Thursday, June 30, 2005

Bush's Iraq Speech: Long On Assertion, Short On Facts

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Bush says "progress is uneven" in Iraq, but accentuates positive evidence and mostly ignores the negative.


Standing before a crowd of uniformed soldiers, President Bush addressed the nation on June 27 to reaffirm America's commitment to the global war on terrorism. But throughout the speech Bush continually stated his opinions and conclusions as though they were facts, and he offered little specific evidence to support his assertions.

Here we provide some additional context, both facts that support Bush's case that "we have made significant progress" in Iraq, as well as some of the negative evidence he omitted.


Bush's prime-time speech at Fort Bragg, NC coincided with the one-year anniversary of the handover of soverignty to Iraqi authorities. It was designed to lay out America's role in Iraq amid sinking public support for the war and calls by some lawmakers to withdraw troops.

The Bloodshed

Bush acknowledged the high level of violence in Iraq as he sought to reassure the public.

Bush: The work in Iraq is difficult and dangerous. Like most Americans, I see the images of violence and bloodshed. Every picture is horrifying and the suffering is real. Amid all this violence, I know Americans ask the question: Is the sacrifice worth it?

What Bush did not mention is that by most measures the violence is getting worse. Both April and May were record months in Iraq for car bombings, for example, with more than 135 of them being set off each month. And the bombings are getting more deadly. May was a record month for deaths from bombings, with 381 persons killed in "multiple casualty" bombings that took two or more lives, according to figures collected by the Brookings Institution in its "Iraq Index." The Brookings index is compiled from a variety of sources including official government statistics, where those are available, and other public sources such as news accounts and statements of Iraqi government officials.

The number of Iraqi police and military who have been killed is also rising, reaching 296 so far in June, nearly triple the 109 recorded in January and 103 in Febrary, according to a tally of public information by the website Iraq Coalition Casualty Count, a private group that documents each fatality from public statements and news reports. Estimates of the total number of Iraqi civilians killed each month as a result of "acts of war" have been rising as well, according to the Brookings index.

The trend is also evident in year-to-year figures. In the past twelve months, there have been 25% more U.S. troop fatalities and nearly double the average number of insurgent attacks per day as there were in the preceeding 12 months.

Reconstruction Progress

In talking about Iraqi reconstruction, Bush highlighted the positive and omitted the negative:

Bush: We continued our efforts to help them rebuild their country. . . . Our progress has been uneven but progress is being made. We are improving roads and schools and health clinics and working to improve basic services like sanitation, electricity and water. And together with our allies, we will help the new Iraqi government deliver a better life for its citizens.

Indeed, the State Department's most recent "Iraq Weekly Status Report" shows progress is uneven. Education is a positive; official figures show 3,056 schools have been rehabilitated and millions of "student kits" have been distributed to primary and secondary schools. School enrollments are increasing. And there are also 145 new primary healthcare centers currently under construction. The official figures show 78 water treatment projects underway, nearly half of them completed, and water utility operators are regularly trained in two-week courses.

On the negative side, however, State Department figures show overall electricity production is barely above pre-war levels. Iraqis still have power only 12 hours daily on average.

Iraqis are almost universally unhappy about that. Fully 96 percent of urban Iraqis said they were dissatisfied when asked about "the availability of electricity in your neighborhood." That poll was conducted in February for the U.S. military, and results are reported in Brookings' "Iraq Index." The same poll also showed that 20 percent of Iraqi city- dwellers still report being without water to their homes.

Conclusions or Facts?

The President repeatedly stated his upbeat conclusions as though they were facts. For example, he said of "the terrorists:"

Bush: They failed to break our coalition and force a mass withdrawal by our allies. They failed to incite an Iraqi civil war..

In fact, there have been withdrawals by allies. Spain pulled out its 1,300 soldiers in April, and Honduras brought home its 370 troops at the same time. The Philippines withdrew its 51 troops last summer to save the life of a Filipino hostage held captive for eight months in Iraq. Ukraine has already begun a phased pullout of its 1,650-person contingent, which the Defense Ministry intends to complete by the end of the year. Both the Netherlands and Italy have announced plans to withdraw their troops, and the Bulgarian parliament recently granted approval to bring home its 450 soldiers. Poland, supplying the third-largest contingent in the coalition after Italy's departure, has backed off a plan for full withdrawal of troops due to the success of Iraqi elections and talks with Condoleezza Rice, but the Polish Press Agency announced in June that the next troop rotation will have 200 fewer soldiers.

Bush is of course entitled to argue that these withdrawals don't constitute a "mass" withdrawal, but an argument isn't equivalent to a fact.

The same goes for Bush's statement there's no "civil war" going on. In fact, some believe that what's commonly called the "insurgency" already is a "civil war" or something very close to it. For example, in an April 30 piece, the Times of London quotes Colonel Salem Zajay, a police commander in Southern Baghdad, as saying, "The war is not between the Iraqis and the Americans. It is between the Shia and the Sunni." Again, Bush is entitled to state his opinion to the contrary, but stating a thing doesn't make it so.


Similarly, Bush equated Iraqi insurgents with terrorists who would attack the US if they could.

Bush: There is only one course of action against them: to defeat them abroad before they attack us at home. . . . Our mission in Iraq is clear. We are hunting down the terrorists.

Despite a few public claims to the contrary, however, no solid evidence has surfaced linking Iraq to attacks on the United States, and Bush offered none in his speech. The 9/11 Commission issued a staff report more than a year ago saying "so far we have no credible evidence that Iraq and al Qaeda cooperated on attacks against the United States." It said Osama bin Laden made a request in 1994 to establish training camps in Iraq, but "but Iraq apparently never responded." That was before bin Laden was ejected from Sudan and moved his operation to Afghanistan.

Bush laid stress on the "foreign" or non-Iraqi elements in the insurgency as evidence that fighting in Iraq might prevent future attacks on the US:

Bush: I know Americans ask the question: Is the sacrifice worth it? It is worth it, and it is vital to the future security of our country. And tonight I will explain the reasons why. Some of the violence you see in Iraq is being carried out by ruthless killers who are converging on Iraq to fight the advance of peace and freedom. Our military reports that we have killed or captured hundreds of foreign fighters in Iraq who have come from Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iran, Egypt, Sudan, Yemen, Libya and other nations.

But Bush didn't mention that the large majority of insurgents are Iraqis, not foreigners. The overall strength of the insurgency has been estimated at about 16,000 persons. The number of foreign fighters in Iraq is only about 1,000, according to estimates reported by the Brookings Institution. The exact number is of course impossible to know. However, over the course of one week during the major battle for Fallujah in November of 2004, a Marine official said that only about 2% of those detained were foreigners. To be sure, Brookings notes that "U.S. military believe foreign fighters are responsible for the majority of suicide bombings in Iraq," with perhaps as many as 70 percent of bombers coming from Saudi Arabia alone. It is anyone's guess how many of those Saudi suicide bombers might have attempted attacks on US soil, but a look at the map shows that a Saudi jihadist can drive across the border to Baghdad much more easily than getting nearly halfway around the world to to the US.

Osama bin Laden

Bush quoted a recent tape-recorded message by bin Laden as evidence that the Iraq conflict is "a central front in the war on terror:"

Bush: Hear the words of Osama bin Laden: "This Third World War is raging" in Iraq..."The whole world is watching this war." He says it will end in "victory and glory or misery and humiliation."

However, Bush passed over the fact that the relationship between bin Laden and the Iraqi insurgents - to the extent one existed at all before - grew much closer after the US invaded Iraq. Insurgent leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi did not announce his formal allegiance with bin Laden until October, 2004. It was only then that Zarqawi changed the name of his group from "Unification and Holy War Group" to "al Qaeda in Iraq."

In summary, we found nothing false in what Bush said, only that his facts were few and selective.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2005


I did not realize my "favorite person" was taking over TV last night until I tried to turn on a main channel and was forced to immediately switch because "he" was on there, blabbing away, saying nothing as usual. Everything he said, was of course, entirely predictable and unintelligent. Blah, blah, blah.

If you would like to read his amazingly witty and genius comments (note heavy sarcasm),
click here.

Major warning though, before you click, be near a garbage can or any receptacle you can vomit in to.


Monday, June 27, 2005

Welcome to Manistee

Saturday morning we got up early to go to Manistee. Dropped the puggies off at the babysitter's house, and started on our way. The drive there was nice. We had the top down the entire trip, so I got some much needed sun. Got there, hung out with my Mom for a while, then got ready for the wedding.

The wedding was at Heidi's Dad's house, which is really nice. The ceremony was outside. They had an area of the yard all set up, next to this beautiful cliff that led down to a huge pond area. His house is the only house on the street, next to a golf course. Everything was beautiful. The bridesmaids wore a bluish color......

Between the ceremony and reception, we went back to my Mom's and Kurt took a nap. My Mom and I went and drove around Manistee, so I could see updates. We drove by both beaches and through town. There are so many different things. Even my Mom's house is like totally different.

The reception was at a local hall. It was a lot of fun. Once the DJ started, pretty much everyone there was on the dance floor almost the entire night. Kurt and I were at a great table as well with some people I knew. One was a girl that I knew because she went to undergrad with Heidi--her and her hubby are lawyers in IN, so of course, Kurt had someone to "not talk about work" with all night. And then, a friend of mine from high school, Kasey, was there with her hubby. I have not seen her since high school, so it was great to catch up. She lives in Traverse now and is a police officer with the K-9 unit, which I think is beyond kewl. The dog lives in her and goes to work with her every day. I am so jealous!

After the reecption, we met up with my Mom and stepDad at the casino in Manistee. There was a band there they wanted to listen to. Kurt and I ended up playing blackjack and walking around the casino, which is really, really nice. I won about $25.00. Yay!

Went to bed after that...Had breakfast the next morning with my Mom and stepDad. Drove home all day. Picked up the puggies and have been resting the remainder of the night.


Saturday, June 25, 2005

Pregnant Woman Smoking at Local Church Festival

Won't be posting until Sunday, so need to post one last time! We are heading to Manistee for my friend Heidi's wedding, which is on Saturday. We are leaving in the morning and coming back on Sunday. Have a house sitter, as well as a pug sitter all lined up. Wish I could take them with me, but three in one small car is not a fun thing. :). The pugs do not "relax" in the car. They want to look out the window, kiss us, play.....So, they have to be with the babysitter for one day. They like it there anyway because they have their friends, Precious and Max to play with. Precious is also Oscar's girlfriend (the mother of his babies, hehe).

Had to turn in one of my last major assignments for Pre-Trial today. Now, all I have to do is my oral agument and I am DONE. Hooray!

Kurt and I went to the St. Charles Festival tonight. This is near our house at a Catholic Church. It is really fun every time we go. This time, we played blackjack and bingo and listened to a band that was actually really good. Played a lot of "known" songs, not their own stuff, but it was kewl as we knew like every song. We had a great time.

Oh, I got so pissed though. There was this girl walking, pregnant. Her significant other was walking near her, lighting up a smoke. This in itself annoyed me because I hate when anyone smokes near someone who is pregnant. Then, just as I was getting over being annoyed, i saw the PREGNANT girl light up a smoke. Thank God she was noplace near me because I would have had to make a comment. I could not have stopped myself. Ignorance, stupidity......Peoplee like that should not be allowed to have children until they undergo major counseling and more education. It was one of the dumbest things I have seen in forever.

Went to the mall after work and bought Kurt and I outfits for the wedding. I got a really cute skirt and tank top, with some gold colored flip flops, and I bought Kurt some Kenneth Cole pants and a really kewl shirt at Marshall Field's.

Gotta run, need to get some sleep, have an early morning wake-up.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

I am so jealous right now of my friend, Lisa. She left for Vegas today for a bachelorette party--girls' only vacay.......Oh, how I miss Vegas! And oh, how I need a vacay. I can't wait until this semester is over and I can start planning something. Anything. :). Hope you are having fun, Lisa! I am sure you are. I have met very few people who did not have a great time in Vegas, if they have been there. There really is something for everyone there (except kids...please people, stop taking your kids to Vegas).

I am taking a break from drafting stuff for school. Have the Pistons game on and am wishing I was there again this year. Kurt and I were at the final game last year and had a blast. It was one of the kewlest sporting events I have ever been to. (sorry, Stacy, I know you don't want to hear about it, LOL).

Our friend, Gary, stopped in the office yesterday, allowing me to procrastinate working for about an hour. It was really nice to see him. We have not seen very much of him lately, used to see him almost every week for dinner. I am trying to talk him in to buying a house and land near us. He lives in Carleton right now, but would like to live on water and Lake Erie is less than a mile down the road. There are some great houses being built right now, on Lake Erie, about 2-5 acres of land each. It would be perfect for him. Plus, if he does buy on the water, I will so be buying a jet ski and storing it there. I love water sports. :). So, Gary, have you gone down there and looked yet??????

My two new lights were delivered, but now Kurt needs to put them up. Can't wait. Having a great light in the room just changes everything. Next, I need to find one for one of the spare bedrooms and change the ceiling fans in the great room. I know what I want, but I need to find it cheaper. Love bargain shopping online.

Need to get back to work....

Supreme Court Rules Cities May Seize Homes

I think this will one of the few times I am unhappy with my fav Justice, Ruth; and agreeing with Scalia and Rehnquist. Sigh.

Click here to read the article.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Blast from the Past

One of Kurt's law school friends, Dave, instant messaged me tonight and we talked for a while. he has his own practice in KY. He was never much of a talker, so I am shocked he stayed on here so long with me! Maybe marriage and having a kid has made him outgoing! :). It was nice to talk to him. He was asking if Kurt and I wanted to go to the Dominican Republic this weekend with him and his wife, but alas, we cannnot. I wish we could, we could use the vacay, but I am way too busy with school right now. Also, we are going to a wedding in Manistee this weekend. Kurt would really like to go, but I am too stressed to take a trip right now. I need this semester to end and be done with everything. Blah. We will go someplace in August. Kurt wants to go somewhere different than Vegas, so I will have to figure something out. He is thinking possibly DC. We could see the sites and catch some baseball games at the new team's stadium, which would be very kewl.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Lack of Seeing the Big Picture

Class is so wearing on me lately, especially since i don't get home until like 10 at night. The depositions in class ALL seem to be lasting forever. It's like people don't have the ability to see the big picture with these things. The main point is to ask the important questions. Not every single possible question under the flipping sun. Students think their grade will be "better" if they have the longer dep, which I don't think is true at all. But, whatever, who am I to judge? Maybe I will flunk because mine was only about a half hour. We will see I guess.....Got my Answer back and got 100% on that, so yay!

Had to get up early today to register for classes. One of my classes I knew would fill up quickly, so I wanted to get in to it for sure and I did. Bad news though, Julia forgot to get up and register, so now she is on the wait list. 6th on the list, so I hope she gets in because it will be boring without her. :(. I am taking Family Law, Sports and the Law, Taxation, Alternative Dispute Resolution, and Insurance Law. It should be a fun semester.

Riding in the Dark

HA! Kurt just put the first bike together, and we wanted to test it out, so we took turns riding it down the driveway. In the dark. It has reflectors, but all I could see were three little lights as Kurt drove down to the mailbox. It was so funny.

Now, we just have to put the other one together and we can start biking. There are bike trails all over the place in our area, even down our street towards the lake!

Sunday, June 19, 2005

New Clothes

Shannon! I placed the order!! Got this one: click here.

Can't wait to wear it. I loved wearing my one during the election that said "Let's Kerry Bush Back to Texas......" But, can't really wear that one anymore, so it has beenn retired. Loved it though.

Weekends in Paradise

Any weekend not working is a "weekend in paradise". :). To me anyway.

Yesterday, I went to two art fairs with Auntie--one in Canton, one in Northville. The one in Canton was awful. It goes downhill each year. I used to like it at one point in time. Northville was good though, and i ran across a vendor i really like--bought a new silver chain and glass pendant. Also, bought this really cute "thing" for my front porch--really can't explain what it is, but very kewl.

After that, Kurt and I headed back to Canton to have dinner with Cliff and Lisa for Cliff's 31st b-day. We bought him a dart board he wanted from Target. We ate at this place called "The Melting Pot" in Troy. It was really different, I have never eaten at a place quite like it. It reminded me of Benihana's a little bit. All of your food is cooked on your table, but you don't have to sit with a group of others, like at Benihana's. They were a great place for vegetarians--they allowed Kurt and I to take a meal and substitute in veggie options instead of meat. The dessert was fabulous. We were beyond full when we left. Kurt and I had "The Colossal", which I highly recommend. We had it with all lobster, shrimp and tuna. Yum.

Today, after all the events of yesterday, I have been chilling on the couch attempting to research more for my paper. Just watched the Tigers win! Go Tigers!

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Ramblings on a Friday Night

Nothing really new to post, but, I always feel the need to post here on a regular basis.

Like when I was a little kid and I had this bedtime routine I had to follow. I had all these rules in my own head. I had to look under my bed, behind my door, in my closet.....If I did not do all these things, I thought someone would kidnap and kill me or hurt my family.

I think this all stems from one night the parents thought we were not listening to their conversation.......We lived in Milford at the time, so I was probably anywhere from 1st to 5th grade in age.......My sister and various cousins and I were playing in the living room (another amusing thing, we were making our own music video to Thriller; it's incredible how much fun we would have without TV, Playstation, and internet). Our parents told us all to lay down and try to sleep (it was late), but of course, none of us could. Too much caffeine and chocolate. So, we could hear my Uncle Jerry (my Mom's older brother) telling this story about a local kidnapping where someone had hid in this little girl's closet and came out after everyone was in bed, and took her. Her parents never knew anything happened til she was long gone. As soon as he finished his story, I heard someone say "Shhhh, the kids might hear." Nice thought, but I had already heard and was petrified. And stayed that way until I was probably in junior high.

When this first occured, I would sleep with my little sister at night because I was so scared....She was really nice to let me. She thought I was really odd and it was SO obvious to her that there was noone in our closet. I was convinced, even though I looked, that the person might be behind a coat, and I did not notice with my quick glance. She wanted to tell my Mom and Dad the reason I was scared, but I begged her not to because I thought I would get in trouble for listening in on adult conversation. So, we never told and eventually I got over it.

Which leads me to wondering, when I have kids, if I do, would I want more than one? My sister and I had a love/hate relationship. We were very close in age (she is two years younger), so while we harassed and wanted to kill eachother at times, we still always had a friend, someone to talk to, someone to play Monopoly with (although she ALWAYS quit in the middle of the game wihch drove me bonkers). We had someone to gossip with about how our Mom was such a clean freak, about the kids at school, about whatever. I wonder if only children miss out on that?

Speaking of missing children, I still really miss Daisy Lou. :(. Certain things really make me think of her. Like cereal. Odd, I know. But whenever I would eat a bowl of cereal, Daisy would sit right by me, patiently waiting for the milk. I would let her have it out of the bowl and it was like her favorite thing in the world. So now, every time I have cereal, I immediately look at the ground to see her begging me, and to talk to her, and she is not there. So, I don't even want to eat cereal anymore. It's awful. Hopefully, I can get over that since I love cereal. :).

Gotta go to bed. nightie!

Friday, June 17, 2005


OMG, I so want this shirt:

Productive Day

We got a ton done at the office today. Kurt did not have court, and June is a pretty quiet month because everyone's kids just got out of school. So, I caught up some things. Not even close to being totally caught up, but some major things done.
We went after work and got a frame at Michael's for the artwork I bought a while back at the Fisher Theatre's art store. The frame is really, really nice and I got a really deep blue mat for it. It should be done in about two weeks and is going straight into my office! Yay! Also, finally ordered the two lights I wanted for our sunroom and kitchen. Can't wait to get those up.
Our bikes were finally delivered next week. But, they were delivered in large boxes, meaning we need to put them together! :). I still can't believe they were free! I can't wait to start taking long bike rides.
We have been watching the Democratic meeting today over The Downing Street Memo. We have been watching this unfold since the start, and are really glad it is starting to get more media attention. I am really curious to see how the Repubs are going to respond to this. This really is no good way to respond. They are so stuck between a rock and a hard place. Support Bush and his lies--or not support him and piss off your party. Either way, getting votes in the next election will be interesting for Congress people. After the election, I just became kinda indifferent about politics because I was so disgusted with the actions of the people in this country, voting the idiot back in. But, I am becoming slightly interested again. Not as much as Kurt is (he thinks this Memo is the downfall of Bush). I just have this feeling that noone (Repubs) really cares. The Repubs I know are so hardcore, I think Bush could rape someone or kill them, and the Repubs would have an excuse for it. Oh, it was a mistake. Oh, it was not really Bush who did it. So, we will see. It just annoys me because although I am a Democrat, if I found out a Democrat president did the things Bush has done and lied like he has all along, I would on longer be supporting him and sticking up for him. I would want answers. Its almost like Republicans just enjoy living the lie.
Laundry calling.

Deposition Hell

I have to write in all black after the night I had on Wednesday. Had both of my classes. First class, got out early, great. Second class, I normally love. But this girl in my class did her deposition, and it went for like 2 hours straight. My prof did not have a time limit, but he should have one now. She kept asking the same things, over and over and over and over (I could go on). She did well, but she could have done well in a half hour and not gone on for two hours. We are not graded on the amount of time we can talk nonstop. Afterwards, some people in the class were telling her how amazing she was, yada yada. I now and thinking, great, everyone in the class is going to do REALLY long deps now. Just shoot me. On a positive note, Julia and I had fun playing hangman and writing notes back and forth. I finally turned on the Internet too and started surfing. I gave up being respectful and listening to every single flipping word she said. I was SOOOO happy to leave class that night. I can't even explain it.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

And I am in a GOOD mood today! Seriously!

Some things really annoy me. Let’s make a list, shall we?

1. People who constantly use big words. Kurt and I have basically deemed all these people closet idiots. If you consistently use big words in every day conversation/emails/whatever, you totally are out to prove your intelligence. Hence, if you are not confident in your intelligence and have to "prove" it to others, you are most likely a raving idiot. There is a time and place for the use of words that nobody else understands. For example, a courtroom, a business meeting, a doctor’s office. Not while eating at McDonald’s.

2. Bad Friendships. I have a hard time "letting go" of friendships. Even when they get to the point where you can’t stand the other person, I remember the good times of the friendship and don’t want to just cut ties completely (which I really should do sometimes). Ask Deanna, she can totally vouch for me on this one. She has told me 800 million times that I am too forgiving, and too nice to people who treat me like total crap, but do I listen? No. Someone please put me out of my misery. I am much better than I used to be though. I have now learned to not trust these people ever again and if they come and go, if does not affect me whatsoever because I know who my real friends are.

3. Fake People. This relates to Number two. Most of these so-called friends come and go. They love ya one minute, are indifferent the next, hate you the next. I know my true friends because they are consistent. I think that is important in friendship, consistency. If you have a prob, speak your mind. Don’t just become a "sometimes" friend, people. That is not a friend AT ALL. And don’t act fake towards others, because this is truly just a waste of time and energy for all involved.

4. Professional Courtesy. I deal with attorneys and professionals on a regular basis, and watch their behavior. Most attys are totally kewl, they understand that the paralegals and secretaries are the real ones running the office, and will deal with you on cases. But every so often, there is that totally snobby atty who will ONLY talk to Kurt or an atty at the office. Which is beyond stupid. I mean, how long has this person been an atty? Don’t they know that the staff usually knows more details than the atty about the case? They learn pretty quickly, as when Kurt gets on the phone, he usually forwards the call back to me so I can deal with whatever the issue is. Also, I have noticed attys treated courtroom staff like crap, yelling at them, whatever. Now this is downright idiotic. Once you are on the "bad list" at the court, you can never, ever get what you want from those clerks! SUCK UP PEOPLE!

5. Owning a Pet. I am on this weblist where I get emails of things for sale, things people are giving away in the area and PETS keep getting sent on there. When you get a pet, it is YOURS FOR LIFE. Stop giving away your pets because of allergies. There is amazing proven technology called ALLERGY SHOTS AND PILLS! Stop giving them away because you are pregnant and can’t handle it anymore. I keep getting those emails. You think you can take care of a baby if you can’t handle a small dog? Give me a break. I feel sorry for that kid. Stop locking your dogs in cages outside in 90+ degree weather. I have seen this in our area. Stop hitting/abusing your animals. You need to go to jail. Animals are your children. Would you beat your kid and not get in trouble for it? I don’t think so. Stop putting your animals asleep because you can’t afford the treatment. Would you kill your human child because the treatment was "just too pricey?" People sometimes make me want to vomit.

6. Clients. 1 message is enough. If you call a doctor or an atty or other professional, please call and leave ONE message. They will get it, and will return your call when they get a chance. Leaving numerous messages most likely is only annoying everyone at the office and your call will probably get put at the BOTTOM of the pile.

7. Salespeople. If I say no, I mean no. Stop bugging me. We will get calls or visits from people trying to sell things. I am busy. If I say no, please leave. I don’t want to be rude at all, but I will if I have to be. You are never going to talk me into anything I don’t want. Ever. I am a salesperson’s nightmare. Kurt and I also have a rule that with any kind of major purchases, we generally sleep on it and talk it over. So, your "extra incentives" and "freebies" to sign up today are not going to work. We would rather be confident in our decision than get a free month’s advertising.

8. Children. I hate screaming kids in restaurants/stores. I added the word "screaming", because if you have a well behaved child who sits and eats properly (as my sister and I always did), I am down with that. It is almost like mothers have learned how to completely tune out their kids, not realizing that their screaming, running around, etc. is driving everyone else INSANE. It really is the fault of the parents involved. For example, my friend Deanna and her husband would immediately get up and leave if their son, Ben, started getting hyper and not sitting still. My Mom, when I was a baby, would immediately leave the restaurant if I were crying. But not most of these parents where we are eating. They think it’s "cute" their kid is yelling, and oh so intelligent that little Bobby is repeatedly yelling his ABCs. Just shoot me. We actually have started to ask to be sat in sections where there are the least amount of children. I get weird looks, but hey, who really wants to sit next to the screaming kids?

9. Phones. The cell phone has gotten way out of control. It started out as being used for emergency purposes for others, and has turned into…I don’t even know the words to use here. Turn off your phone in restaurants, or at least put it on vibrate. There cannot be anything that important that you need to have random conversations while dining with others. I can understand if you have an actual emergency-like reason to have your phone on, but discussing your daily activities in a public place on a cell phone is tacky and disrespectful and completely trashy. Also, if you are out shopping with others, or at a movie, or WHATEVER, please respect that person enough to not carry on long conversations. I have one person I know, when I previously went out with them, would answer their phone and carry on like 20-minute conversations. About nothing. At all. They rarely saw me as I am so busy, but when they did, about half the time was spent making calls, chatting on their phone. Oh, and the checking the voice mail and text message constantly. When you do that, you make others you are with feel completely worthless. This same person who answered their phone would also look at their cell phone about every 5, no make that 2, seconds to see if they had a message. GET A LIFE people. Can you say OCD? Your life must be pretty sad if it revolves around your cell phone and the horoscope text message you get once a day.
10. Church and State. Everyone out there, including our current fabulous president (haha), who continually try to mix church and state by giving money to faith based organizations, etc.
11. Meat. I don't eat meat. And the reason? I don't want to kill animals for my own nutritionally based purposes when it is not necessary. Everyone please stop trying to explain to me why you don't think this is logical. I don't care. I will continue to not eat meat. I don't care if you think my not eating meat is going to make the cow population explode and the world come to an end. It cracks me up when people are actually offended by the fact that I don't eat meat. Seriously, why would you care? A really amusing argument by others is that I am supposed to follow the Bible, which supposedly says you HAVE to eat meat. Great interpretation there. Somehow, I don't think God is going to shoot me down because I consume Boca burgers and Morningstar sausage instead of the real thing.

Anyway. This will most likely be an ongoing list and I think of more things to add. If you have any ideas or happen to know me really well and think I am forgetting something, LOL, let me know and I will make additions! :).


Almost forgot. Kurt found out today that his IRS trip this year is most likely going to be to Atlanta in September. So, I will most likely try to go with him, for at least the weekend portion of the conference. I have never been there, but I have heard they have great shopping and dining! Also, the Braves! Maybe we can catch a game.....If anyone has been there and has suggestions, let me know!

Monday, June 13, 2005

I am so tired today! I think I stayed up too late last night. My one class from 6-9 got cancelled tonight, so I only had to go to school until 6. Yay. Although, we will have to make up the other class, most likely on a Friday, which is not good. Boo.
Came home and Kurt and I took the Spyder to dinner. Kurt is like a little kid driving that car, he is too cute. We have so much fun. Had dinner at Ruby Tuesday's.

Came home, and hung out in the backyard for a while. Saw the ducks again! I am starting to think they live here or maybe have a nest back there someplace. Saw a ton of bunnies too. And heard so many birds! It is so relaxing being out there.
My sister called me today! She never calls, so I was shocked. It was really nice to talk to her. Every time I call her, it goes straight to voice mail, so I was glad she called me.

Gretel is a FREAK! Ha!

Kurt and I are sitting here laughing at baby Gretel. She is walking up to the French doors (all glass) that head to the backyard. She stops, sees her OWN reflection, barks and backs up. She is afraid of it! It is too funny.

Wind Through my Hair

Spent the day in the Jeep today with Kurt. We randomly were driving around looking at different investment properties and other property for sale. We pretty much drove along the water, down different roads and such, from the Ohio border all the way to just North of us. Found nothing we liked. We really would like to live on the Lake, but there is nothing available that is anything close to the amount of acreage we would want. Huge lots just are not available on the water. Most of the land is either state owned, or already covered by neighborhoods. And we for sure don't want neighbors. I think we just realized driving around that we do not want to move. We will most likely put several large ponds in on our property, which will attract the wildlife we are looking for. After that, went and picked up the Spyder and came home. Went to dinner, and I have been doing homework since. Really tired, am going to go to bed as soon as I put the laundry in the dryer. Nightie!

Art in the Rain

Got up today and went to an art fair with my two Aunts in Livonia at Greenmead. Did not get anything, but had fun looking at it all. Saw some jewelry I liked, but nothing that jumped out at me. Afterwards, went to SAMS Club and Tuesday Morning. They have Kurt's yogurt drinks sooo cheap at SAMS. It almost makes me want to get a membership again. He drinks a lot of those things, I could save a lot of money. But going to that store is SUCH a pain--lines, crowds......I will really have to think about it. Came home and went to Bath and Body Works for their semi-annual sale. Picked up 3 body sprays, several conditioners, shampoo, two lip glosses......I can't stop myself at that store, so I try to limit myself to the times of the year when the sales are going on. I love their hair care products. They work so well with my hair. So many conditioners do not detangle my hair and all their products do an awesome job. After that, headed to Becca's graduation party at Tammy and Tom's. Talked to Melanie a lot, and got to see Hollie, Jim, and some others, which was nice. After that, came home and spent the rest of the night with Kurty.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

You Won! (Amused)

I got an email from a friend the other day, it attached an article on Bush and Kerry's grades in college. Of course, the friend is a Republican who wholeheartedly supports Bush, no matter how effed up the world is right now. I seriously don't think the man could do ONE THING WRONG in some people's eyes. Anyway. My comment to her was I could care less what Bush or Kerry's grades are, because I don't equate anything to one's grades. Sure, it's fab and an accomplishment if you get good grades. I am not faulting the good students out there whatsoever. But frankly, I think really intellects are much of the time NOT the ones who are all anal about their grades have a 4.0. The people who have common sense street smarts, mixed with intellectual knowledge, are the people who can really make a difference in the world. Her comment back was something like "Well, it just goes to show how the liberal media, yet again, yada yada yada." It amuses me immensely how the Repubs love to throw around the words "liberal media". It truly sends me into hysterical giggling fits.
My question. Why are people still attempting to defend Bush and talk about the election? The fight is long over--He ALREADY won. It makes no sense that anyone is even talking about Kerry and his qualifications anymore. Bush won, you win, our country can continue to be all screwed up to the delight and support of Republicans nationwide. Yay for all of you.
It almost makes me think that there must be a reason people are still talking about the election and bashing anyone who is remotely left. Because they realize their "guy" is not doing a great job, bashing the enemy is way to make them "feel better about themselves." Which is fine. Go right ahead. I am actually enjoying watching Bush eff up. Over and over again. Popularity rating is almost lower then 40% now. I wonder why. Maybe some people are finally realizing he is not God (even though you would almost think he is the way he attempts to mix church and state).
Whatever happens, I don't care. He can't be elected again, and truly, I think ANY Republican in office would be better than how it is now.

Construction Crazy

Construction is driving me bonkers. I went downtown today to file some things at court, and on the way back, I hit construction in 3 different places on the Lodge and 75. And an accident held things up. WHY oh why do people have to get in accidents during construction?
Anyway. Went to an art fair at Heritage Park in Taylor with my Aunt. The art fair, for the most part, was not that exciting. But, I did find a couple great things. First, I bought a pinkish colored pendant for my silver chain from a guy who actually lives in Newport. How funny. His company is called Daisy Gems. Next, I bought some really cute earrings, and another necklace, as well as a really cute "wavy" silver chain from another vendor. Then, had to get something for the doggies, so I got them some natural doggy treats from a vendor who has a place called Doggy Deli. Came home and took a walk around the property with Auntie, and Kurt, Gretel and I showed her the new trees. Then, we had dinner and she went home. I am tired. The heat wears me out! :).

Friday, June 10, 2005

Loss of Power

Came home tonight from the office and just as we were starting to relax (after a long walk outside with the puggies), it started to storm and our power went out. Since Kurt can't handle not having power, we headed to Red Lobster to have dinner and watch the first half of the Pistons game. Came home, and we STILL had no power, so we just went to bed. We are thinking about buying a generator because we seriously cannot deal without technology or light.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

My First Dep

I had such a fun night at school. In Pre-Trial, I took my first "deposition". Really, we are just role playing and my deposition was of a witness who is simply another student, but still I took my first deposition. :)_. We do get graded on it and points toward our final grade.........When I was through, my prof simply said I did a really good job and had no comments on things I did incorrectly, etc., which he has had for others...I was psyched. I was so glad he did not find 8 million things wrong with what i had done. I get a copy of my transcript next week in class (we had real court reporters there taking them). So, that assignment is out of the way. Yay.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

No Strike, Apparently. ;).

We were all starting to think that the profs at Wayne were on strike since it took SOOOO long to get the Fall schedule out. But, yay, I went online tonight on a whim and there it was. I don't have to register until the 20th, but I really wanted to figure out what I was taking since I really need to make sure I take enough credits to graudate in May. I think I have it narrowed down to the following 14 credits (meaning I have to take 13 credits in Winter): Family Law, Sports and the Law, Taxation, Insurance Law, and Alternative Dispute Resolution. I just started looking, but since i have to work as well, I am limited on the times I can take class and sometimes get stuck taking classes I may not normally choose (i.e. Insurance Law). But, it sounded way more interesting than Securities Regulations, so I think I will be going with that. This will be my first semester with 5 classes. Not my first with 14 credits, but my first with 5 classes, so we will see how that goes. One class has a take home final, so that helps.
Took Gretel to the vet today for her last "puppy" appointment. She got a rabies shot and a distemper vaccine. She is so good at the vet, it's hilarious. I tell them she only acts that way at the vet. She is the devil at home. I thought for sure she would come home and be tired, but she is running around harassing the boys, like usual.
Watered all the trees and am working on my deposition questions for class tomorrow. Oh, and this weather, is driving me nuts. It is like a flipping furnace outside.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005


My day was insane today. Busy, busy. Had an "Answer and Affirmative Defenses" due in one class, and in another class, had an "Outline" due for my research paper. Then, I had work until 3 and class from 4-910. I feel like I am going to fall over now. Came home and watered the trees (at like 10 p.m.), then made myself dinner since Kurt had already eaten.

Oh, and GO PISTONS! Can't believe they made the finals again, it's awesome.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Tickets and Ducks

Almost forgot in my last post........Our name (actually my stepMom's name who I entered for me) was drawn to get All Star tickets for July. I am so psyched. They are expensive enough on their own, and we thought for sure we would have to scalp them. went online and bought them today, and they are even in the lower deck, which totally rocks. For some reason though, we were only given two tickets, instead of the 4 we requested. Which is fine, but I wanted to be able to take two others with us if possible. Can't wait!
Oh, I was just outside watering trees (of course, it looks like it is going to downpour now), but while I was out there, I saw a female and male duck roaming in our yard. I ran inside to get Kurt and we watched them. I love all the animals coming into my yard, YAY!

Party Time, :).

Because of my absoolutely insane schedule (see all previous posts), I don't get out that often to do what most people deem "fun" things. Like party with the girls. But, there was an excuse on Saturday night, and I had a blast (although I am paying for it today by being exhausted completely). One of my close friends from high school, Heidi, is getting married later this month, and one of her bridesmaids, Jess, threw a bachelorette party for her. Jess lives in Royal Oak and told us all to invite whomever we wanted, so I took Deanna along for the ride. Besides that fact that Deanna and I always have a complete and total blast when we go out together for a girls' night, she lives in Ferndale (about a mile from Royal Oak), and she was in desperate need of a night out as well.
So, earlier that day, I ran to the store to try and find something suitable to wear (ended up with a really cute outfit from Elder Beerman), and headed over to Deanna's to pick her up.
The party started with a party at Jessi's apartment for everyone to meet and mingle (as well as a presentation from a Pure Romance consultant). The people I knew: Betsie--Heidi's older sister; Monica--one of my other good friends from high school, Heidi--the bride, Charlene--a friend of Heidi's from undergrad. Met a lot of new people as well--friends of hers from undergrad, friends of hers from her life in Manistee now, friends of hers from chiropractic school, etc. We were actually a pretty intelligent, educated group of people which was fun--I think there were 5 doctors in the group, one lawyer, one soon to be lawyer (me), one business owner, etc. You never would have guessed it from the way we acted that night, LOL. Jess had rented a limo for everyone (about 12 of us I think, others met us up at the clubs), and we started the night out at JD's Key Club in Pontiac. Had a blast there. We requested "Like a Virgin" for Heidi and they made her go on stage and dance, so that was hilarious. She was a really good sport about it but embarassed, :). That was the point though. We headed next to our main spot for the night, Sevin: The Nightclub. Loved this place. We somehow got in through this VIP area. Which was very kewl. No paying to get in, no wait. The DJ was awesome, and we all, and I mean all, danced the night away. It was great that there was noone in the group that was anti-social, noone who did not dance, noone who got tired. Everyone got along fabulously and I loved all her friends. :). Drank more than I should have............But that's another story. One drink is too much for me, since I never drink, ;). Oh, and there was a special performance by Rockell, she sings that catchy song, "In a Dream". Of course, none of us, being drunk, realized who the heck it was until after the performance (we all kept dancing while everyone else stopped to watch and take pics. She was literally two feet away on a stage and we were like "whatever." Ha. Last 45 minutes of the night were spent at Tiki Bob's which was like 150 degrees inside, but we allieviated that by dancing on the bars. I think we had all seriously lost our minds by that point. Buy hey, it was fun. Took the limo back to the hotel, took Deanna home, and got home at night 4. Needless to say, I am still tired. But, had a wonderful time and it was great to see Heidi have such a blast at her party. Besides Deanna's party, I would have to say this was one of the best bachelorette partys I have ever attended.

Friday at School?

We had a make-up class at school on Friday for missing Memorial Day. Whomever picked FRIDAY at the school really and truly did not make most of us happy. I guess they had to because it is the only day that would "work" for all students, but really the only thing that happened is most students did not come. I did, because it was Pre-Trial class and we are required to attend every session or we will lose participation ponts. Which is the bulk of our grade. Anyway, the prof made it fun and let us out over an hour early. So that was kewl. Came home and had dinner with Kurt and then pretty much went to bed. Nothing exciting.

We got a LOT done at the office on Friday, so that was kewl. I love getting caught up!

Thursday, June 02, 2005

No Clue Where the Days Have Gone....

All my days are kinda a blur lately. I have no idea where this week went. It is Thursday night, and I don't even remember what I did most of this week. Sigh.
Went to the house we are buying this morning for the inspection. I did not stay for the entire inspection, as they email me the results anyway, but I stayed for a little bit to meet my Realtor who was coming to look at this place. We are going to go back again so she can take pics, and get it listed as soon as we close. Then, went to the office and had a rush document to get done, had to go downtown to court after that, then back to the office for the never ending phone calls I seem to be on lately. Left the office at around 6:30 p.m. for home.
Yesterday, after I got to school, I found out one of my classes was cancelled, so Julia and I went to the food court at Wayne to hang out and talk. It was fun, but we both got really tired and did not want to go to class. Class went late. I had to role play tonight as a witness--very funny because I am this submissive homemaker, which just about kills me to play as a part. At one point, I had to say something to the effect "That is not the proper thing for a wife to do...." I about gagged. My prof found it all amusing though, LOL. Love that class. Tomorrow, I have to defend a deposition in class. Should be interesting. :).
Watered all my trees tonight, which I love doing. So relaxing. I know, I am weird. But, you have to understand, I rarely get to do such mindless tasks. I love it. Saw tons of birds and baby bunnies galore. The bunnies must be having their babies right now because our yard is literally covered with bunnies today. They are so adorable and small. I need to buy some food for them for the yard to encourage them to come even moreso.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

I am a Traitor

Hair traitor, that is. I have been going to the same hairdresser for a really long time now, and I love him to pieces. The prob you ask? He is in Royal Oak, which is a hellacious, traffic filled drive which takes up an entire night. I have such limited free time--I just finally made the decision to try some place new closer to my house. I figured, if I hate it, I can always go back and explain my wrongdoings to Roman who will take me back no problem. So, I tried the place I had my pedicure at on Saturday, Blu Water Spa and Salon. My stylist was Kelly and I actually really like my hair. My hair is pretty noncomplex, so I should not be surprised that someone else did a good job, but I am pretty adamant normally about letting nobody but the staff at Alex Emilio's touch these strands. Another positive note, with tip, it was $56 less than my normal hair bill. I may need to go more often at these savings. :). So, that is it. I have officially cheated. Maybe once i am done with school, I will go back, but for now, it is comforting to know I have someone up the road who can help me out. Sigh. I love getting my hair done.
The new carpet in the office looks awesome. So glad we got it done, even though we don't own the place. Was slammed all day at the office. Went to pick up the Spyder after work, and headed home. I can't believe all the sun I am getting this year, working in the yard and riding with the top down.
Still don't have my final grade in school. I hate when I am waiting for one little grade, especially when it is from the hardest exam I took. BLAH.