Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Home "Sweet" Home

the quotes are because I would obviously rather be in Costa Rica.

but, I am home, all flights were safe, and I am working on the pile of work on my desk today.

i will try to work on pics and start a trip report this week.

to sum it up though, we had an awesome time. loved the golfito area, and the lodge we stayed at was really remote, and had a TON of endangered wildlife. i felt completely relaxed, which is rare for me, and when I was not exploring little towns and hiking with the monkeys, I was sleeping in a hammock on the beach or the porch of our cabin, or kicking Kurt and Kory's asses at Rummy. Bliss.

More later.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Leaving on a Jet Plane

We are entirely packed! I think it's a record. Kurt usually refuses to do so until we are about to leave.....

So, Britton is house sitting when we are gone, and we have everything ready for him. Kory stocked the frig with beer, and a long note is left for him regarding the babies. Vito had to go to the vet this morning, unexpected, and now has eye drops to take for the next couple weeks. He scrathed his eye on something in the yard. Nothing bad, but enough to require some meds. Poor little guy. He spent the day at the office with us though, and liked that. He loves the office and being spoiled.

We fly into Houston and then onto San Jose tomorrow morning. We will explore San Jose tomorrow (Kurt and I have been there before, but Kory never has, except the airport). Kurt hopes to take Kory's pic with somoe prostitutes in the casino in San Jose, LOL. We then leave on Friday morning for Golfito, for our happy lodge in the middle of freaking nowhere. We take a boat there and there is like no internet, electricity, nothing. Generator powered stuff, but it will be amazing. I love being totally cut off from the world. I need it, with how crazy the office is. Speaking of crazy, today was insane. I filed 13 bankruptcies, and did a ton of other paperwork, appointments, phone calls, etc. I did get a lot of stuff done though, and hope to not come back to too much insanity. Stacey and Jessica have to cover a lot of hearings and stuff while we are gone, and it is the first time Kurt and I have really gone anywhere since they started back in January and March! Well, I guess we went to philly and london, but we rescheduled everything during those trips. Just tomorrow they have like 12 hearings between the two of them. Fingers crossed that everything goes well for them. It will be hectic! :).

I am hoping I am not forgetting anything. I always seem to forget SOMETHING. Usually eye make-up remover. Or cotton balls. Or my contact case. But, I think I got it all! :).

Anyway, talk to everyone when we get back!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


This week has been really busy, and since we are trying to get everything done before we leave, it's even more crazy....

Started packing tonight so I am not running around like crazy tomorrow night doing it all. Brought the backpacks up from the basement and got all my t-shirts tanks, shorts, capris, hiking shoes, etc., all ready. I cannot wait to get out of town for a bit........

Super psyched. Today, Tigers playoff tickets went on sale to the general public. They first offer tickets to season ticket holders (not me), then they have a raffle for tickets (i was not drawn), and then open today. I went on, and Kurt, at 10 and we got tickets to both possible games. That is IF the Tigers make the playoffs, and if we go to a game 5. There will for sure be a game four, but not necessarily five. Hopefully! :). I can't wait. And I am thrilled to not be totally killed with the price on eBay or Craigslist. Face value! Super yay.

I hung a huge world map in my office yesterday, which was prob a mistake because now I want to travel more, LOL. But today, I bought some tacks, and starting putting red ones in the places I have been to, and green ones in trips planned. It looks pretty kewl! :). I realized just how much of the world I have NOT seen.

Yesterday, I was complimented by another attorney on my shoes and my purse! :). It was a male doing so, AND he was not gay! :).

Almost time to leave on vacay. We leave really early Thursday morning and I may not be online at all during the trip, so this may be my last post before I get back. I will journal everything while there and do a trip report when I return. The lodge has no internet access, so I do not think I will bring the computer just because I dont want extra stuff to carry around.


tagged by Rebecca and Sarah

1. Respond and rework: Answer the questions on your blog. Replace one question with a question of your own or add a question of your own.

2. Tag other un-tagged people.

What's your favorite article of clothing?
**hmmm. Do accessories count? Prob by Daisy Fuentes jeans from Kohl's (love her line of stuff), or my Cole Haan purse.

Who was the last person you hugged?

What's your favorite dinner?
**Spicy Botan Shrimp from Crave in Dearborn

What was the last thing you bought?
**Dinner tonight at Tiffany's.

What are you listening to right now?
**Tigers baseball, the pugs playing

What is your favorite weather?
**Sunny, slight breeze, 76 degrees.

What is your least favorite season?

Who do you admire the most?
**My Mom. Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Say something to the person who tagged you:
**Well, they are both awesome girls and great friends who really understand me, and don't judge me. Both of them know things about me that nobody else knows.

What is your favorite dessert or cool treat?

What did you want to be as a child?
**an eye doctor.

What do you want to be now?
**I am kewl with lawyer. Dream? Travel photographer for national geographic

What is your favorite song?
**Piano Man: Billy Joel

Which is you favorite country/state, and why?
**My fav country is Costa Rica. My fav state is Hawaii.

If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would you go?

What are your most challenging goals right now?
**staying on top of the working out.

What is your 5 year plan?
**i will be 37 and I hope to be retired or close to it, living in another country and maybe having a baby, really focusing more on my photography and doing things in life I want to do, vs those I have to do.

What is your favorite sport to watch?
**Baseball, hands down. love.

What show would you want to be a cast member on (reality included)?
***I would not want to be on TV. If I had to pick The Amazing Race.

What is your most prized possession?
**Other than my animals, material-wise, let's see.......Prob my house.

Name one favorite childhood memory.
**playing with my cousins at the lake in Glennie.

What is your favorite book of the Bible?

What is your favorite quote?
**Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

Now I tag any one of you who would like to do this...and leave me a comment if you did so I can read your answers :)

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Booked our Uganda flights! Super yay! I wanted to a long time ago, because I was worried they would go up in price, but Kurt wanted me to hold off (he hates spending money before we need to). Anyway, it is now late September, and the trip is December, and I want them booked. I started looking for flights, and it looked like they had gone up, so I was kinda annoyed, but whatever. THEN, I looked at leaving the day before we were planning on, and the flights had gone way DOWN in price. So, I booked right away. The flights are going to be exhausting.......Really long, but because I am adding a day on, hopefully in that day, we can catch up on sleep and stuff and get all ready for the start of the safari.

Anyway, we are flying KLM (NWA) and Kenya Air. We basically fly from Detroit to Amsterdam to Nairobi to Entebbe. Am glad we are not flying into any "iffy" countries on our way over there.

Cannot wait for this trip, it is going to be aMAZing.....

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Busy, busy week at work......

Today we worked for three hours (I got a lot of stuff done, I think Kurt got nothing done, LOL) and then I went out to run some errands. Stopped at Sam's Club to buy some essentials, then headed to Kohls and NY and Co since I had coupons. Found like NOTHING at NY and Co, which is rare, so I stopped at Macy's to look at shoes and found nothing there either. Went to Kohl's and bought Kurt a U of M sweatshirt (we are going to a game in November and I wanted him to have something to wear), bought some new sheets (in navy) and a new pillow. Want to try this form of pillow to see if it helps with my neck always going out of place. We will see......Tonight, had dinner at Crave with Cassie and Ken, which was super fun and really yummy. The weather is starting to really change here....i wore a long sleeve shirt to dinner, but am refusing for fall to be here yet, so I wore it with capri pants and heels! :).

Tomorrow, I plan on doing NOTHING. Well, maybe some things around the house, but nothing that requires leaving the house, unless it's a quick jaunt to the grocery store. I am trying not to buy much for the house right now since we leave on Thursday for vacay! Can't freaking wait.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Me, as a Kid--RIP Patrick

I was a pretty good kid. If you ask my Mom the worst thing(s) I did, she cannot come up with much, truthfully! :). My sister more than made up for that though, LOL, and I always say that my sister had a lot more fun as as kid, and was way kewler than I was. But, my type A kinda personality stopped me from being much of a rebel, and I am glad that I did not cause my Mom much heart ache growing up.

Once, my Mom saw I was over tired, and she told me I could not go to one of my games (I was a cheerleader). I ran away (which consisted of running up the hill near our house), and when I saw her drive by looking for me, I ran home. And stayed for the night.

My Mom (and I) were huge readers. I used to steal her Jackie Collins and V.C. Andrews books off the bookshelf, quickly read them, and return them, as she did not think they were appropriate books for me when I was younger. REBEL LORI. Still love those authors, BTW.

And lastly, she really restricted the movies I could watch. So, what did any rebel kid do? I watched them at friends' homes. Becky Tennant, Julie Parks, etc. Their houses are where I saw Pretty Woman, Silence of the Lambs, Heathers, Dirty Dancing. And Mom, you were right about Silence of the Lambs, I should have NEVER watched that. I had nightmares for weeks. And, the movie still freaks me out.

Dirty Dancing was one of my favs. And still is.

So, I was sad tonight to hear of Patrick Swayze passing away. I am not one who gets overly emotional or even cares when actors die, but I loved that movie, and since then, have liked him. I always thought he seemed like a really down to Earth, nice guy, who was a great, loyal husband, and loved animals. Cancer sucks, and I wish it would have not ended his life at such a young age.

So, I am still sick, which sucks. I was sick all weekend, with the sore throat. And rebel me, listened to the doc and did not start taking the prescribed amoxicillin until Sunday, when I was still sick. Sunday though, my sore throat started feeling better, but it was replaced with a stuffed up head and nose. Today, I am just kinda out of it. In the middle of an appointment tonight, I almost had to walk out because I felt like I was going to throw up. So odd. This sickness is not fun, but I am trying to force myself to be better. I dont have time to be sick! :). I even skipped my Board meeting tonight because I did not want to vomit in the middle of it. Good idea, I think. It was just a committee meeting, no voting, so it's OK.

Anyway, hope everyone had a nice weekend.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sick. :(

So, three days this work week, my throat was bothering me. I was hoping it was weather change related, but alas, it is not. Went to the doctor on Friday because my throat was hurting SOOO badly, and she said it is not strep, that I have some kinda viral thing. She did write me a script, but told me not to take it until Sunday, and only if I was not feeling better. I woke up today with a fullblown cold, runny nose, cough, throat still hurting, UGH. So, I spent the day on the couch, watching 90210 episodes and various TV, surfing the net, and napping. Watched the Michigan game with Kurt too, which was an awesome game. Glad I did not watch the State game, since they lost to CMU. I think State's season is over about now, LOL. Who loses to CMU?

Had dinner on Thursday night with Mel and Tammy at PF Chang's. We wanted to take Tam out for her bday, she turns 40 this weekend, which is crazy to me since she looks like she is under 30. Anyway, I got her a gift card to Kohls since she loves to shop and we had an awesome time at dinner talking and gossiping. Love those girls. They always relax me, and it is so nice to catch up and stuff.

Remember when I blogged earlier about a secret gift I had bought Kurty? Well, it came this week and he really likes it! I got him a nice pen for the office, and it is made by Porsche. I got a great deal on eBay for it. He has been using it a lot so I think it is a hit! :).

We had a great hearing on Friday, but i will most likely secret blog about it since I don't like blogging about the office on here......


Wednesday, September 09, 2009

New Ones

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Three Hours a Day

Seriously, during the work week, that is about what I have to myself per day. Will post more about this later on the secret blog, but there is a reason behind my frustration.

So, on a positive note, had dinner with my Grama, Aunt (Karen), Dad, and Kurty on Monday. We went to a place called Brann's in Northville, which I would rate as below average. Everyone was just kinda "whatevs" about their food. We did have a good queso dip as an app, but can you really screw that up? It was nice, however, to see everyone and hang out, as I had not seen any of them in longer than usual. Saturday and the rest of Sunday were spent at home, not doing much, which was exactly what I had planned.

This week at work has been insane, which should be anticipated since we had Monday off. I don't even know where the days have gone. My desk is, yet again, piled with work that I am desperate to get through, however, my days have not allowed much of that to happen. I was in court today until 1, and Tuesday and this afternoon were all day apppointment insanity. Plus, I feel like I have some sort of cold or something coming on, which is NOT good. I am hoping it is really allergies looking like a cold. The weather is changing, so it's entirely possible.

Took Vito to the vet yesterday because he has been doing this wheezing thing. He has bronchitis! Poor baby. Basically, it means he has a bad cold. The doc gave him medicine for that as well as a pain killer for his throat. He already seems all the way better. Wish I got better that quickly from meds when I am sick! :). The meds make him tired, so he is being ultra cuddly at night when we are here.

Came home tonight and did some laundry and made dinner and am chilling. I went to bed early last night, trying to fight this cold, and will go again early tonight probably.

Oh, I got the new clothes I ordered on clearance from Banana Republic and Gap. Love all of it. One of the shirts I did not get because they ran out, but I got a t-shirt from Banana that fits awesome (I love longer length t-shirts and this is perfect), a sweater to wear over tanks and shirts which I love as it's really unique and the other shirt I have not worn at, but kewl cut sweater. The Gap bra is great too, I may be loving theirs (when on clearance) from now on. Since I think Victoria's is lacking, i am really opening up to other places and finding them BETTER than Victoria's.

Saturday, September 05, 2009


This article is about one of the Judges I appear before quite often in Wayne County. I love his courtroom, he is a really nice guy, and VERY accomodating and open to everyone. IMO, he would never intentionally try to make anyone feel uncomfortable or impede on their religious beliefs. I think this woman (from reading about the case and other things) just wants her day in the spotlight and money, which is so wrong. Anyway, here is the most recent article and a video clip from court that day.

Click here

Friday, September 04, 2009


Wow, I can't believe that this entire week has gone by and I have not posted since something quick on Monday.

This week was crazy busy. I had a lot of either crazy busy appointment days in the office, or long days in court. Barely had time to breathe, ugh. Had some fun stories at the office, which I will blog about in the private blog and post a link to here later.

So, my Mom was in town part of the week. Thursday after the Tigers game, they met us at the office and came to the house for the night. We all went out to dinner at Michigan Bar and Grille, then hung out at the house for the night, which was fun. Today, I headed over to relatives in Farmington Hills to hang out with my Mom and everyone again today, which was super fun. Got to see my cousin, Carolyn (who is 12) and hang with her a bunch. We all went shopping and to lunch, and I bought her a backpack for school for her birthday. We had dinner there too, and cake for Carolyn's bday. Nice day overall. Oh, I bought a hilarious shirt at Kohl's too. Remember the Fisher Price People that most kids played with as little ones? Well this shirt is dark grey (t-shirt), and has those Fisher Price People going across it. The shirt then says "chillin with my people". I normally do not like shirts that say anything on them, but this one cracked me up. Of course, cannot find a pic of it. :(.

Nothing too exciting going on besides that....Hope everyone has a nice holiday weekend.