Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Do I Exist?

Below is an email I received from a random person, questioning if I truly exist...

Apparently, I don't, and the governement has made me up to scare the American people about international travel.

I think all I can say is "wow".

name: BJORKMAN Anders

home phone: +334 93784590

cell phone: +33661725424


preffered contact: cell

preferred contact: e-mail

county: Alpes Maritime, France, Europe

additional info: Hello,

it seems some people do not believe you exist;

Pls, confirm that you exist.

kind regards

Anders Bj├»¿½rkman,


I totally feel better now! (heavy sarcasm, LOL)

Dear Lori and Kurt Haskell,

RE: Case Number 8049355

On behalf of Delta Air Lines, I want to take this opportunity to express
our concern for the inconvenience (I like how they call this an inconvenience, like there was some minor turbulence or something) you experienced when there was a
disturbance (how about, he tried to blow up my plane and there was fire going up the wall) by another passenger (terrorist) as you approached Detroit on Flight

I understand how unsettling this event must have been for you. As you
are aware, the passenger was subdued and was taken into custody by law
enforcement authorities. Delta Air Lines will be fully cooperating with
the law enforcement officials who are leading the investigation.

As a gesture of goodwill, we are providing you with an electronic credit
voucher for $250.00. The voucher can be applied to a future ticket
purchase. The terms and conditions will arrive under a separate cover.

We pledge to you that we are dedicated to providing safe transportation,
and we hope you will provide us an opportunity to serve your air travel
needs again soon. Thank you for your understanding and for flying
Delta Air Lines.


Elizabeth Reed
General Manager, Customer Care
Northwest/KLM/Delta Air Lines

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Safe and Sound

Kurt was interviewed by Mlive regarding our experiences on Flight 253. Check it out here.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Product Review

The pugs have reviewed a product for me, that was purchased for them at the grcoery store. haha.

The product is a dog snack called Purina Busy Rollhides. The pugs, and Whiskey, loved this snack. they all spent a lot of time eating it and enjoying it, and the pugs are VERY picky about non-soft treats.

I highly recommend this for your dogs.


I keep starting posts, erasing them, starting them erasing them.....not enough time to finish a thought, and nothing really substantial to say.

Got two packages at the office this week, one, my Tilley hat and the other, my clothes from Ex Officio. Kurt has already stolen the Tilley hat. The guy who did not want a safari hat steals the first one that comes in the mail. haha. I love the hat from Ex Officio, and most of the clothes. One pair of pants, for some reason, is HUGE, so I need to send those back, but I like the capri pants and shorts. So yay for things to wear on vacay. Kurt has been wearing the Tilley hat around the house, he is such a dork.

I am finally getting excited about vacation. Have not thought about it at all until now. I try not to until right beforehand because then I have a hard time concentrating at work, but since we leave late Friday, I think I can start. Not looking forward to the 21 hour flight, but am SOOO looking forward to all the animals, new experiences, and time off ot work, which is much needed.

We worked all day yesterday and part of today and I can actually see my desk again! Whoot! i want it totally cleared before we leave because I know it will be covered in stuff by the time I get back.

I ran some errands after work today, the place we booked our safari thru sent us a list of things we may want for the trip, and a lot of it, we do not have. I went to Cabela's and bought Kurt some lightweight hiking pants, and myself a pair as well. Weirdly, one of the pairs does not fit Kurt right, and another pair, I grabbed the wrong size somehow. One pair thankfully fits perfect. I think the hanger said one thing and the pants said another. Sigh. Also bought a high power small flashlight, as well as another pair of binoculars. We have one pair, but i think for this trip we may want two. Stopped at Kohl's (Rebecca's most recent post reminded me I needed to use my Kohl's cash) and got a pair of pants for the trip for a grand total of $7 after the Kohl's cash and my discount. The guy at the register was so nice. I forgot my coupon, but he gave me my 15% off anyway. Oh, and the guy at Cabela's?? He gave me 10% off the binoculars because it was the last pair! Everyone is so in the holiday spirit. ;). and OMG, Cabela's is insanely busy! You would never guess the MI economy is depressed going to that store. Pure insanity!

I have a confession. I am addicted to Season One of 90210, and not the old show (although I love that one too). The new one! Never thought I would like it, but it is a good show! Nowhere close to the original, of course, but good just the same! I heart mindless TV.

Anyway, work has been insane, so not much else to post about.

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