Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Flights Booked!

Flights booked for the Christmas trip, so I guess it's for sure now! :). Sending in the money for the tour tomorrow. Yay. Cannot wait. I am hoping this is our best trip yet! :). Def some new things that we have not done yet on ANY trip.

Had dinner last night at LaPita with my friend, Nancy, which was really nice. Got to catch up, and have awesome food. Lentil soup, hummus and naan.....yum.

Today at the office was pure insanity. We ended up working until after 8 PM, but, I got a ton of stuff drafted at the end of the day. I am going to be filing a lot of new cases tomorrow at family court, and have three early hearings, ugh on the early, but yay on getting paperwork done.

Off to bed, another busy day tomorrow! :). Night everyone.

Trip Itinerary

So, here is the copied and pasted version of our trip. I think I am most excited about the baby Tigers experience, the elephant interaction, and the gibbon treehouse thing.

Extreme Wildlife TourSpecially Prepared for Haskell, 2 pax

DAY 1 Arrive in Bangkok
Meet our guide at Suvarnnabhum airport and transfer to The Bhuthorn. Free at leisure.

DAY 2 Kaeng Krachan National Park ( B,L,D )
08.00 Depart the hotel to Floating Market, an incredibly colorful market. Enjoy lunch before continuing to Kaeng Krachan National Park, Phetchburi province.

14.00 Visit Kaeng Krachan‘s visitor center and continue to Baan Krang station inside the park. Enjoy wildlife watching along the road until sunset. We will use 4WD vehicle while we are in the park. Visit several salt licks enroute to see wild animals and tracks. Regular animal sightings include dusky leaf monkey (langur), Hornbills, gibbons, barking deer, elephants, civet, giant porcupine, and occasionally black leopard, flying fox, sun bear and more. Deep Jungle Camping option or lodging option.

DAY 3 Kaeng Krachan National Park (B,L,D)
Enjoy wildlife and bird watching on Pha-nean Thung route to see 6 species of Hornbills, Gibbons, Giant squirrels and beautiful waterfall in the deep jungle. Go for nocturnal animals after dinner. Camping.

DAY 4 Kaeng Krachan – Pa La U (B,L,D)
Enjoy wildlife and bird watching at Kaeng Krachan in the morning. After lunch transfer to Pa La-U which is a remote part of Keang Krachan National Park where we will track wild elephants to their sleeping place until dark. Overnight at Park’s house (rustic).

DAY 5 Pa La-U – Sam Roi Yod - Chiewlan Dam (B,L,D)
Leave Pa La U in the morning and transfer to the Praya Nakorn Cave at Sam Roi Yod National Park. After lunch transfer to Chiew Lan Dam which is in Khao Sok National Park, Surathani province. Take a boat to the remote Klong Seang Reserved Area. Stay on the rafthouse in Klong Seang which is the Park’s house (Rustic accommodations that are the only option in the area, so they offer the best way to see wildlife.). Free at leisure. After dinner go for an exciting night-time excursion spotlighting for wild animals by boat.

Day 6 Klong Seang (B,L,D)
Early morning take a boat to see animals in the morning. Back for breakfast and then enjoy trekking, canoeing and swimming. After dinner go for another nighttime spotlighting excursion to see nocturnal animals.

Day 7 Klong Seang - Khao Sok (B,L,D)
Leave Chiewlan Dam in the morning and transfer back to Khao Sok. Then enjoy hiking, kayaking, and wildlife viewing along Sok river. Wildlife includes snakes, birds and small animals along the way. Overnight at The Cliff & River Jungle Resort.

Day 8 Khao Sok National Park (B,L,D)
Hiking and wildlife viewing on the trail to the 11 Tiers waterfall until late afternoon. Return to the Cliff & River Jungle Resort for a second night. (Local guide)

Day 9 Surathanee - BKK - Chiangmai. (B)
A day for traveling. Transfer to Surathanee airport. Fly to BKK and continue to Chiangmai. Transfer to Lanna Mantra Ping River Hotel. (No guide)

DAY 10 Chiangmai – Elephant Nature Park - Rafting (B,L,D)
Spend an amazing day feeding, bathing and learning about elephants at an eco-responsible elephant camp. Play with them in the river, then float downstream on a bamboo raft. You will not believe how much fun this experience is, and how much it will open your heart to learn about these incredibly social animals! This evening explore Chiangmai Night Bazaar, famous for hand made items and Thai silks.

DAY 11 Chiangmai – Doi Inthanon – Tiger Kingdom ( B,L,D)
Early morning wildlife viewing and birdwatching at Doi Inthanon National Park, home to the largest number of bird species in Thailand, including the endemic Green-tailed Sunbird. Beautiful Asian orchids adorn its cloudforest ad Gibbons, deer and Siamese Hares are sometimes seen. Visit nearby waterfalls. Then visit Tiger Kingdom, and learn how to safely intertact with baby tiger cubs! Transfer to Chiang Rai and overnight at Pholwadon Spa

Day 12 Gibbon Experience: Treehouses, Ziplines & Gibbons
Very early this morning your Thai naturalist guide will transfer with you to the Thai border town of Chiang Khong, in time to be first in line to cross the border to Houxay, Laos, at the famous Me Kong river when the border opens at 8:00am. Once across, you'll meet with the staff of the Gibbon Experience at their office and begin your 4WD journey to Bokeo Nature Preserve. This is a very poor road, but a long stretch is in the process of being paved. After a break for lunch in a small Laotian village, you'll continue your journey through rivers and over dirt roads to a small native village. Here you'll leave your 4WD behind and walk about an hour or more with your bag, up to the Gibbon Experience (pack light!) (Note that in the event of heavy rain, the 4WD truck may not be able to make it all the way to the village, and additional walking may be required.)

Upon arrival, you'll meet your local Laotian guides, who will provide a short orientation and safety instructions, . They will fit a rock-climbing harness to you, show you how it works, (including an innovative rudimentary cable breaking system) and help you zip to the first tree house. From there your guide will accompany you on a series of zip lines and short hikes to the tree house where you'll be spending the night. The guides will bring your hot , delicious Lao meals, prepared with incredible taste and packed ingeniously to travel with them on the zip lines. Overnight in one of the magnificent rustic treehouses.

Highlights: Traverse a unique system of zip line cables that end in magnificent rustic treehouses, affording panoramic views of the rainforest. With luck, you'll have front row seats to see the gibbons, a small ape that sings duets with its mate each morning as the mist burns off the rainforest. Wildlife: Gibbons, macaques, asiatic bear, barking deer, giant squirrels, and over 300 species of exotic tropical birds. Overnight: Spectacular rustic Treehouse in the rainforest canopy, accessed by ziplines! Meals : Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 13 Gibbon Experience: Treehouses, Ziplines & Gibbons
Early this morning your Laotian guide will guide you as you explore the network of ziplines and treehouses. For groups of 6 or more, Wild Planet may also include a second naturalist wildlife guide, who will be both serving you and training the local Laotian guides to spot and identify
wildlife. You'll have all day to explore the rainforest with your guides. One of the great benefits of the treehouse/zipline network is that it allows wildlife lovers to be up in the canopy at dawn, dusk, and at night...the best times for wildlife observation. We know of no other ecotourism effort that caters so specifically to wildlife observation, especially with such conscious attention on serving the local community and conserving the rainforest and wildlife. Overnight in one of the magnificent rustic treehouses. Overnight: Spectacular rustic Treehouse in the rainforest canopy, accessed by ziplines! Meals : Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 14 Gibbon Experience/Chiang Rai
Around mid morning you will begin the hike back to the last village and wait for your 4WD transportation back to Houxay. The border closes at 5:00pm, and usually we make it in time. Once you've crossed the Me Kong again, you'll check in at the Thai border crossing to get your passport stamped, meet your Thai guide, then transfer by vehicle back to the spa in Chiang Rai, ready for a relaxing afternoon of pampering yourself after your adventure. Note: if the 4WD vehicle doesn't reach Houxay by 4:20pm, you will not get across the border to Thailand and will have to spend the night in Houxay at a minimal extra charge. Do not make any urgent travel plans for the rest of this day. Overnight: Pholwadon Resort & Spa Meals: Breakfast

Day 15 Chiang Rai / Bangkok
Transfer to the Chiang Rai airport for your flight to Bangkok, in time to make your international flight. Meals: Breakfast

Monday, October 25, 2010


I am feeling kinda exhausted tonight and am hoping I am not catching the sickness the entire office has had. Downed an Airborne when I got home so hopefully it helps some. I will take another in the morning and attempt to ward off the evil, haha.

So, we are booking Thailand/Laos tomorrow! Cannot wait. I have to send a check to California, since paying with a credit card means an extra 3% I dont want to pay. So many travel places do this, which annoys me because I hate going to the bank and getting a cashiers check, etc. But, will send that out tomorrow and book our flights. My agent's vendor found this flight I have not even seen online, with only one layover both there and back and not really long layovers, which rocks. I am also excited about the trip they put together for us, which is a personalized one, diff than the one on the website. It is just us (as I hate travelling with tour groups) and takes out the cooking lesson and beach days, adds in some more animal experiences. I will try to post later this week, as it is only saved on the work computer.

Today was crazy busy. One positive note, I got to have dinner with my friend, Nancy, at LaPita, after work. Super yummy lentil soup and hummus there. I did not even have an actual ordered meal, as I was craving lentil and hummus. Yum.

Off to bed, Happy Monday!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Week In Review

The Firm went to Erebus on Thursday night for the Annual Haunted House Law Firm Adventure. It was a lot of fun, and we ended up, via Kory meeting some random guy at the bar, getting in VIP and before the line of people who had been waiting there in line. Gotta love that. Megan and Alana were interviewed for the news afterwards as well (the rest of us were hiding from the cameras).

Saturday was my first day off in forever. I was thrilled. :). Had lunch at PF Chang's with Hollie, Tammy and Becca, and then went to Farmington Hills to see my Mom and Ronnie and other family. My Mom and Ronnie were there to drive my grandparents to Florida, leaving on Sunday. Had dinner and hung out. Super fun and good to see everyone.

My new briefcase came and I love it! It's perfect and fits files well, which is really the only requirement besides looks on a briefcase.

Weighed in today, only down .3 of a pound (making my total 17.8 pounds). I am just happy to not gain anything though. Eating was really good this week. Even yesterday, with eating out and at family's, I still stayed below my calorie intake, although I did eat more yesterday than I do in a normal day. Eating at home is so much easier though than making good choices eating out. There are not many good choices eating out, LOL. I actually had to try something new at Chang's since my normal meal there is fried and horrible for you. I had the shrimp with lobster sauce lunch bowl and it was VERY good. Not as good as the other meal, but I felt better about eating it, ;).

Oh, I almost forgot! My office was painted purple this week and I love it! Love. Looks amazing and makes me happier to be in there.

Worked part of today, but I finally feel like we are catching up some. Actually had some time today to research law on some areas we have been needing to, and filed some bankruptcies to catch all those up. Whoot.

Anyway, another busy week ahead, starting with court bright and early! Some fun stuff mixed in this week though, so hopefully, I maintain my sanity! :). Happy weekend!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Stolen From Candace

1. Who is the better cook, you or your spouse?

Def me. Kurt has not cooked himself a meal in 14 years. Not sure he even knows how, LOL. But, I am OK with this as I actually like to cook. :).

2. How often do you talk to your mom?

Prob at least every other day or so. I usually call her when I am driving to and from court, or home from work when Kurt is not in the car.

3. Are you adventurous in the kitchen or stick to the recipe?

I mostly stick to the recipe, but with modifications. Like I will use spices to make things hot. Or change things around to make the recipe more healthy.

4. Is your second toe longer than your big toe?

5. Do you dress up for Halloween? (Bonus question: What will you be this year?)

I have not in a long time. I am not really a fan of the holiday.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New Beginnings

Lots of stuff going on at the office.

Shannon started work on Monday and has been following us around for hearings. Kurt decided today that he is no longer doing most family law cases. There are a few he has going on that he is going to finish up, but other than that, Holly and I are going to do all the cases. He is psyched about that decision, as family law has never really excited him. He would much rather focus on our other areas, which is fine, because Holly and I both like family court.

I finally found a new briefcase online this weekend! I have had the same one for over 5 years, which is crazy to me since I get at least one new purse a year and a briefcase should be the same in replacement and time, I think! :). My current briefcase is actually still in great condition, considering it's been 5 years, so I will save it as a backup. The new one I got for a great discount on Gilt, and it is made by Furla. Hopefully, I like it when it comes.

Oh, weighed in on Sunday and I am down another 1.5 pounds. Total of 17.5, which is crazy to me, since I have been so busy at work and not had time to work out every night like I would like to. Still following The Daily Plate religiously, and loving it because it holds me so accountable. I guess I never realized before how much crap we eat by eating out, ordering in, etc. I am discovering so many different food options and stuff too which allow me to have stuff I crave like salty and sugary snacks, but still follow the rules of TDP. Great, great site. So many of my clothes are getting huge as well (mostly pants and skirts), so I think a Birch Run shopping trip may be on the table in November! :).

Off topic, but I really want to buy one of those chest freezers. Now that I am eating at home more, it would be nice to have since my freezer is always totally stuffed. I went to look at one at Sears, but the delivery charge was stupid compared to the product cost. I just could not pay it. I may need to borrow a truck or something.

We are having some minor work done at the office as well, hired a guy to paint most of the office, i.e. the front lobby, hallway, Kory's office, my office. The other three offices have been painted recently so they will stay the same. I am painting my office purple, so I am excited about that. I wanted pink, but decided that would be too girly, so a deep kinda plum it is. :). Hopefully I like it, because it's pretty out there, but I am guessing I will. I like old there colors.

Anyway, exhausted, off to bed. Hope everyone had a great weekend! :).

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Had an aMAZing day on Friday. Holly got her bar results (passing) on Thursday evening, and we of course wanted her sworn in ASAP so she can start doing lawyerly things at the office.

Since Judge Halloran was out of town, I picked Judge Elder to swear her in, and it was awesome. Judge Elder videotaped it, and the courtroom was packed with people waiting for hearings, so they all clapped for her (and her boyfriend, who was there as well being sworn in). Her parents came as well, and I was so beyond happy for her. I know how it feels, all the work you put in, and finally getting to see the results of it all. It's overwhelming really, the feeling you get being sworn in, it's almost like getting married, LOL.

So, starting next week, Holly can appear in court for us! Whoot. Our other new attorney is starting Monday as well. :).

I am so happy with all the positive energy at the office these days.

I can't even remember what else happened this week, I have been so busy. Worked all day today as well, and have to go in tomororrow. BOOOO. Been still doing great with The Daily Plate. Weigh in tomorrow!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Weekend Randomness

This weekend was too short.

Worked part of each day, again. At least we are getting some things off our desks, but until the new attorneys are trained all the way, I think this is going to be what my life looks like, unfortunately. That's OK though, I can see my life getting back to normal in the next month or so, hopefully! :).

Did get a massage yesterday, which was nice and really needed.

Made some awesome salsa tonight for Kurty. New recipe and I think my best yet. Click here to see it. I used jarred lime juice, canned diced tomatoes and the food processor, but other than that, exactly as the recipe lists. Super yummy, although, I am a fan of chipotle. Also made a cream of broccoli soup which came out ok, but kinda bland. Need new recipe for that I think.

So, my procrastination on the December trip is not good. I really started researching hardcore again this weekend, and I think I may have found the perfect trip, with flight prices that are not insanely high. Found a wildlife tour in Thailand that looks incredible. Might want to tweak the tour and take out the cooking lesson and the beach days and either cut the trip short or add on something else nature related, but other than that, it's perfect. Sent the place an email asking for more information and a tailored itinerary. Click here to see it. I know most of you will think I am crazy to cut out the cooking lesson and the beach, but Kurt is not into cooking and I dont want to bore him, LOL.

I cannot believe the Lions won today! It was a miracle! haha. And, I was super psyched State won over Michigan. Whoot!

Bought a piece of artwork for above my bed and it came in the mail and I love it. Kurt hung it and it goes perfectly above our headboard and with the colors in my bedroom. I would take a pic, but none of my cameras are at home right now!

Speaking of cameras, I went to turn my new one on, the 50d, and it would not turn on! So, I had to send it in under warranty. Hopefully, it arrives back home soon, I miss it already! :).

Friday, October 08, 2010

Thursday, October 07, 2010


Secret Update


Another crazy busy week, shocker there, hun? :).

Some highlights of the week though......

Saw West Side Story (for the second time) at the Fisher with my Aunt. It was awesome. Love that show and the music. I have been walking around all day singing "I feel pretty, oh so pretty...." and "tonight, tonight...." Fabulous show.

Went to a meeting last night with Holly for the Downriver Bar Association and had a great time! It's mostly socializing with speakers thown in there. I normally hate stuff like this, but this is all local lawyers and actually was a good time! They let me sub Holly in for Stacey (who I had signed up initially), so I was happy they did not make me pay again. I think Holly had fun too, and it's good for her to start meeting local lawyers outside of the courtroom, and everyone loves her.

Been doing great still with the eating and The Daily Plate, so much so it's like second nature now, which is totally what I was striving for. It is also getting me to cook recipes more, which is awesome. I made these awesome bean mix for burritos that I have eaten for three nights straight for dinner. Super yummy. Also, weighed in with Week Three of using the program on Sunday, and I have lost 13 pounds to date, which rocks since I have not had a ton of time to work out.

Lots of changes happening at the office lately, but I will post more about that once decisions are made and set in stone. Our Monroe office opened on Friday, and i already have an appointment booked there for Monday, which rocks!

Friday, October 01, 2010




I. Am. Exhausted.

OMG, this week has been insanely busy every single night until tonight. And even tonight, when I almost always leave the office at 5, I was there until like 520. AARGH.

Each night worked late for different reasons, and was trying to get all ready for our Monroe office opening this past Friday, which we did for the most part. Still need to order one more thing, but it's ready for meeting with clients, which is great. I think I did not get home until 800 PM or after Monday-Thursday. BLAH.

Started the interview process at the office, and thus far, have interviewed two people. We plan on interviewing about 8 or so, then making a decision next week. cannot wait for some normalcy at the office again, and having the feeling again of knowing that I have staff around that are not leaving soon! :). Training people takes a lot of time and energy, which is worth it in the end, but exhausting at the start.

Court has been crazy for me as well, which makes things even more hectic in the office.

Am thrilled to be going to finally get my hair done tomorrow. Its like at least a month past due, and I generally only get my hair done every 3-4 months. Yep, I think it's been like 5. How sad is that, LOL. I am planning on NO office stuff tomorrow, but will prob go in on Sunday to catch up on some paperwork. I have a case I want to hurry up and file on Monday, so I want to get it done.

Wore new heels to work today and they did not hurt my feet all day long! Whoot, love that. Especially when said heels are a little bit higher than I generally wear. the little things make me happy........;).

Ordered a really cute pic for the office breakroom, which arrived from Art.com this week. I also ordered from amazing candles on Etsy, which arrived and smell AMAZING.