Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Thank You!

Kurt and I went to dinner on Saturday night at our fav local place, Nick and Nino's. During the meal, the manager came by and told us that the owner had paid for our dinner, and thanked us for being great, loyal customers. I think we were shocked! That has never, ever happened to us before. The owner is a great business person doing things like that, and we thought it was super sweet of him.

Anyway, thanks Nick and Nino's! We will continue being loyal customers, since your fish tacos and fries are to DIE for! :).

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Spill It

Stolen from Brittany.

Open purse, spill out contents. Blog about what is in your purse at that moment, and post a pic of the stuff.

OK, deets about what's in my purse.

1. My iPhone. Not pictured, cuz I took the pic with the phone! :).
2. Stone Mountain pink wallet, which contains reward point cards, credit card, driver's license, Social security card, AAA card.
3. $2. Which is rare, as I usually have no cash. No idea where this even came from.
4. Business card from local salon.
5. Gift certificate I was given for my bday last night.
6. Maui Jim sunglasses and case.
7. My lucky seed. I got this from the Osa Peninsula on a hike in Costa Rica and have carried it for over 2 years in my purse as a lucky charm.
8. Chap Stick.
9. Too Faced "Marcia Marcia Marcia" Lip stick.
10. I usualy have Laura Mercier pressed powder too, but I took it out this morning to use and forgot to put back in.
11. Insurance and registration info for my vehicles.
12. Key to the lockbox for school board stuff.
13. $50 in Kohl's cash, and a 15% off Kohl's coupon. need to use this before I leave this week.
14. $15 in Kroger bucks (earned from using my credit card).

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Product Rave

So. I love the look of color on my nails. What do I not like? How whether I do my nails myself, or get a mani at a salon, my polish is chipping almost immediately. What's weird is that my pedis stay on for about three weeks, even wearing the heels and stuff that I do daily for work.

So, the last time I was getting a pedi, the nail techs were telling Jessica and I about this new procedure called Shellac. It's a new kind of polish that is applied using a special light, and it supposed to stay on an average of 14 days. I did not really believe it, but googled it when I got home and it looked promising.

So, Jessica and I went back this week to get it done, and OMG, I am a total fan already (even though it's only been three days). I got a darkish red color put on (called Red Baroness), and three days later, still looks as good as day one. If this truly stays for two weeks, I will be loyal to this brand for a long, long time. Click here to read an article talking about the salon I went to and the product.

Anyway, right now it is a very limited supply of the product, and only available at limited spas. Click here to see if it is available near you, and try this!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Five

This was stolen from Colleen and Candice, please post on your blog as well! :)

1. Do you have an iPhone and, if so, how do you get apps and what are your favorites? Yes, in fact, I do! I have an original iPhone and I refuse to upgrade. Everyone I know with newer ones has had issues once in a while, and I have never had an issue with mine. Anyway, my fav app is the Facebook app.

2. What is your fondest memory of K-3rd grade?: Being BFFs with my friend Jill, who is still my friend to this day. I was really shy back then, and she introduced herself to me on day one of 1st grade, I was the new girl. We have been friends ever since.

3. What makes you cringe at the thought of touching?: Hmm. Dirt. I hate dirt on my hands. Yuck. Kurt is in charge of most outdoor stuff in our household.

4. If you could have any celebrity show up on your doorstep who would it be and why?: Ruth Bader Ginsburg, US Supreme Court Justice. She is my idol. For various reasons. But, it would be super kewl to meet her.

5. What would you say is your best physical feature? My smile. I get compliments on it all the time.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

bullet points

So, so, far behind. Should do some bullet points to try and catch up, I think! :).

  • We had an amazing experience recently at Comerica Park. I bought Kurt a package for his birthday, which is called "Join The Press Fantasy Package". Kurt is impossible to buy for, as he never wants anything, and if he does, he always just buys it when he wants it, thus, I can never surprise him or get him something he has really been wanting. Anyway, I found this and I knew it was perfect. Anyway, he was super psyched through the entire thing. We started off with a tour of the entire Press box including meeting Dan Dickerson and Jim Price (the radio announcers), meeting Rod and Mario (the TV announcers), walking through the writers area, seeing the areas where visiting radio and TV are, etc. Super kewl. We then went to our seats to watching the first inning and a half of the game and see the Ernie Harwell tribute. Which was amazing. I cried when they raised the "EH" flag for Ernie, he was such an amazing guy and a legend in Detroit. After that, we headed back up to spend time in the radio and TV booths. The guy taking us around got us the autographs of the four announcers on a baseball, as well as Ray Lane who was in the box to talk on air. We also met two Detroit Free Press writers, I read their columns all the time in the newspaper. Got to meet the VP of Public Relations for the Tigers who was an awesome really kewl guy who showed up around. We got to have dinner in the Champions Club, which is a special area for season ticket holders who buy special passes. Free food, awesome viewing of the game, TVs, etc. Oh, and the Tigers won! Against the Yankees! Whoot! It was all a once in a lifetime opportunity, and we loved it. Kurt was so excited thru the whole thing. Click here to see pics.

  • Picture above is of Kurt and Jim price, one of the radio announcers.....
  • Went to Cleveland last weekend for the Tigers game. Ended up having complete crap weather, but still had a really good time. Left work at 230 on Friday and drove to Cleveland, checked into our hotel, which was right next door to the stadium. Walked to the game and had aMAZing seats in Row 2, right behind Tigers dugout. People were really nice there, even though we are techically the enemy. hehe. Watched almost 5 innings, and it started ended up rained out. The next day, we went to The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, got massages, and had dinner with Kurt's friend, Terry, and his family in Strongsville at a really kewl brewery. We will most likely be back when the make-up game is, since we already have awesome tickets! Click here to see pics.
  • My Mom was here to visit the week before Mother's Day, staying at our house on Wednesday and Thursday nights. We had a great time.....Rebecca came over to see her on Wednesday as well, and we had dinner at Nick and Nino's and got free Corona hats! :). I ended up taking part of the day off on Thursday, and Mom and I went shopping, had lunch and got massages at Somata. I loved having her here, and can't wait until I see her again.

    **Mom and Me at Nick and Nino's with our free hats.

    She brought me bday gifts early as well, a really nice multi-purpose kitchen knife with cases, a bamboo cutting board, and a Tigers girlie hat. Love the stuff. I gave her my old camera as her Mother's Day gift and I know she will love it like I loved it.
  • Megan is leaving for Mexico tomorrow morning, so the office is going to be crazy until she gets back.
  • Dont know why I say the above, because the office will be crazy regardless, LOL.
  • Today, the office was INSANE. It totally felt like a Monday. Except, it's almost Friday! Whoot!
  • Kurt found an awesome piece of property to look at in Costa Rica while we are there, which, if it pans out, has like every trait we want in a property. 85 hectares, rain forest, animals galore, river runs through the property, only like 30 minutes from San Jose, only 20 minutes from Jaco (a little surf town I love), only 20 minutes from the beach, fruit trees on the property.....we will see.
  • Kory moved out permanently. It's weird with it being just the two of us here again, although since kory spent a lot of time upstairs on his own floor while here, it is not too different.
  • Got pedis yesterday with Jessica after work at a place I never tried before, VIP Salon, in Riverview. Loved the place. Super nice, and great priced for a spa! I will be going back for sure.

Not much else going on here. Looking forward to a low key weekend. Have an eye doctor appointment, and that's the only plan I have to leave this house. I am sure I will do something else, but nothing set in stone yet, which is nice after a really busy last couple weeks.

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Camera Love

So, nothing exciting this week. A lot of court, yet again. I did get one full day in the office though, which was nice.

So, I noticed on our Indy trip that the lens on my camera (my Tamron 28-300mm IS) was sticking some, but I thought it was maybe the really cold weather. Turns out, it was breaking. I tried to use it yesterday, and the lens is stuck where it will not extend any further than 70mm). So, I went online to research a new one, as I have not been overly thrilled with thee Tamron anyway. I had a Sigma prior to this Tamron, and even though it did not have IS, I liked it better than the Tamron. So, while searching the Canon 50d kept popping up. AND, Canon has an amazing rebate deal going on right now. And, a lot of sites had deals if you bought the camera and a lens. So, even though I don't necessarily need it, I bought the 50d and a Canon 70-300mm IS lens. So excited for it to get here. Going to give my Mom the Rebel, as she really likes it. I will give her the kit lens as well, since I have never used it once. I have had the Rebel almost 4 years, so I don't feel too guilty about buying the new one, and we all know it will get a lot of good use. ;). I think I take more pics on one vacation than most people take in thier lives, haha.

had a pretty relaxing weekend. Spent time with Kurty, and we went with Kory Saturday morning for him to pick up his new (used) car. I think he was kinda sad to turn his truck in, but he needed something more gas friendly for law school. And, his truck had almost 200,000 miles on it, crazy!

Went outside for a couple minutes today before it started storming to take a couple pics of spring flowers and trees in our yard with my macro lens. Click here to see them. I love Spring and color coming back into my MI world!

Two shirts I ordered came in the mail this week. One says "Pugs not Drugs" (which I wore to dinner on Friday night and LOVE), and the other says "Lawyers are Cool" (in black) and has a little rainbow on it, which I plan on wearing to work on a day when I don't have court. Which never seems to happen these days.

**My new goal is to get pics of me and the pugs/kitty. Which is difficult when taking the pics yourself. The pugs generally want to kiss me, and have no interest in looking at the camera. This is me and gretel olivia. our little princess. Her shirt says "Love Being a Princess".

Cleaned the house some today, but nowhere near as much as I needed to. Oh well. I need rest too and sometimes doing nothing is needed (especially since this is going to be a crazy busy week). Prob will not have much time to post this week as my Mom will be in town, I have Board stuff and work is crazy busy as well. Hope everyone had a nice weekend!