Kurt could not make, then, as soon as I got there, Kurt was able to do the hearing himself, so I just hung out with him for a few and watched the hearing. The phone was freaking insane at the office, can't even explain it. AARGH. I despise the phone. Worked late, then decided to head to the mall because I needed some new sunglasses. Ended up buying a new pair that rocks. Mine are the color 093/N2 though. I got an amazing deal, as they are from last season's collection. Heart deals. Love them too because not only are their super kewl, they also have polarization, 100 UV Protection, Blue Light Protection and other stuff that makes them good for me to wear. Which I need. I get horrible headaches in the sun without sunglasses, and these should help even more. Stopped after that and bought Kurt two new hats at Lids (here and here), then went into Victoria's Secret and bought some new 5 for $25 panties, three new bras and some new body sprays. I needed some new stuff, have not bought lingerie in forever and all my body sprays at home are at the bottom of the bottle......

Came home, worked out, made dinner, threw laundry in, and am chilling. Have moved just about everything with my court dates and such so we can go away for Labor Day. Fingers crossed that I get to get the hell out of MI soon!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

31st Birthday Weekend

Happy Birthday to Me! So, I am 31! Don't feel or look any different, but technically, I am older! :).

Friday night, we had dinner with our friend Gary and his girlfriend at Quatro's in Monroe. It was nice to see them, and hang out. I had this crawfish soup and salad. Super yummy. Never had crawfish soup before, but loved it.

Saturday, we worked. Stopped at the pond store on the way home and bought some more tadpoles and turtles for the pond. After that, Kurt took me to Big Fish for my birthday and I had this shrimp pasta meal that I love. So freaking yummy. Got 20% off for my birthday and free dessert. Which Kurt and I only ate like 1/4 of. I can never eat dessert after a big meal. It was free though, so whatev......Came home and passed out on the couch.....

Today, we worked again. Came home and got ready for dinner with my family for my birthday. We ate at Mitchell's Fish Market in Livonia. Had a crab and shrimp pasta meal. The place was good, but I think a little overrated for the cost. My Grama bought me a really pretty ring with a pink stone, my Aunt bought me some cute pug notecards with a tin, a retired Xmas house that is a law firm and specialized with our law firm name........and my Dad bought me a really pretty necklace. It was a nice night out seeing my family. Came home and threw some laundry in. I don't think I am ever getting caught up on that...........

There is a robin outside my bathroom window! In a nest. I know there are eggs or babies in there, but I don't know which one yet. Can't wait to see. Perfect view. And I freaking love baby robins. Can't wait for the Mama to move so I can see.....

So, we are almost completely caught up at the office. Not joking. If we get caught up, I might fall over.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


I am so zonked out lately! When it is nearing 10 p.m., I am totally ready to be in bed, almost passing out on the couch. Ugh. And since we have been working late, I basically get home, work out, make dinner, and go to bed! Glad I am too tired to be bored with myself! :).

So, what have I been up to........Not much, really. Had a couple annoying court hearings this week. I hate being sexist, but sometimes, female lawyers are much more difficult to deal with than male. Females will just NOT let things go, and are just sooo bitchy sometimes. Aargh. Enough on that though.

Had an awesome massage last night. I am so freaking picky after having the best (Rebecca), so even though I enjoy massages from others, nothing is ever close. Crystal though, is awesome. She is totally going to be the one I see in the area from now on. This place sent me a birthday coupon. I went there for a massage a really long time ago, and decided to try it again because I had the coupon. She did a lot of work on my neck, which for whatever reason, other therapists tend to avoid (except Rebecca, of course). I was so out of it afterwards, I could barely drive home. Those massages are the best kind. I should have come home and went straight to bed, but instead, I made dinner, chilled with Kurt, then fell asleep on the couch before working out. Whoops.

Stopped after work today and picked up some groceries while Kurt met with a guy at the house that is putting in a well near our pond to keep it full. He is going come next week and put it in. I can't wait. I hate seeing the pond continually go down in water level because of our lack of rain in these parts.

We are still trying to get some things moved around to allow us to go away over Memorial weekend. Fingers crossed, but it is looking more positive. Worse case scenario, we will take a trip somewhere more quick in the US, but I would really like to get out of here and do some hiking in the jungle.....It is the best therapy for me of anything.

Already tired, so I will write more this weekend......

Monday, May 12, 2008

Remarkable Two

Two. Yea, that's right. Worked until almost 8 p.m. tonight. But. It accomplished taking our "call pile" down to 2. Why is this so great? Because, as of this morning, the pile was around probably 40 or so. Whoot. Also, the piles of work at the office seem to be subsiding. Still stressed about some stuff, but feeling slightly less overwhelmed. Yay.

Have to sign off now, as I need to review two files and organize them before court tomorrow. One of the hearings is really going to annoy me majorly. I am just going to take deep breaths and think about hiking in the jungle, as it is guaranteed the other attorney is going to piss me off with something she says. Kill em with kindness is my goal for the day, y'all. Or at least TRY to.


Sunday, May 11, 2008

ET Phone Home....................

So. I have not posted in so long, I don't remember what I posted about last and what I have not posted about yet.

Wednesday, I had to drive back to Ann Arbor to sign loan docs on my car again. They ended up somehow getting me a lower interest rate. I never knew with buying a car that you could play the interest rate game, but apparently, you can! Yay. I am much happier with the new deal. Drove there and went to dinner with Auntie afterwards at Weber's. My food was really good, had a cajun shrimp and rice meal. Auntie had a cheeseburger that she was not really thrilled with......She did like my car though! :). I am still in love with my car, BTW. So lux. Love the heated seats and the XM radio. I am now an XM addict. They suckered me in, in like, 2 days. LOL. The free trial is def worth it for them. I will purchase whenever it runs out.

Thursday, had my first board meeting post election. The new people do not start until July. I did not realize how sad I was about Jeff losing until the meeting. I almost lost it during the meeting. When it came to my turn to talk at the end of the meeting, I welcomed the new people and then had to say I could not talk about Jeff because I was still too upset about the election. Jeff has grown to be such a great friend, and I believe the district is really going to be losing out not having him around. He truly cares about the kids, the school and educating himself to be the best board member ever. It's sad the community did not see things this way. Anyway, thanks, Jeff, for being such an awesome person, friend, and board member. I plan on staying friends with him for the long run, and am really lucky to have gotten to know him.

Kurt watched ET for the first time last night! I still can't believe he had never seen it before. He loved it. I would have thought something as majorly wrong with him if he did not, so good....Ha. I love watching Drew Barrymore, she was so freaking cute in that movie! I cried at the end. Not surprising.

Worked all weekend, pretty much. Got a lot accomplished though, which we needed.

We may be going to Nicaragua! We are thinking of going somewhere over Memorial Day, and were thinking the Osa in Costa Rica, but started looking at Nicaragua instead. Bought two books this weekend and it looks so interesting there. They have volcanoes, rain forests and ancient cities. Plus, CHEAP flights. My kinda place. We have been reading up a lot on the place. I don't know one person who has been there, so it would be a really different experience. I thought it would be dangerous, but apparently, it is the second safest country in the western hemisphere, after Canada. So, I am safer there than at home in Newport! Ha.

Off to bed. Hope everyone had a great weekend.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

I love my Mom. She is the most amazing woman I have ever known (by far). I can tell her anything, she is one of my best friends, and she is the person I owe everything I am today too. She taught me the importance of education, of being open minded, and how to be a great wife and person.

And now, with the birth of my sister's baby, Nick, she is proving to be an amazing grandma as well. My sister is really lucky to have her around, and I am really jealous I don't get to see her as often as my sister does.

Anyway. Happy Mother's Day, Mom. Thanks for being you.

Love, Me (your second favorite daughter). :).

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Helicopters, Settlements, and Political Scandals


Really long day, most of it out of the office, which is annoying. I like spending the day AT the office. Had court this morning, rushed back to the office to draft a Mediation Brief, rushed to a Mediation this afternoon, and was there until 6:30 p.m. Ugh. Did resolve the case, so that is good. Came back to the office and filed some stuff online that was due, then headed to Pete's to meet Kory for dinner. Which was yummy.

Got the results of the school board election and was so bummed. My friend, Jeff, who it the President of the board, lost. He is so dedicated to the school and our district, and really hard working and fair. He lost, because of some "behind the scenes" politics, which is so wrong. I am really sad that I am not going to be working with him anymore. I don't know much about the two new women, and will be interested to get to know them, but i am still not happy about Jeff being outed. So wrong.

Last night, when going to bed, I looked out the window and saw a lot of lights and a cop car. Opened the front door and saw it was several cop cars, ambulances, fire trucks, etc. So, the three of us (me, Kurt and kory) went outside and walked to the front of our yard. And saw a truck. Or, what used to be a truck. The truck had hit a telephone pole and a tree and barely looked like a truck any longer. Wow. The life helicopter came and landed and took one of the passengers and the other left in an ambulance. it was really weird that all this happened across the street from my house. Freaky. I should have taken pics, but I felt kinda weird about that and did not. Hope everyone is OK, but the one guy I guess is in critical condition.

Got my bottom braces adjusted again yesterday. I think I am really close to being done with this stage and moving onto the Invisalign. I hope anyway.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Proud Mommy

So, after much deliberation, I am the proud owner of a Saab 9-3 Aero Convertible. Black, with grey interior, beautiful, wonderful, car. Love it. It was quite the adventure picking it up though. Kurt decided he wanted to drive our little "problem" car, the Spyder. Yea, we broke down on the way there. Common with the stupid car. I called and told the dealership I was not going to make it tonight, and they sent someone to PICK ME UP. Wow. I was shocked. So Kurt stayed and waited for a tow truck (thank you AAA), and I went and signed the docs and picked up my new baby. Have to name him still, but I had such a nice drive home. The car drives so smoothly, love the acceleration, the heated seats, everything. I am so excited about it. This is really the first car that I have ever picked out on my own. Usually, Kurt picks out our cars because I don't really care and he does.

Now I am home, and super tired, after a long day. Am heading off to bed next. And can't wait to drive the car again tomorrow! :).

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Cars, Cars, Cars and Ice

Cars, cars, everywhere a car....blocking up the scenery......breaking my mind, do this don't do that.....................

Drove to Ann Arbor this morning to test drive more cars. Stopped first at the Saab dealership. Drove the Saab 9-3 Cabriolet. Loved it. Plus, they have an awesome deal there on a 2007, new. Because it is 2007, it is like $10000 cheaper than the 2008. Same car exactly, except the 07 actually gets BETTER gas mileage. Then, we went to the Porsche dealership to look at Audis. Drove the Audi A4 convertible. Loved it too. It is a lot more than the Saab though and VERY similar. Next we saw the Volkswagon EOS, which I had never seen before. Very kewl car. It is a hard top convertible, automatic. NEVER seen one of those before. Drove it, and it was OK. Don't really like the way the car looks with the top up (kinda boring and generic). We next went and drove the Mercedes CLK350 convertible. GORGEOUS car. Very lux. But, I am looking for something to drive year round, and I would not want to drive this car in MI in the winter. This car does not deserve to have snow and sleet and such hitting it's beautiful exterior. So, I have to axe that one too. Very nice though and great customer service there. Only car we drove all day that we could not take out ourselves, the sales guy came with us. :). Stopped at the Lexus dealer to see their convertible, but they were out of stock. Saw one in their repair shop, and the back seat is way too small (kinda like the Porsche's). So, we will prob not go back to look at one when they come in. Next, stopped and drove a Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder convertible. Cute car, and fast, but not quite as roomy as the others. we kinda want something we can take friends and family in if needed, and all of our current cars are kinda small and uncomfortable in the back seat. Stopped at some other dealerships too, but they either did not make convertibles with their brand, or they were two seaters.......Long day, but fun. I ended up calling back the Saab lady and filling out their credit app online to see what kind of deals I would qualify for. She prob will call me Monday. I am still not for sure I want anything, so I guess I will see how I feel after I sleep on it.

Went to an ice show in Taylor tonight for Jessica, my friend Tammy's daughter. Was a lot of fun but LONG. And in a kinda hockey arena so the seats were not comfy. My ass still kinda hurts. Came home and ate dinner and am chilling now.

Kory went to Dearborn on Friday after work and I have not seen him since. Am wondering if he is still alive. Probably is, but probably has drank way more than necessary this weekend. I don't know how people do it, drinking exhausts me.

Night all. If anyone has any opinion at all based on experience/knowledge of the cars above, please let me know. Toodles!